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    !There's a Story...Becoming the Brady Bunch, is it an easy transition?

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    !There's a Story...Becoming the Brady Bunch, is it an easy transition? So you guys decided to combine kids and mesh a family...how's that working out for ya? Traditional family is being redefined every day and combining resources is becoming more and more popular. Does it work? How do you make the pieces of your family puzzle fit and what are some of the ways you can make it work without having to alienate or exile anyone from the new group? Getting the buy in from all parties concerned may take a proactive approach!

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    "Blended Families, Can the Marriage Survive?"

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    Like the Brady Bunch blended familes can prove to be todays traditional family! When a man and woman fall in love and bring along baggage which includes children from previous relationships it can be a slippery slope. Depending on the age of the children blending the families can often times cause a disruption in the relationship between the husband and wife. Other times one of the two may have one child or multiple children and the other may not have any causing the then single adult to take on responsibilities he or she may not be prepared for. And then you have the relationship with the man or woman whom has adult children. GEESH! Now comes the possible impact of the meeting of the minds.

    How does the disconnection in the relationship between the married two work when one of the adults has STOPPED parenting for reasons of lack of love, concern, devotion or otherwise? How can the relationship move forward or can it? Dont miss out on this discussion today! I invite you for lunch to join me by simply calling in at 646.200.0995! Im your HOST, RhondaK and remember no conversation here is off limites! Tune in TODAY!

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    Lloyd Schwartz, executive producer, The Brady Bunch

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    ’Brady Bunch’ producer Lloyd Schartz can’t help himself: ‘Mr. Media, Mr. Media, Mr. Media!

    Very few television shows withstand the test of time, but Sherwood Schwartz’s The Brady Bunch is one of the notable exceptions. Beloved by generations of fans in 122 countries, The Brady Bunch spawned a number of sequels, made-for-television movies, hit records and touring stage shows, and has had an immeasurable influence on pop culture. Even more than 40 years since its debut on ABC in September 1969, the Brady phenomenon continues to endure, establishing the groundbreaking sitcom as an American icon.

    Detailing the intricate relationships among cast and crew members, Brady, Brady, Brady includes insider information, humorous anecdotes, little-known stories and the dish on the show’s many reputed cast romances. Over the course of The Brady Bunch’s five seasons, lifelong friendships were established, budding talents nurtured, and the landscape of the television sitcom was definitely transformed.

    Lloyd J. Schwartz, Sherwood’s son, was producer and director of The Brady Bunch. After The Brady Bunch, Lloyd worked on many shows from What’s Happening! to Love Boat to A Team to Baywatch. He also wrote and produced the stage musical A Very Brady Musical, which debuted in Los Angeles in 2008 and alongside his father, will executive produce the upcoming Warner Brothers feature film adaptation of Gilligan’s Island.

    Find more original interviews @ Mr. Media Radio • Twitter

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    The Slv Show Super Bowl Edition pt 1 Tom Brady, The Patriots & Deflate Gate

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    The closer and the comic are back on the hottest  most informative yet entertaining sports talk show on the web


    The break down of Super Bowl XLIX  between  the New England Patriots and The Seattle Seahawks  is one week away  but Deflate gate has taken over not only the sports talk world  but the talk show  world in general

    Tom Brady and Bill Belichick's press conferences

       who do you believe?   if either


    who actually blew the whistle ?


    will this damage Brady/Belichick's legacy  pending on  who gets caught?

    could they have been doing this  for years?

    What should be there punishment  if founded?

    Attorney and Fantasy Football writer  Mark Stopa  will call in 630pm and give  his perspective

     How can the Seattle Seahawks  take advantage  of Deflate gate?

    7pm  the sports  gossip report with lisa


    NBA  the starting all star team has been decided

    Klay Thompson's performance

    Who are the teams to beat right now?




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    DEFLATEGATE! Who Do You Believe? Brady or Belichick?

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    This whole thing has taken on a life us it's own. To me it seems like that should have not take any questsions on the subject at all. I have never seen Bill Belichick or Tom Brady be so uncomfortable in a Press Conference. 

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    Random Radio Revolution: Happy Hour

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    Another week another RRR. We are gonna try and keep it fun this week with alot of festivities comming up no reason to bring anyone down unless your name is Tom Brady or Bill Belicheat. Royal Rumble is comming up for you wrestling fans and of course we are one week out from the Super Bowl. So we will keep it random and keep it interesting so join the revolution............................ Viva la Revolution!

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    The Sports Hawks

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    Join Will Hawkins and Brian Rojas as they interview former Washington Redskins running back Ricky Ervins.

    Featured segment "Our H E Double Hockey Sticks Moment of the Week"

    Wizards Weekly... Reviewing last week's results and what is coming up for the week ahead.

    Redskins News... Discuss the hiring of new Defensive Coordinator Joe Barry.

