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    Part Two This Week From The Sanctuary of Nolensville With Pastor Lee Stephens

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    We had a ton of positive feedback from last week's message brought to you from a live church service @ The Sanctuary of Nolensville. So we decided to bring you this week's sermon after hearing the pastor sharing this as a followup from last weeks message.   I want to make it clear that the worship is not about perfect sound.  That is why we brought to you some of the worship songs from this service.  There was a deep move of  GOD's Spirit during this song service that we pray will be felt by all that hears this service where ever you are.  But we don't want it to stop there as Jesus is reaching out to all those that will come to HIM.  It is HIS desire to change your life, and it is ours that this show works as a conduit of that work.   The title of the message is, "This Untoward Generation."

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    PTRN Presents - Nature Magic w/Selena Fox & Circle Talk

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    7 PM CST - Nature Magic with Selena Fox: Magic of Thanksgiving:  Join Rev. Selena Fox for a discussion on ways to create and work with Thanksgiving meditations, altars, symbols, and rituals at the time of American Thanksgiving and throughout the year as part of spiritual practice.

    8 PM CST - Circle Talk:  Working with Ancestors:   Join Circle Ministers Jeanet and David Ewing as they lead a discussion on ways to connect with and honor our Ancestors during time of Thanksgiving.


    Music for PTRN open and close provided by SJ Tucker, For more music and information, please visit http://sjtucker.com/

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    The RAW IMPACT Unleashed Episode #05 S06 (Tony Vargas Episode)

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    The RAW IMPACT Unleashed Episode #05 S06 – For this very special edition of your favorite pro wrestling talk show, we will be live and in effect on a Monday night!! Thats right Ya Boy Cole and KDouble will be bringing you instant reaction to the Survivor Series weekend. From the PPV on Sunday night to the aftermath on Monday Night RAW the boys will be back in the sanctuary for their 1st of 2 episodes this week on 4 ACES Presents Radio network. So that's at 8pm PST/11pm EST on Monday night….


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    Paula White Turns New Destiny's Sanctuary Into Soft Porn Movie Set! (225)

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    Paula White has taken the New Destiny Christian Center Church sanctuary and turned it into a salacious MOVIE SET!  Did Paula White forget she was in God's house this past Thursday (November 19, 2015) when she began to act out her lewd interpretation of Luke 7:36-50?  No, she knew full well where she was.  This demented woman temporarily turned God's house into the set of her new reality show "Strumpet Of Apopka".  Tune in as Wolf Tracker provides audio, commentary, answers and another stern warning to Paula White and her dimwitted followers!  In addition, Wolf Tracker University has made the decision to put Paula White's First Fruits Offering Teaching on trial since she has repeatedly refused to debate Dr. Elisha Coles.  This historic mock trial will start Friday January 1st 2016 and end Sunday January 31st.  E-mail us at wolftracker14@gmail.com if you desire to follow "The Trial of the Year" and receive the WORKBOOK containing ALL OF THE DATED OUTLINES that will cover the proceedings in this 31 day mock trial.  There is no cost for WORKBOOKS.  YES, WORKBOOKS are yours FREE OF CHARGE!

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    All the worship in the earthly sanctuary was to teach the truth in regard to the heavenly sanctuary. While the earthly tabernacle was standing, the way into the heavenly tabernacle was not made manifest; *13 but when Christ entered heaven to present His own blood in man's behalf, God revealed through His prophets much light in regard to the sanctuary in heaven. 

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    Bishop Woods, Sr. 11/22 Sunday LIVE @ 5PM ET/4PM CST EDITION

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    Welcome to the Sanctuary - Bishop has a Word for you  "Unstable Foundation". Feat. Psalmist LaShawn K. Walker.

    Bishop/Dr. Amos L. Woods, Sr., D.Div  was born in Tulsa, OK is the proud son of Cozetta Roby Woods (a church musician and orator) and Rev. William Harrison Woods (a national evangelist and civic activist). Dr. Woods is the 3rd generation in a continuous line of incl five generations of preachers & prophets. Clean living, hard working, and hard preaching were the three most important principles stressed by his family. 

    Your Tithe & Offering Thank you GRACE Media Network. --Prophet Charles A. Stalling & Apostle/Prophet Shena SB Barber Stalling, GRACE & TRUTH Ministries GTM5

    Contact: GMS@GraceMediaServices.com. Get it on your digital device Live & OnDEMAND SBBarberShow AM/PM presented by GRACE Media Network -the Legacy. Follow Twitter@GMNetwork; Instagram@GMNLIVETV; Facebook@GMNLiveTv

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    Easter Service With The Sanctuary of Nolensville! Pastore Lee Stephens

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    We want to thank all of you for being with us tonight at "Your Place"!  As many of you know, we are part of a young work that is located in Nolensville, TN.  We are very proud of our Pastor, Lee Stephens and the vision he has for this work.  If you are ever in this area you will want to come to a service.  You will find a family type atmosphere where everybody that visits is considered an invited guest...not a visitor.  If you have family or friends in this area that needs God, we would appreciate the opportunity to be a blessing to them.  God may speak to your heart to support this church with a financial offering and/or special prayer for this work. 

