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    The Paleo Transition episode 0002

    in Health

    In this episode of the The Paleo Transition Terry Shanahan discusses the challenges he sees people struggle with as they attempt to transition to a Palelo Diet. Also disucussed is how long the average person takes to make full transition to the Paleo diet. Finally, the best "first steps" in a trasition are discussed.

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    The Paleo Transition episode 0008

    in Health

    In this episode of The Paleo Transition Terry Shanahan discusses the specialized dietary supplement called Protandim. This is the first of a two part series. We had technical difficulties starting at minute 25:00 so listen to this episode up until then and then tune in to episode 0009 to hear the rest of the conversation.

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    Veterans In Transition

    in Jobs

    I have many people that want to offer their assistance in several areas of the beast that is job search. If I can gather a group 8 people I will be able to offer resume writing assistance, as well as cover letters, handbills, etc… I will also be able to offer a Social Media 101 class, and help you understand why it is important to network in person rather than trying to use ONLY internet job boards and it is FREE and with growth I will be able to help  facilitate other services as well.
    This is also an opportunity for you to tell me what you would like help with so that I can schedule future speakers at our meetings.

    This will be a weekly networking event. Veterans or Family member of a Veteran that is actively looking for a job and supporters of Veterans In Transition are encouraged to join.
    Please pass the information forward.
    Please let people, especially dislocated Veterans, know what I am doing.

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    Veterans In Transition - Interview with the Major

    in Jobs

    This Friday Veterans In Transition is back at Anthem Grill in Palatine, IL at the corner of Euclid and Quentin with special guest Major Blake Stone (Army) of the Judge Advocate General's Corps Military Assistant (DIMA) Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Army (Manpower & Reserve Affairs) from the Pentagon.
    We will be discussing the current Veteran unemployment situation as well as the potential problem that might occuer with the withdrawl of our troops in the Middle East.

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    Music for Transition

    in Self Help

    Welcome to Music 4 Life® Radio where we practice healing Mind, Body and Spirit to support healthy lifestyles!  October's theme of Courage to Allow, honoring national Breast Cancer Awareness month, is explored with host Judith Pinkerton, licensed music therapist and founder of Music 4 Life®, and her guest Katherine Halliwell, MT-BC, CM-Th, a board-certified music therapist, certified music thanatologist, and Music 4 Life® Music Medicine Practitioner Intern.

    Today's music choices are explored to understand how we use music for transition, allowing courage to support the process of dying. Find our music recommendations and Judith's commentary at Music4LifeBLOG. 

    Learn how your personal music listening habits may affect your desire to connect with others in Judith's TEDxTalk "Music Powers Potential."

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    The Paleo Transition episode 0004

    in Health

    Terry Shanahan discusses food sensitivities and testing for them. Food allergies, performance, and health on the Paleo diet are also discussed.

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    The Paleo Transition episode 0009

    in Health

    Terry Shanahan continues to discuss the story behind the amazing supplement called Protandim. We pick up where we left on in the last episode where we had technical difficulties towards the end. Listen to episode 0008 first so that you have the first part of the conversation in mind before you listen to this episode.

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    The Paleo Transition episode 0007

    in Health

    Terry Shanahan discusses trends in the development of the Paleo Diet and the Cross Fit community. How these trends are affecting those who are transitioning to a Paleo Diet.  

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    The Paleo Transition episode 0005

    in Health

    Terry Shanahan answers questions regarding the transition fo the Paleo Diet.

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    Veterans in Transition - Friday - Anthem Grill

    in Jobs

    Calling All Veterans:
    Where: Anthem Bar and Grill – At the corner of Quentin and Euclid, Palatine, IL
    When: Friday May 13th , 2011 meet and greet 17:00 - 18:00
    Pod-cast 18:00-19:30
    Who: ALL Veterans and in transition or family member of veteran who is also in transition.
    Be prepared to present your elevator speech and talk about yourself for about three minutes +/- (practice interview – this s a relaxed environment and you will not be timed) and be prepared to exchange information with others.

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    Assisting Animals in the Process of Transition: Crossing Into Spirit

    in Pets

    Lisa Larson is a full-time animal communicator, with a specialty in speaking to animals who have crossed into spirit.  She is also a Reiki Master and Huna Shaman who assists animals in the process of transition, as well as assisting animals and people with their grief after the passing of an animal.  Additionally, Lisa is a psychic/medium and is known for her compassion, honesty, integrity, and ethics.  

    Lisa can connect you with your animals and loved ones in the afterlife to deliver messages of hope and comfort, as we as connecting with your animals in body, to correct behavioral problems, and help them understand current life situations.

    As a Huna Practitioner, with a lifetime of study and experience in the metaphysical sciences, and background in tarot, she uses her wealth of spiritual knowledge to teach, mentory, and counsel those in need, and those on their own spiritual journey.

    Lisa has a Master's Degree in Human Behavior and lives in Carlsbad, California with her husband, Michael and their two feline fur-kids, Cuba and Makana.

    Questions Lisa will answer:

    1)How I do what I do, how animal communication works.
    2)How I got into animal communication.
    3)Special insights on Euthanasia. (Check out this blog post.)
    4)What types of messages animals give from the other side.
    5)What people can do to help getting over the passing of a pet. (Check out this blog post.)
    6)How people can get in touch with me.

    For more check out Lisa's website http://pawstalker.net or email her at pawstalker@gmail.com