    Washington Nationals...  The signing of Max Scherzer to a 7-year $210M contract.  Does this signing spell the end for Jordan Zimmerman, Stephen Strasburg or Doug Fister?   The Nats avoid arbitration with pitchers Stephen Strasburg, Drew Storen, Craig Stammen and infielder Danny Espinosa.

    Baseball News...  Mr. "Cub" Ernie Banks dies at the age of 83.

    Boxing News...  The Heavyweight Championship fight between Deontay Wilder (33-0) and Bermane Stiverne (24-2-1).  Al Hayman to showcase fights on NBC with the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

    NFL Playoffs...  Super Bowl matchup prediction and preview.  New England Patriots deflating balls controversy and does the Patriots have a culture of cheating?  Seahawks Richard Sherman calls out Patriots Tom Brady. 

    To listen to the show, go over to www.SportzAddix.com and click on the live radio player or to listen or be part of the show, simply dial 646-378-1303

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    HOOD TALK - Selling Wolf Tickets

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    'The man can only ride you when your back is bent': Sarah Palin 'rambles incoherently' in Iowa after teleprompter freezes... a day after she declared an interest in 2016 run
    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2925162/Palin-s-meltdown-GOP-firebrand-rambles-stutters-teleprompter-error-leave-crowd-baffled-just-saying-s-seriously-interested-2016-run.html#ixzz3PqlF9Gfs

    Ted Cruz wows Iowans with sermon-style political speech and corny Islam jokes: Those 9/11 hijackers 'weren't a bunch of ticked off Presbyterians'
    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2925023/Ted-Cruz-wows-Iowans-preacher-style-invocation-corny-Islam-jokes-9-11-hijackers-weren-t-bunch-ticked-Presbyterians.html#ixzz3PqlRa5hT

    Republican outsider Ben Carson rattles sabers at Russia and says more US oil and gas production can 'put Putin back in his little box'
    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2924718/Republican-outsider-Ben-Carson-rattles-sabers-Russia-says-oil-gas-production-Putin-little-box.html#ixzz3PqlbI4Aa


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    Deflategate – Deciding Who’s Guilty

    in Religion

    If you are a sports fan, by now you’re probably on Deflategate overload.  The most notable figures of the Patriots organization, Bill Belichick and Tom Brady, have both publicly denied involvement in lowering the pressure in the game footballs.  But the fact remains that 11 of 12 footballs had two pounds less pressure in them from the time the officials checked them before the game until they were re-checked at half-time.  This is a fact.  What is yet to be determined is how it happened.  Various people like Mike Pereira, Troy Aikman and Mark Brunell have weighed in on this matter and it doesn’t look good for Tom Brady.  Listen in and form your own opinion.  But wait until the Brothers in the Virtual Living Room examine this matter through the scriptures.

    We air programs on Blog Talk Radio at the following times: Sun 2:00pm, Mon 8:00pm, Tue 8:00pm, Wed 7:00pm, Thu 8:00pm, Fri 7:00pm & Sat 9:00am.  All times are Eastern Standard Time.

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    Sunday Morning Referee: #DeflateGate weekend

    in Sports

    We'll get into #DeflateGate, the Patriots legacy, if anyone really cares about it and a bunch of NBA including Klay's 57, Jennings' achilles and the gray-bearded Vince Carter. I'll discuss the GR Drive blog on gsceltic.com and Greg's work for thesportsmecca.com

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    How Will the Death of King Abdullah Effect the entire World

    in The Bible

    Many people debate if Psalms 83 is an actual war or just a prayer. I would love to get callers to provide their insight. For those that are not aware King Abullah of Saudi Arabia has died and has been replaced by someone that has dementia. Israel is about to have a special election over the position of Prime Minister in March. For him to lose this election would be terrible. However Benjamin Netanyahu will win because it has been revealed to many people who have the gift of prophecy. Netanyahu is coming to the United states two weeks before the eleection will take place. President Obama is refusing to meet with the Prime Minister of our biggest ally in the middle east because he doesn't want to appear to be taking sides. Meanwhile our Congress and Senate will be meeting with his to talk about the current state of Israel. He just was in a 50 day war with eliminating Hamas a group of radical muslim terrorist. One of the key leaders in Hezbollah have stated that they are ready to invade Israel all the way to the Galilee, then ISIS/IS/ISIL is surrounding Israel, Syria and the Arabian Peninsula. The have already declared a new caliphate and said they they were making their way to Jerusalem. Obama has let sanctions slide on Iran so they are building another chiller to produce more nuclear bombs. The news refuses to admit they have that capability. In addition to that a bunch of radical Islamic hippies took over Yemen. ISIL is looking to take over Mecca and they both are wanting Yemen now. Pakistan was once an ally of some sorts and have now been overtaken by radical Muslims. Most importanly Obama does go to Turkey to meet with the President and now Turkey who was once a strong ally of Israel is now saying that the United States and Israel will swim in its own blood.

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