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    The Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary, Friday, May 6th

    in Christianity

    The Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary~ Said on Monday & Saturday Friday, May 6th, 1PM Est.

    The Joyful Mysteries are:

    The First Joyful Mystery is the Annunciation

    The Second is the Visitation, 

    The Third is the Nativity, 

    The Fourth is the Presentation of the Child Jesus 

     The Fifth Joyful Mystery is THE FINDING OF JESUS IN THE TEMPLE.

     In the Name of the Father- Apostles Creed -  The Our Father- 3 Hail Mary - Glory be to the Father - 

    O my Jesus. 

    The First Joyful Mystery is the Annunciation, recalling the Angel Gabriel announcing to Mary that she will bear a son conceived by the Holy Spirit (Luke 1:26-38). 

    The Second Joyful Mystery is the Visitation, recalling Mary's visit to her cousin Elizabeth (Luke 1:39-45). 

    The Third Joyful Mystery is the Nativity, the Birth of Our Lord (Luke 2:4-7). 

    The Fourth Joyful Mystery, the Presentation of the Child Jesus (Luke 2:22-24). 

    The Fifth Joyful Mystery,THE FINDING OF JESUS IN THE TEMPLE (Luke 2:40-52). 

     Hail Holy Queen, &  The Sign of the Cross

    More at: http://rosaryradio.blogspot.com/2016/05/the-joyful-mysteries-of-rosary-friday.html

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    Our Ghostly Inhabitants, Part 2 + Psychic Readings

    in Spirituality

    World-renowned psychic Neil Baker and partner Kristin are featured on this show, which deals with the vast, expansive world of psychic phenomenon.This show delves into the extraordinary mysteries that reside beyond the physical realm of common experience.Neil and Kristin are your guides and teachers as they establish a stage that is both personal and universal, while callers have the opportunity to connect to Neil and Kristin for on-air readings @ 914.338.0164. ABOUT THE HOSTS: Neil Baker has been a psychic for over 45 years, having discovered his gifts at the age of 4 years old. Kristin Baker encountered Neil on a radio show in 2011 and began working with him in order to further develop her psychic abilities. As Kristin’s third eye started to open, she began to awaken to the deep and mystical bond between herself and Neil. Neil then revealed to Kristin written material composed over a period beginning 41 years prior to their meeting that contained Kristin’s name, the sacred numerological codes shared between Kristin and Neil, references to their past life journeys, as well as uncanny events that later unfolded and continue to be revealed in their lives as a couple. Thereby, Neil’s and Kristin’s bond was established on both a personal and professional level.Neil has conducted nearly 100,000 personal readings, and Neil and Kristin often extend their services to house calls and celebrity parties. Neil and Kristin are currently writing their first book together, a groundbreaking work on the deep cosmic codes of birthdates, the more hidden codes of past lives, and the phenomenon of twin souls. ***ATTN.: All content of "The Neil Baker Psychic Hour"© is protected by copyright. No copyrighted material may be reproduced, stored for retrieval, or transmitted in any other form or by any other means without the prior written permission of "The Neil Baker Psychic Hour"© and its agents. All rights reserved. ***

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    BangTheBook Sports Betting Talk Radio May 6

    in Sports

    We're throwing you a curveball here this week on BangTheBook Radio. With our Kentucky Derby coverage on Thursday, we move our UFC segment to Friday this week. That means that we'll have an 11:30 a.m. ET start time on Friday this week. Host Adam Burke will set the stage for the weekend in the NHL and also MLB. Cole Ryan's third and final Betting the Buckets segment for this week will have you prepared for the NBA playoffs on Friday night, Saturday, and of course Sunday as we wrap up a fine weekend of NBA postseason coverage. Jay Primetown from MMAOddsbreaker.com joins us for some analysis of this week's UFC Fight Night event in the Netherlands, with a breakdown of some new fighters and his favorite picks and leans for this weekend.

