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    Gravity, Human Movement and Parkinson's Disease

    in Health

    Innate human coordination requires being in sync with the STRAIGHT-down influence of gravity. This enables us to tap the substantial energy generated by the downward movement of our body mass. In infancy, we all learn this highly evolved skill as we teach ourselves to sit, stand and walk with grace and power. Early in childhood, however, through deep cultural conditioning, we forget. From the day we are born, we see everyone around us sitting back in chairs, sofas, car seats, etc. At around 3 or 4, we get sucked into this utterly normal, but mal-adaptive behavior. We begin sitting-back with staggering repetition. In so doing, we interfere with gravity's influence by sending our body mass down on a BACKWARDS trajectory. Our brains automatically react -- with muscular strain and skeletal distortion -- to keep our head/neck functionally vertical. We don't notice these reactions nor feel anything unusual. It all happens subconsciously. This kinesthetic disconnect spills over into how we stand and walk. The consequences are all around us: society-wide epidemics of bad posture, lower back and neck pain, knee and hip replacements. For people with Parkinsons, the consequences are even more severe, restricting free movement considerably. This can be changed -- through re-developing sensitivity to our downward-moving body mass and how it is affecting us moment-by-moment. If you are planning to listen, it will be worth your while to check-out in advance an illustrated essay on this topic at www.uprighting.com/Parkinsons.pdf.

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    Black Monday NFL 2015-16 / Playoffs- Wildcard Rnd

    in Sports

    Join Ed and Kevin as they discuss Black Monday in full detail, from firings to potential replacements. On the lighter side, the Wildcard Matchups are set. Will this be the first time that all the road teams advance? Hmmm, that's why you listen to the podcast, for our picks and predictions. Surprisingly, the Redskins seem like a lock to advance to the Divisional playoff round, while the Bengals seem to be fading into the sunset. Fortunately, the Seahawks and Steelers are dancing, giving the fans a usual spectacle this time of year. So get yourself a nice comfy spot and listen to our Wednesday podcast, in affect @10:30est. Dont miss out, GET INTHEZONE!

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    Big Blue Views - Our 50th Episode! Larry Vaught & Tons of Basketball & Football

    in Sports

    Kristin and Michele celebrate the 50th episode of Big Blue Views by welcoming Larry Vaught (Vaught's Views) as our guest tonight.

    Lots of buzz surrounding UK Football this week with departures and a decommit.  Also the speculation is in full force over the replacements for the recent vacancies on the coaching staff.

    Basketball will dominate, especially since the Cats just defeated in state rival, Louisville on Saturday.  We'd love to hear your thoughts on the game.  I'm sure most of you have an opinion on Rick Pitino's post-game "antics" as well.  Call in 646-716-4741 or tweet @BigBlueViews to have YOUR views heard!

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    The Frat House Sports Show #225

    in Sports

    It seems most appropriate that our final Frat House Sports Show of 2015 should be our busiest! But WOW, there was just no way around it with all the bombshell stories breaking around the NFL, and to get through it all we needed extra help and reached out to “The Voice” Jim Williams, of the new SpectrumOne Network to guest co-host.

    Scott Grayson of ESPN Sports Radio 97.3-FM South Jersey joins us to chat about the surprising firing of Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly with one game remaining in the season. Jake Marsing of MileHighHuddle.com out of Denver weighs in on the recent HGH allegations leveled at Denver Broncos QB Peyton Manning and other big-name athletes in other sports.

    Our weekly NBA-NHL Analyst Matt DiBiase jumps in with his take on possible Chip Kelly replacements; the passing of Globetratter legend Meadowlark Lemon; and the streaking Florida Panthers in the NHL. We’ve got some big, BIG College Bowl games upcoming, and that means we need to hear from “The Purdy Man” Eric Purdy.

    Plus we still have one more Week 17 in the NFL season and that calls for our Frat House Sports’ Picks-of-the-Week choosing from: Jets – Bills; Jaguars – Texans; Chargers – Broncos; and Vikings – Packers.

    THIS show is one helluva’ way to close out the 2015 year, and you do not want to miss this! Tune-In LIVE at 7 p.m. ET . . . and, give a call with your thoughts: 347 – 826 – 9964.

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    The Show with Danny P. - Fantasy Football Playoffs Week 2

    in Sports

    On the show, we're taking a look at your lineups and helping you get to the finals! There's a lot of injuries in the NFL - all at the wrong time. We'll go through the waiver wire and search for late-season replacements for your team. We'll also earn you some money with out daily fantasy picks of the week!

    Also, there's been some major trades in baseball. We'll take a look at some of the favorites to win the World Series in 2016 - and why you should NOT bet on the Cubs. 

    Don't forget to follow @theshowdannyp on twitter for fantasy advice and overall shenanigans!

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    Three Week Professionals

    in History

    Former professional football player and author Ted Kluck will talk about his book Three-Week Professionals:Inside the 1987 NFL Players Strike.

