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    Why Women Are Still Being Criticized for What they Wear...or Don't

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    Women in the headlines this week span the divide between what is right and what we think may be wrong? You decide.

    The most powerful woman in the US, Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen breaks the seven year drought and raises interest rates a quarter of a point.  Did it even matter to the world markets? In business news, Avon CEO Sherilyn McCoy agrees to a $435 million equity stake by Cerebus in hopes to keep her company alive, power house woman Padmasree Warrior, former CTO of Cisco Systems finds a new home at NextEV as CEO, will her jump from corporate america to entrepreneurship prove successful as well? And we discuss the dichotomy of cover stories, Bloomberg Business Week's cover of Elizabeth Holmes, Founder of Theranos Labs and Serena Williams on the cover of Sports Illustrated.  Both have and continue to be criticized for what they wear or not wear, have we progressed past our clothes as a defining moment for women in the headlines?

    We also have more updates on women headliners in business, entrepreneurship, sports and the media.  Listen to our newest episode On Demand!


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    PopHealth Week Month End RoundUp

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    On Wednesday, November 25th 2015 join los tres amigos aka Fred Goldstein, President, Accountable Health LLC, Douglas Goldstein, innovator and popular keynote speaker aka @efuturist and Health Innovation Media founder and publisher of ACOwatch.com Gregg Masters, aka @2healthguru for a month end review of developments in the population health space including the general movement towards the triple aim.




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    Women in the News: Carly Fiorina Punches Back & Fortune's Most Powerful Women

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    We're back and kicking off with an action packed episode of women headliners on the Power Lunch Radio.

    Fortune recently published it's 17th annual Most Powerful Women in business list, and this year's list is impressive.  From IBM's CEO Ginni Rometty to Ivanka Trump; General Motors CEO Mary Barra, we cover the top names and movers and shakers, as well as the MPW Summit.  Then onto another list, in the world of Sports 13 WTA players have now crossed over the $20 million mark in prize money.  

    In the headlines, we cover some of the big stories such as Bonnie Ross, who was on the cover of Bloomberg Businessweek, "The Real Master Chief", the woman behind the success of Halo 5, Microsoft's biggest hope for gaming success this year.  Other Silicon Valley women powerhouses include Elizabeth Holmes and her company Theranos and their recent struggles, to YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki and her quest to make YouTube the model for breaking the gender gap in technology. Oprah makes headlines with her newest investment in Weight Watchers, creating a stock market frenzy doubling the stock price the day after the announcement.  Then music sensation from the U.K. Adele, breaks every record this past week with her much anticipated new record and new release, "Hello".  Katy Perry breaks the bank as Forbes ranks her the highest paid female artist topping the charts at $135 million.

    Lastly, onto the world of politics where both Carly Fiorina and Hilary Clinton continue on their quest for their party's Presidential nomination. Who's not talking about Carly's visit to The View today.  Get all your updates on women in the news by downloading our podcast and listening on your time at www.ewnradionetwork.com/power-lunch 

  • Ryan, Rackets, “Reporting,” Radio, Racism and Routs

    in Politics

    Show discussing news/politics/culture from the perspective of Ayn Rand's philosophy, Objectivism. Hosted by Amy Peikoff. For show notes, check out my blog here.

    Paul Ryan runs for Speaker; Benghazi Hearing exposes Clinton's lie; WSJ smears Theranos; Levin turns defeatist; Obama defends BLM & more