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    The MADHOUSE *WTF "Thot Edition"*

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    Ladies and gents....do you know what the definition of a "THOT" is?? Well...tonight on the show is....WTF "Thot Edition"!!! Tonight, the crew welcomes a new face to the fold and will be joined by a close Madhouse FAM...as they discuss this growing lable that people are branding some women with. It is going to be Real and Raw....oh and Uncut!!! Enjoy the show and Welcome Inside Of The Madhouse!!!!!

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    Let's Talk About it Tuesday - Goddess or Thot?

    in Spirituality

    Thanks for hanging in the Goddess Suite tonight, the topic of the night will be about the new reference towards women called #THOT A new cliche saying teenagers have today to describe one another meaning That Hoe Over There. Just when you think the term hoe was the lowest reference towards women, now they are being disregarded at an even lower level. What is happening to the Goddess and when will she take her rightful place on her throne, let's discuss!  Please call in 516-453-9075 Got a topic you want discussed??? Email us at goddesssuite@gmail.com

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    "The THOT Takeover: How to Differenciate Yourself from "These Hoes out There"

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    Back in the day, there used to be a clear definition of what it meant it be a classy, beautiful and respectable woman…Now, not only have those lines become blurred, but there’s an abundance of celebrities/entertainers who encourage and glorify slutty, classless and downright hoeish behavior. Please join me on a special “Ask Dedan” edition of “The Dedan Tolbert Show” LIVE TONIGHT at 9:00pm EST as we discuss “The THOT Takeover” and how to identify yourself as a respectable woman worth giving a ring and a last name to and differentiate yourself from “these hoes out here”. To hear us discuss the TOP 10 Ways to Know if You’re a THOT, a recap of the SCANDAL and How to Get Away With Murder premiers and common first date turnoffs, call 646 200 0366 or online worldwide at www.dedantolbertshow.com.... “REAL Radio that Matters”.

  • THOT'S OR LADY'S on Gut Level Live - The Radio Show

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    In the making for some time now the Gut Level Gang is going to break down the difference between being a known as a ho or a thot (the ho over there) . Bout to chop it up. Some real thots and lady's will not doubt call in and  talk about their life styles. I will be launching questions like. What is a THOT? Any of your friends THOT'S? Why do THOT'S  keep THOTTING in the face of so much redicule....AND MUCH MORE  

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    Tune In Sat. Feb 21st at 10PM EST. to Unthinkable Live Radio on Phone Fantasy Radio. Join commentators John & Troy with Lakrush for a gutta discussion on "The THOT Award Goes To". We are taking a look at the THOTS & The Infamous and asking Who are THOTS?, Where are THOTS found? and What are the qualifications of THOTS?. Everyone is referring to this term but what does it really mean? should it be a badge of honor or disgrace? DON"T MISS THE SHOW!!!


    CALL-IN 805-830-8320 | JOIN THE CHAT http://www.phonefantasyradio.com

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    Definition of a THOT

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    What is a thot? Have you ever dated a thot? what are your thot experiances? are you a thot? Please call in tonight we want to know what a THOT is to you?

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    15 Minute CONUNDRUM w/Rikki R Jones

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    a confusing and difficult problem or question.

    Join host for 30 minutes of discussing and trying to solve tonight's difficult problem/question:

    Tonight's CONUNDRUM: "Why Can't I be a Lady & a THOT?"

    Call in and join the disucssion

    via phone: 347-826-9723 press one

    or  via INSTANT MESSAGE:


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    @The SmoothThaDudeShow with @Cchopz

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    Displaying Underground Talent

    #THot DEtectives w/ @Cchopz @SelfMadeDanger

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    the Family Meeting

    in Self Help

    Tuesday, on "The Family Meeting" It’s our time to talk.  I have to tell you what kept me all night, the continuing saga of Kobe, the cat I babysit.  Who’s really a THOT? What if you had to wear of how many babies and number of moms….ouch!  Women too, hoping to land the one that’ll give you a ring….chances are thin but it can happen.  WHY DO WOMEN FIGHT OVER A BUM, I MEAN BOY, NOT I MEAN A BOY IN A MAN’S BODY?? Yeah, that’s it!

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    " Real Talk Radio with Mille "

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    " Be sure to tune into Real Talk Radio with Mille TONIGHT @ 9pm est . Tonight's topic will be another random as" Mille Speaks her mind " LIVE on the air addressing issues & rumors that have been straming about her & former co-workers & read some MILLE MAIL ... STAY tuned @ 9pm est as MILLE CLEARS THE AIR !!!!!! . You can also call into the show to voice YOUR OPINION !!!! @ 657-383-0406 only @ www.blogtalkradio.com/real-talk-radio11111 . "

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    "Elevated Minds"

    in Current Events

    In 2015 we have seen some really unbelievable trends. From words like Thot and Fleek, to a more metrosexual form of dress for men rather than the baggy pant epidemic. Also we are seeing more of an influx in entreprenueurs, side hustles and online businesses. There is also an undeniable obsession with "Reality" tv. We can not even speak of trends without bringing up social media. Social Media has changed this generation more than any other thing out now be it negative or positive. This Sunday Elevated Minds? will be discussing what's in what's out and what's coming back in style as it relates to social trends! to tune in or make a comment live on air call (917)932-1078 and press 1. To tune in via internet go to www.elevatedmindsradio.co you can also listen ny downloading the Stitcher app right on your smartphone!