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    Pro Travel

    in Legal

    In this segment our Entrepreneur Dawn Kirton will introduce her other business as a Certified Travel Agent. I became a Travel Agent to leverage my ability to book Travel and Vacations all over the world! The need for travel is always on the rise and I offer many different opportunities for customers to take advantage  as an Independent Contractor such as myself or to travel the world to experience Culture and History or enjoy a Cruise, Travel by air, or going or going to Disney World. Leisure Travel is on the Increase and is sorted by everyone! I created Antigua 365beaches, but also wanted to send people to other Destinations Worldwide so I became an Agent to do so! I went through a certification process with Pro Travel Network and signed on with Surge 365to do so. First you have to go through an extensive training and understand the Travel Industry and how it all works so that you can build your own clientele and offer them great value for their dollars. however as an Agent, I would be able to customize a package to include a complete service. I can book my own clients as well as contact our concierge services to do the same. The Insurance can include ticket replacement, baggage replacements and others. Other than that a person can travel the World an experience what it has to offer. Yes there is a startup cost associated, but at different times we have a special offer, it all depends on the time you become active. Yes there's a fee of $59.99 to maintain the web-Site. http://www.Protravelnetwork.com/1354645.  Info@antigua365beaches.com. 1-888-221-13441-888-221-1344 FREE. You may also contact me at kirton697@gmail.com.  

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    in Politics Progressive

    "She Crushed Carly Fiorina in 2010. Now She’s on a Mission to Do It Again."

    Barbara Boxer took out Fiorina, ‘the most negative campaigner I’ve ever run against,’ by 10 points. The senator’s new goal: to ensure her one-time foe does just as badly in 2016.

    Barbara Boxer, the senator from California, leaned over her press secretary, Peter True, as he sat at an HP desktop computer and tried to find an old campaign ad from 2010.

    Boxer wanted me to see the ad because it featured interviews with former employees of HP who had been laid off by the storied technology company’s one-time CEO, Carly Fiorina, who in 2010 challenged Boxer for her seat and now, five years later, seeks the Republican nomination for a somewhat higher office: president of the United States.

    For Boxer, who defeated Fiorina by 10 points—or as she likes to point out, by 1 million votes—in 2010, ensuring that the former CEO gets no closer to the White House than she did to the Senate has become an unexpected end-of-career crusade

    When she first learned the details of Fiorina’s record, Boxer said, “I was shocked.” It wasn’t just that she had fired 30,000 people but the apparent callousness with which she had done so. They were, Boxer said, "summarily dismissed like some kind of garbage." Even now, so long after the Senate campaign, Boxer sounds like she still can't believe it. “That comes back to haunt you! You cannot do that. You cannot step on people when you're going up the ladder, because they don't forget.”

    "She Crushed Carly Fiorina in 2010. Now She’s on a Mission to Do It Again."

    The Ad Is Called "Workers," and it was released on 10-20-10.  [About The 30,000 Fired From Hewlett-Packard By Fiorina.  Jobs Shipped 2 China/India & They Had To Train their replacements.


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    What are The Best Appetite Suppressants - Diet Pills, Meal Replacements, Herbs?

    in Health

    Permanent Weight Loss Specialist Armand Dupuis Reveals the Truth about Diet Pills, Appetite Suppressants, Meal Replacements, etc – The Good & the Bad.

    If you’re looking to lose weight fast, this Show will remove a lot of confusion about diet pills & appetite suppressants.

    Most Diet Pills are Not Healthy, and the longer you stay on them, the more you wreck your Metabolism and this show will Reveal why that is.

    Discover Natural Appetite Suppressants which can help you to lose weight as fast as your body can handle it in a Healthy way, and...

    This Show will Reveal what are “The Ultimate Appetite Suppressants” which not only helps with fast weight loss, but is also a Healthy way to lose the weight.

    Get Ready for some Pleasant Weight Loss Surprises...

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    The Shop with J Short on The Batchelor Pad radio network

    in Current Events


    Cam Newton: Dabbing and MVP Candidacy

    Manziel Drama: Right for Browns to Bench him, His Future

    Les Miles: Is LSU right to fire him? Replacements?

    Warriors Streak: Better than Bulls 1995-1996? Beginning of Dynasty?

    Chip Kelly: Will he return to college game? Where does he land if so?

    Game Breakdowns 



    Chicago/Green Bay

    Discussion Topic:

     The Pressure of Being Black

    Criticism of Cam’s Dabbing

    Obama and Battling Both Worlds

    Missouri Athletes

    Professional Athletes (LeBron,Kobe, etc.)

    Real Moment With J Short

    Interested in advertising on the show, email us at labatchelor40@gmail.com

    Follow J at:  Jeremiah L. Short(Facebook), Jeremiah Short-Journalist(Facebook), Jeremiah Short-Journalist(Google Plus), DaRealJShort(Instagram and Twitter) and JeremiahShort(Snapchat)

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    NBS Show 11-24-15

    in Sports


    College Football

    Reaction to College Football Rankings?

    Les Miles gone? Replacements?


    #15 Navy @ Houston

    #18 Ole Miss @ #21 Mississippi St

    #22 UCLA @ USC

    Texas A&M @ LSU

    #2 Alabama @ Auburn

    Penn St @ #5 Michigan St

    #7 Baylor @ #19 TCU

    #13 Florida St @ #12 Florida

    #3 Oklahoma @ #11 Oklahoma St

    #8 Ohio St @ #10 Michigan

    #6 Notre Dame @ #9 Stanford


    Who is the NFL MVP so far?

    Pick a game from this past weekend and give your thoughts about it


    Lions @ Eagles

    Panthers @ Cowboys

    Bears @ Packers

    Bills @ Chiefs 

    Vikings @ Falcons

    Steelers @ Seahawks

    Patriots @ Broncos

    Ravens @ Browns


    Thoughts on Rockets firing Kevin McHale

    What will be the Warriors record at the end of the season?