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    The Root River!

    in Environment

    What is the Root River and the basics of what is going on!

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    Ideas for Root River Pirates

    in Sports

    More ideas that you should see out of Root River Pirates!
    From Pub Craws to Story Hour

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    Root River the upcoming events

    in Environment

    We catch up on the events around the Root River as I see them. A lot to talk about

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    Happy Anniversary Root Cause Radio

    in Health

    The last Wednesday of each month is Listener's Choice! At 8p ET / 7p CT on August 27, 2014 dial 347-850-8486 and join us as we deliver empowering relationship techniques and celebrate one year of sharing the secrets of optimal health. 

    For this episode, Root Cause Radio gladly welcomes back therapeutic scientist, professor, author, and the founder of Symptometry - Dr. Maxwell Nartey. Dr. Nartey is a licensed symptometrist, the author of over 22 books, and - through Symptometry - has cured countless chronic and exotic health issues.

    Tonight's expert health panel will also feature Elizabeth Wanek, MD, LSym and Dr. Charlie Abbott, OMD, LAc, LSym & Director of Administration at the AMERICAN SCHOOL OF SYMTPOMETRY - first training institution producing therapeutic scientists in root cause therapeuticsTM.

    Root Cause Radio  -  Sharing the Secrets of Optimal Health - www.RootCauseRadio.com

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    An Introduction to Henry Root

    in Lifestyle

    This episode is a brief introduction to your host, Henry Root.

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    More basic info on the Root River

    in Environment

    More basic ideas on the root river and what may be going on with it.
    A great River in its own way

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    Introducing Root Wombmyn Radio With Osunlade & Camara Meri

    in Women

    We are an international collective of sacred and divine wombmyn of African descent who are committed to the healing of ourselves by remembering the truth of who we are..... We believe in our divine power to shift Universal consciousness by first beginning with ourselves - elevating and expanding our own vibrations - and thus creating a ripple effect of divine right goodness that permeates our own being, our families, our communities, our nation, and our world...
    Join us as we discuss the Vision for the Root Wombmyn movement. We welcome your thoughts on the healing of the Global Afrikan community.

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    Root Wombmyn Radio Interviews Osunlade Edwards-Emi

    in Women

    Join us as we find out more about the work of my wonderful and powerful co-host Osunlade Edwards-Emi! 
    Osunlade (Daphne Edwards-Emi) is a sacred and divine mojo woman dedicated to global healing through the magic of personal empowerment and accountability. She weaves spiritual tools and techniques, holistic health concepts, and sacred creations with Universal laws and principles to inspire a heavenly realignment of our highest and best selves. She sees no difference between the foods we eat and the herbs that are used by the shaman to perform ritual and healing. In fact she shifts between these two concepts with grace, experience, and ease. 

    Through Vibrant Foods ™ coaching, Spiritual Shifts Coaching ™, healing sister circle work, and business prosperity ceremonies, she is able to tap in to your concerns and ritualize your experience for maximum results and joy. Osunlade is the creator of The Mojo Experience by Osunlade (Facebook.com/FunctionalMojoMedicine), her holistic health and spiritual wellness business, and the Co-creator of Root Wombmyn (Facebook.com/RootWombmyn), an international collective of wombmyn of Afrikan descent dedicated to shifting the consciousness of the womb-niverse through the powerful healing energy of sister circles.

    Her experience includes: initiations and trainings in indigenous spiritual systems, the facilitation of energy medicine workshops, holistic foods prep, holistic nutrition studies, the presentation of metaphysical classes, organizer of group yoga and raw cleanses, the creator of sacred spaces, and the former ownership of Zawadi - a storefront featuring gifts of the Afrikan diaspora. However, her most powerful spiritual journey thus far, has been that as a mother who has given rise to 3 SUNS, all of whom are learning through self-designing their own destinies. Her email is DivineMojoWoman@gmail.com.

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    Visit the Root of Your Anger

    in Psychology

    What can you possibly learn in just 15 minutes that may change the quality of your life? Good question. I guess you will have to tune in to find out.

    Bob Zima, MA/LCPC, is a self described “Frequent Flyer to Hell and Back.” He has experienced many trips to the gates of Hell and has lived to tell the tale.

    In this short, 15 minute podcast, Bob shares with you his insights and lessons learned from several trips to Hell and back.

    On today’s show, Bob discusses a two minute kitchen table therapy activity that will help you, or someone other than you who is an angry individual since you are not angry, get to the epicenter or root of anger behaviors in your life that mess things up.

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    To The Root Of The Problem

    in Christianity

    When we battle or struggle with Sin, no matter what it is we often conceed and say "the devil made me do it". It really is sort of an easy way out. Satan is after all the great deceiver and master manipulator who's goal is to drag away and entice every follower of Christ and lead them to doom and destruction. It's really our faith that's truly being tested. And so it comes down to our desires. The things we watch on TV, internet, what we choose to meditate on or lust after....is on us. Its our desires that get us in trouble, but thank God we can choose to think holy, righteous  and pure thoughts. In order to do this we must get to the root of the problem.

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    First Chakra: The Root of Survival

    in Spirituality

    Originally aired 5-14-14

    Join internationally known clairvoyant and recent guest star on Gaiam TVs Beyond Belief, Dr. Lauren Cielo, owner of Golden Rose Psychic Services for another great episode of Golden Rose Psychic Radio brought to you on the Women's Movement Radio Network!

    In this episode, Dr. Cielo discusses the First or Root Chakra. Food, shelter and clothing... all things 'survival' are contained in this mystically, swirling chakra.  Learn more about how this chakra works and how to heal it. 


    Don't forget, during the show we'll announce the Coupon Code for our BLOOMING ROSE special. Once you hear the code, go to Golden Rose Psychic Radio’s Facebook Page for the link to purchase this week's special.

    And you may be the winner of this week’s FREE PSYCHIC READING. Click HERE to enter contest and gain access to our hidden webpage full of even more FREE STUFF!

    Callers are welcome and of course, lots of LIVE Free Psychic Readings! We hope you'll join us!

    Golden Rose Psychic Services is powered by 3-Point Virtual Services

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