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    Julia Assante:The Last Frontier

    in Spirituality

    Julia Asante, PhD is the author of The Last Frontier: Exploring the Afterlife and Transforming Our Fear of Death.
    PUBLISHER’S WEEKLY REVIEW “Death.  We fear it, we plan for it, we do all we can to forestall its coming.  And yet, neither faith nor science can keep death from grabbing hold of each one of us. Social historian Assante, who is also a medium, has penned what may be the most important book on the enigma of death since the groundbreaking work of Elisabeth Kubler-Ross.  Some will disagree with Assante’s conclusions that there is life after death, and that the living can communicate with those who have passed on.  She buttresses her arguments with numerous accounts of near-death experiences and reported communication with the dead. Add to this a concise but fascinating survey of how the ancients viewed death, the nature of sin and salvation, and the pervasive belief in reincarnation, and the result is a body of evidence that merits serious discussion.  All of this culminates in a fascinating question: “What would the world be like without the fear of death?” Perhaps a world filled with loving, nurturing, positive, life-affirming people? An outstanding read.”Reviewed on 11/16/2012

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    Corn Talk: The Last Frontier on Edge

    in Fun

     Is Alaska on natural steroids? Yes, and we will be broadcasting live from Anchorage tonight. Special guest and Alaskan resident Andrew Varney will be with us to answer questions about living in the Last Frontier, being a registered nurse, and the joys of receiving an extra 1,000 dollars each year for being a resident of the AK. Call in for any Alaska questions and nursing questions! 323-927-2925! 

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    What's The Meaning Behind The One Last Chance Announcement? DG #376

    in Psychology

    Do people mean it when they tell someone that they are giving them one last chance or is there something else? Does it ever really end there? Should it end there

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    'Gotham' 2x03 - 'The Last Laugh' Review

    in Film


    With the GCPD diminished after the attack by Jerome and the Maniax, Gordon aims to find Jerome and put an end to the insanity brewing in his city.  Jerome attempts to kill his father and plant evidence that his father was the one who broke him out of Arkham, and then puts on a deadly magic show -- far more deadly than Jerome even imagined! But could the insanity continue further? Come with us as we review 'Gotham' 2x02 - 'The Last Laugh' and discuss what might have been a true 'jump the shark' moment in this controversial prequel series!


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    Want to Be Good To the World?: Love Your Self

    in Spirituality

    I want to dive in deeply here, this topic is always important to me, loss can put us right where we need to be. This show is dedicated to one of my best friends who passed last week. Here's to you, Brother! Love you, man.

    Loving Myself Deeply and Knowing Its Sharing More Love with the World,



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    WIIM Radio: October 12

    in Hockey

    We're back with another episode of WIIM Radio now that the season has started. We have me, Jeff, Graham, and Joe talking Red Wings hockey and Michelle dropping the prospects report for us. Here's a rundown of how things played out:


    Dylan Larkin! - Jeff didn't want to wait to talk about the wunderkid so we led off espousing what makes the guy so special to the Wings and why we're all sporting massive Dylan Larkin banners.
    Setting the Roster - Hopefully the second-to-last time we ever have to speak objectively about Dan Clearys use to the Red Wings on ice, we go over what it means for him to have been waived and refuse assignment, as well as some other rosterbatory discussion.
    The Wings started off 2-0! - Breaking down the Toronto and Carolina games, we try to make excuses for why winning hockey games in which you get badly outshot isn't a portent of doom in early October and also congratulate some people on doing a good job.
    Prospects Report - The Griffins started off 0-2 in California, but Michelle gives us a really good rundown on why that's not a bad thing, as well as player-by-player evals for the BAM line. Then she goes on to discuss how our non-AHL prospects are doing, including some really promising stuff about the future of Detroit's blue line.
    Reader Questions - Did you ask a good question? We probably answered it! We were almost certainly polite about that too!

    As always, WIIM Radio is rated R. Sailors don't think it's a big deal and they seem like pretty cool people.

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    FFMVP: Bell's Heroics

    in Sports

    The boys break down Leveon Bell's last-minute heroics, and offer some waiver wire studs to bail out your struggling teams

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    Episode 9 (10/12/15)

    in Sports

    Eric Knifong (@e_knifong) and Nolan Haag (@njh09) review their Hawt Piks from last week, catch up on all the action in the MLB playoffs and pick some upcoming games. 

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    84 - How'd'ya Geek?

    in Pop Culture

    Another week, another geek. This episode, Biff and Danimator explore the different sources of geek pop culture. What websites, magazines or Internet personalities do you go-to for geek news? 

    We'll aslo share what we've geek out on over the last week, as we will every show, so enjoy! 

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    in Current Events

    Another TOTR is on the way with me and Steve Baxley tonight. The InTown Suites CallLine is (347)850-8891.

    Some of what we will talk about includes:

    *Is Matt Stafford still on a bye weeek?

    *For the second time in 7 years, the Detroit Lions is staring 0-16 staring them in the face...what gives?]

    *In spite of Coach Sark's leave of absence from USC..."FIGHT ON!!!"

    *Last week, a news director here in Norfolk was fired the morning of her birthday...how tacky.

    *MLB and Raw recaps.

    *Brett Bielema has an $18 Million dollar buyout if he gets fired from Arkansas...I wonder how much is Lions head coach Jim Caldwell's buyout?

    *Why is Chase Utley playing baseball tonight?

    *And there is more in store!

    Join us!!!

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    in Entertainment

    The ACSLIVE.TV Podcast network is Live and ready and We had a wild weekend out and about Michigan this last weekend and I join up with Brian for our first real chat about what happened at Michigan Battle League and Knockout Promotions events. Also maybe pull in some more artists from Kieb Entertaionment and Indie Spot Studios !! Jackson and Bay City Coming together and bringing a whole new rythym to the nation. Please feel free to join us Listen in and or call in if you would like to talk with a guest or a host. (347) 857-1024 wait for the prompt and press #1.