    0:00-1:25 - Show intro

    1:25-12:05 - Cole Ryan's Betting the Buckets

    12:05-1:00:00 - Adam Burke on NHL playoffs, MLB, Kentucky Derby, UFC

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    LIVE! with Cathi---Community Theatre Movement!

    in Motivation

    COMMUNITY THEATRE MOVEMENT...COMMUNITY THEATRE, a market place for talent yet to be discovered!

    COMMUNITY THEATRE offers a great opportunity for those who love theatre and to perform.  In most cases you don't need prior theatre/acting experience.

    Theatre is an art form consisting of works written for the stage and intended to be performed by actors on a stage.

    CIRCA...2016...RE-CAP...HISTORY OF THEATRE is divided in three main sections...first- Ancient Theatre...second-the re-birth of theatre brought on by the Renaissance and the Protestant Reformation and THE IMPACT OF SHAKESPEARE on the art...third-introducing Community Theatre.


    Acting and the five senses...etc.

    CAN YOU ACT...etc.

    Theatre involves exaggerated emotion...etc.

    Solo performances...etc.

    What does the audience leave with...etc



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    Kelly OConnell Show: Islam Conquering West

    in Politics

    As London welcomes its new mayor Sadiq Khan, the first Muslim mayor of a major European city, an uncomfortable threshold has been crossed. Because the relentless multiculturalism of Europe has finally borne it’s potentially deadly spore. That, of a European caliphate in the world heartland of natural rights, which cannot possibly be sympathetic to constitutionalism when their constituency relentlessly demand sharia Muslim law.

    Europe is capitulating to the mindless demands of the PC & Multicultural crowd who demand the oppressive traditional Christian God must stand down, while downtrodden  -- being Allahs’ people must be allowed free reign. Now, with a Muslim mayor leading the way, we see the astonishing inroads Muslims have made in the UK.

    What is behind the large leap of Islam in Britain as the Christian religion falls? The unfortunate combination of several things. First, Europe allowed former colonists to relocate to their European states. Second, these Muslims began reproducing quickly. Third, that Europeans, being highly influenced by Modernity, walked away from marriage, are not reproducing within it, and also have become skeptics when it comes to religion generally.

    With 63 million people, the UK now has 3 million Muslim. Overall, the Muslim population of England could hit 26 million by 2050. This study is repeated across Europe, with France at 7.5% and Germany 5.8%, both about 5 million Muslims. So now what will Europe do when the leaders, blindly following the PC religion, have wildly failed their populations. It’s too late to teach the adults about rights, natural law and constitutionalism. And is there any will to teach the kids, or do they just sit back and watch Sharia deform and convert the continent? So the obvious application is for America, which does not have nearly the same number, at 1%. But what are our plans? Is it the West’s fate to roll over as Islam conquers the West?

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    "Indigos"- 5th D Radio, Season 1, Episode 8

    in Spirituality

    "5th D Radio", Season 1, Episode 8, "Indigos"...Hosted By Modern Philosophers & 5th Dimension Beings, Ms Masta Foxx & Ms Whizdom, Creators Of The Frequency Effect Method & Hosts Of Mind Fit Radio blogtalkradio.com/fitoverdrive! Join Us As We Explore & Travel To The 5th Dimension! We Are In An Age Of Awakening Also Known As The Age Of Aquarius! Come Get High On Stimulating Conversations! Listen & Get Your Energy In High Vibrations! Episodes Are Every Thursday @ 8:00pm-8:30pm (PST)...Listen Online Or Call in to speak with the hosts (619) 924-0997

    *We Will Also Be Broadcasting 5th D Radio Live On Periscope, So Follow Us @5thDRadio To Chat With Us Live!

