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    #SoccerWar International: NOT the CONCACAF Ep

    in Soccer

    Update: Ok, it was Deacon by himself so listen to a guy flail aimlessly on air for 30 minutes!

    While Deacon tries to fly solo without his trusty radio sidekick Eric, Roger Ferrer of the US Association Football Leagues suggested a whole show on how #SoccerWar could shake the entire CONCACAF region. So we're gonna do this!

    As always, intro music by @radionowhere. Follow on Twitter or got to radionowhere.net

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    Join us as we welcome DarkMatter a queer South Asian performance and literary arts duo. They make noise, perform spoken word, write excessively, facilitate workshops, and flail their arms around. AlokVaid-Menon is a South Asian artivist who has performed & organized with queer movements around the world. Alok is committed to building radical queer movements and bodies that resist white supremacy and imperialism. Janani Balasubramanian is a South Asian literary and performance artist based in Brooklyn.  Janani's work deals broadly with empire, desire, microflora, ancestry, apocalypse, and the Future. Darkmatter will join us for a most spirited disscussion on a range of topics from the importance of Art in queer movements to community empowerment to the importance of centering racial justice causes around all queer movements. JOIN US!!

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    Awkwaaard!?: Games with "Special" Needs and Spaces

    in Video Games

         So, You're flying to Upstate NY (land of beautiful scenery but far too much snow) playing your Nintendo DS aboard the cramped aircraft, when you realize your new game requires you to flail the devise around like an angry six year old (or worse, to scream into the mic like one). You are currently cruising at an altitude of 30,000 ft. 

         You are sitting next to a business woman who has JUST fallen asleep... what do you do? Do you play the game as it was meant to be played? Or do you give into societal normalcy, save your progress, and play a different, quieter, game?

         This week, the GCR crew takes a deeper look into games that require an awkward amount of space (or privacy) to play. We'll look at the various games that not only require an inordinate amount of "real estate" to play, but also games that use some of our newer consoles' "gimmicky" controls. We'll also feature another Impromptu Game Review with Scott. This week he will be reviewing Mage Wars, by Arcane Wonders!

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    Hot Heads & Holy Wars Part II (replay)

    in Politics Conservative

    As your appropriated federal government sends war ships to the Eastern Med and prepares to escalate yet another war your wealth is about to disappear as the Wall Street corporatists and the Fed flail to keep the paper regime afloat.  These United States are under attack from within the gates by both the Obama administration and an inept GOP that prefers to attack conservatives than the real enemy.Tex and Rex will be back soon.  In the meantime enjoy this replay from this Summer and get busy building coalitions to defeat tyranny and reprise the light of liberty.  You are the resistance.

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    Creative Weddings

    in Culture

    It's the season for "I do's", and the only thing thicker than pollen in the air may be the angst of families (mothers in particular) trying to statisfy the reality show-fueled whims of their bridezilla daughters...but it doesn't have to be that way. We'll round up some of the most creative ideas for unforgettable, beautiful and simple weddings. We hope callers will dial in to share their best and worst wedding stories! And of course, we'll allocate some time to flail over Adam Lambert's triumphant turn at Pittsburgh Pride. Maybe even indulge in some innocent fantasies about our Adam wedding fantasies?
    Join us weekly for an hour of news and discussion inspired by our muse, Adam Lambert! Our passions: music, creative entrepreneurship, LGBT rights, social media, re-inventing lives, and more. No topic is off-limits.

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    Prophecykeepers - Jay Lonewolf, Colorblind Apache Painter

    in Spirituality

    Jay Lonewolf Morales is an astonishing painter that suffers from monochromacy – complete color blindness — the rarest and most uncommon form of color blindness. He is one of only five in the world that suffers from achromatopsia, or rod monochromacy, which also affects sensitivity to light. The artist can only see in black and white and shades of grey, yet all of his paintings are done with vivid colors.
    As Morales puts it, he has the eyes of a cat, but he sees like a dog. But even dogs can see some color.
    Jay doesn’t permit others into his studio while he works. “I cry every time I paint because I cannot enjoy the pigments of my labor. My realm resides in shades, with the creative independence of free flowing serenity.” says Jay. “I can’t see what I’m doing. My hands flail around half-hazardly. I’m trying to create what I call my children.”
    When Jay Lonewolf was 7 and living in Cochecton, N.Y., he would watch his grandfather paint. One day he took Jay to Prospect Park in Brooklyn and set him up with canvas and a large sketch pad with paints. His grandfather glanced and noticed he was painting the same thing as he was only in unusual colors that weren’t natural to nature. He screamed with glee and showed his parents, who decided to enroll him in an art school for the gifted.

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    New Year's Resolutions for Glamberts

    in Culture

    Glamberts are passionate, engaged and, shall we say, a tad neurotic at times? At times, our obsession can get in the way of "normal life". Have you made resolutions to be a better fan, or restore some life v obsession balance to your life? Join our conversation! We will of course flail about Adam's Bali gig and upcoming Not-A-World-Tour.
    Join us weekly for an hour of news and discussion inspired by our muse, Adam Lambert! Our passions: music, creative entrepreneurship, LGBT rights, social media, re-inventing lives, and more. No topic is off-limits.

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    Alinsky's Thirteenth Rule

    in Politics Conservative

    RULE 13: "Confound the enemy with allegations he cannot possibly disprove."  Whenever possible, turn the enemy in on himself.  Look for ways to increase insecurity, anxiety, and confusion.  (Watch how organizations flail helplessly when blindsided by irrelevant arguments they cannot refute.)


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    BarnCat Radio, ft Trav.80.6, Chaosmotic Randemonium.

    in Culture

    Open Chat Topic Rant Rave Revelations Gripe Session, or something. We're still working this one out. We've studied what made the previous shows float or flail, but did we learn anything, hahaaa. Bt srsly nao.

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    K-Pop Appetizer #13

    in Music

    Tonight's show we've got some good K-Pop, J-Pop, and C-Pop to go through. Hope you're all ready to cleanse that pallate of yours from that mainstream taste. Enjoy you guys!
    1. A-MI - Crazy Boy (Feat. Flail Die)
    2. Elva Hsiao - Hold You
    3. BRIGHT - Dance With Us
    4. Double B - SOS
    5. Free Star - Diss
    6. Leehom Wang - ? U ♥ Me
    7. JAY'ED - Can't Let Go
    8. Fly To The Sky - 5 minutes

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    Seven important lessons failure teaches our children

    in Judaism

    Today, it seems that anything short of unqualified success from our children is a source of quaking self-esteem, if not downright humiliation – theirs, and ours. We want them to avoid failure at all costs.

    And they're not more successful because of it. Just pick up a paper and read how our children “rank” in school compared with those in other countries, have never been more involved in risky behavior, and are at times “diagnosed” and medicated at the first sign of stress.

    Is the answer to let our children flail? Abdicate? Is the “antidote” to join the Tiger moms of the world, turning persistence at any price to punishment and humiliation we wouldn’t wish on our worst enemy to avoid humiliation?

    As with all Jewish teachings, the answer lies in sense, balance, and a thorough understanding of what we’re truly trying to achieve. And that dicey goal is simple: character.

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