      Please excuse the sound quality as we try to bring this message to you.  At this time we don't have a person operating the sound board where we can record direct from the board.  Wild Bill used a digital recorder for this service, so you are getting audiance singing and noise just like you would get if you were part of the congregation.  That banging you hear during song service is Wild Bill on the drums.  What we have here is keyboard, drums, bass, and only five singers.  Sis. Stephens does a great job with the music as she plays the keyboard and sings, and sets up what everybody is supposed to do.  Wild Bill said his hands were sweating so bad the sticks kept slipping out of his hands this morning. Wild Bill has an excuse for everything!   The sound quality may not be the best but the message is one that we wanted to share. I know that you will be blessed! 

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    Announcing The Word

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    Announcing The Word broadcast is a the weekly bible study offered by Pastor Gene Tatum of Among Friends Cowboy Ministries, the evangelistic outreach of Friendship Community Church in Eastern Texas near Nacogdoches.  Prior to pastoring the church, Gene was a Rodeo Announcer for some 30 years in TX, LA, MS, AK and NC. He and his wife Pam often provided "Cowboy Church" in the Arena before or after the events they worked.  As an announcer they were also called on to MC other Equestrian Events, Dog Shows, Ranch Rodeos, Team Ropings, etc. He began pastoring by opening a small country church in Looneyville, TX on a bi-weekly basis in 2010. In August 2011 during a rodeo, Gene had a heat stroke at the microphone during the performance.  With the assistance of the paramedics (his wife being one of them) he finished the show.  He was taken to his motel room and there the Lord spoke to his heart that "he was done" as a rodeo announcer and that he was to go fulltime into the ministry. Announcing the Word Ministries then became "AMONG FRIENDS COWBOY MINISTRIES" and services were being held every Sunday each month. The ministry has seen a steady growth after only starting with 8 on that first Sunday in 2010.  The sanctuary has been remodeled with a new ceiling and new carpet.  The fellowship area was completely remodeled along with Sunday School rooms and the restroom facilities. A riding arena is under construction and will be ready in the spring to teach "Life's Lessons" by demonstrations on horseback and natural situations in the western way of life. AFCM is an active member of the International Cowboy Church Allience Network (ICCAN).  Come ride the trail with us as we study God's Word in Truth and Spirit.

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    PTRN Presents - Nature Magic w/Selena Fox & Circle Talk

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    7 PM CST - Nature Magic with Selena Fox: Healing for Planet Earth: Join Selena Fox for a discussion on personal and community approaches for working on solutions for environmental problems and for brining about a healthier and more sustainable planet.

    8 PM CST - Circle Talk:  Laura Gonzalez' New Podcast:   Join Circle MInister Debra Rose as she welcomes Laura Gonzalez as she discusses her new program in on Pagans Tonight on Monday nights.


    Music for PTRN open and close provided by SJ Tucker, For more music and information, please visit http://sjtucker.com/

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    The Woman Cave - Spending the Holidays Seperate

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    Shortly we will be kicking back in the ?#‎womancave?. 
    What are your thoughts on couples spending the Holidays separately?  
    How do you balance so it's "fair?" 
    Who bakes the best Sweet Potatoe Pie? Your Big Momma or your Spouse's? (?#‎pettyquestion?) 
    Click the link below or dial in at 914-803-4503. Press 1 to comment or ask a question.

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    Deepertruth: The Virgin Mary Appearing in Las Lajas Columbia South America 1754

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    On the borders between Colombia and Ecuador is a beautiful sanctuary, a wonder to its visitors. There is a venerated image of Our Lady of Las Lajas, and thousands and thousands of pilgrims from both countries visit each year and obtain many favors from God.

    Back in the eighteenth century, María Mueses de Quiñones, a local woman from the village of Potosi, Colombia, often walked the six miles between her village and the neighbouring one of Ipiales. One day in 1754 as she was making the journey, she approached the place called Las Lajas (the Rocks), where the trail passes through a deep gorge of the Guaitara River. Maria never liked this part of the trail because there were rumors that a cave in Las Lajas was haunted.  Such superstitions remained among the converted Christian Indians.