    *If You Missed Any Episodes, Listen To Them On-Demand & Even Download Them To Itunes! By Going To www.blogtalkradio.com/5thDRadio

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    PGT #298-Once in a Lifetime

    in Legal


    Hosted by attorney Michael Komorn from Komorn Law and Chad from Birmingham Compassion


    Contributions from Rick Thompson from The Compassion Chronicles-also providing the news, and show producer Jamie Lowell from the Third Coast Dispensary in Ypsilanti


    Tonight- We begin a mini-series on political candidates in Michigan in support of sensible cannabis reform. The Toledo Hemp Center remains heavily involved in community outreach. The MILegalize campaign prepares for a fundraising event in Ann Arbor and a rally in Lansing before turning in signatures on June 1st. And horrible sentences continue to be handed down for common medical marijuana activity.


    Joining us tonight- Candidate for Michigan House of Representatives for District 3, Al Williams


    Founder and operator of The Toledo Hemp Center, Kevin Spitler


    And 'Drug War' (and Oakland County) victim Joel Selman


    Update on MILegalize


    Weekly appellate and trial court updates with attorney Allen Peisner


    Regular guests and friends of the show: Jim Powers Michigan Parents for Compassion co- founder and board member of MILegalize. Also- attorney Jeff Frazier, attorney David Rudoi of Rudoi Law, Eric Gunnels Thetford Twp Trustee and T-Pain

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                                                       REMEMBER: VISIT http://khalifael.com or http://templeofcommerce.com PEACE TO THE GODS!!!

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    Sports Palooza Radio: Author Dan Schlossberg Returns to the Show!

    in Sports

    In conjunction with 2016 being the 25th Anniversary of the Atlanta Braves' 1991 worst-to-first finish (the first ever in NL history), as well as the launch of the team's unprecedented 14-straight-year title streak, noted baseball writer, author and long-time Braves fan Dan Schlossberg has written the definitive book on this incredible achievement, When the Braves Ruled the Diamond: Fourteen Flags Over Atlanta.  In fact, it is the only book on this subject that will be available to fans this year.  

    The 292-page hardcover, featuring a foreword by Hall of Fame manager Bobby Cox, is the only book to chronicle all the details of the streak, a pro sports record.  As you probably know, three other members of those great Braves teams - - pitchers Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine and John Smoltz - - also have been inducted into the Hall of Fame, and third baseman Chipper Jones should be joining them shortly. 

    ?All four Hall of Famers, plus Chipper and Andruw Jones, GM John Schuerholz, pitching coach Leo Mazzone, slugger Andres Galarraga, catcher Javy Lopez and dozens of other members of the Braves "family" revealed behind the scenes memories of those Fourteen Flags to Schlossberg - - and now the author is ready to share their private stories with you.

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    Trump's Foreign Policy Speech-Warriors Know, Illegal O-Care Bailout & Movie News

    in Politics

    Donald Trump gave a much-anticipated foreign policy speech and What Trump didn't say that Warriors know. A Former Green beret speaks out about our enemies and a real strategy to take them out. Deputy Director of Policy at Americans for Prosperity exposes illegal Obamacare Bailout That’s Happening Right Under Our Noses and The Hypocrisy of Big Labor’s Politics and The Movie Guy talks the latest movie news including the third week in a row for Jungle Book at #1.

    We'll also talk with Miss USA Shawnae Jebbia about the misconceptions of hearing loss and the latest technology, A sweet story of an oncology nurse, her patient and their son in God Gave Me You, World Series Champ Bernie Williams kicks off "Rival Town Rundowns" featuring an All-Star line-up of MLB Players, Founder and Publisher of TheConservativeBase.com says Trump has garnered more votes in GOP History and Henry Bushkin drops in to gives us an update on "Carson, The Musical."

    We have the experts and the topics that everyone is talking about or should.  Join us for three independent hours of compelling talk radio, Monday thru Friday 9-12n (ET/6-9a (PT).  It's all about the truth and solutions that will get this country back on track.  And tune in to see how you can win the movie, War Room, in honor of May 5th National Day of Prayer, only on Bill Martinez Live.  To qualify email me at Bill@billmartinezlive.com.


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