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    Cricket Test Match Special

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    During thre Test Matches we will airing a show each evening prior to the start of the day's play. Hear our panelists views on the current situation.Ivor Henry, James West, Melford Roach, Coach Jerome and Leon Francis. Call us

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    Cricket Test Match Special

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    During thre Test Matches we will airing a show each evening prior to the start of the day's play. Hear our panelists views on the current situation.Ivor Henry, James West, Melford Roach, Coach Jerome and Leon Francis. Call us

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    SHIFT TODAY "Pass the Rest Test"

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    SHIFT TODAY is an inspirational and engaging broadcast that replenishes your spirit, refreshes your soul, rejuvenates your body and transforms your life from the inside-out.  Host Nina Roach Life and Wife Strategist with Special Guest Holy Spirit and other Guests appearances will be releasing fresh impartations and strategies while sharing wisdom, laughter, love and real-time life experiences that will help you overcome any situation and live victoriously every day.  Get ready to be established in the Kingdom of God by renewing your mind, feeding your faith, starving your doubts and taking actions of faith today.

    It’s your time to occupy in your Kingdom Authority until Christ’s return.  Don’t wait another day to seek God’s face, learn Kingdom principles, take God at His Word and an action of faith.  On SHIFT TODAY we are convinced that God, who began this good work in us, will carry it through to completion. Connect with men and women daily who have decided to enter into God’s Sabbath rest and witness His goodness in their lives and world Monday – Saturday from 7:00 A.M. – 8:00 A.M. (PST) online at www.blogtalkradio.com or by phone 424.220.1862  Subscribe today to Today's Transform Devotional and #betransformed http://www.mrsministries.org/devotional

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    Forget Speculation, We Will Go Directly To The Sources!

    Greg will make live calls to the following Agencies and Allow for Audience Interaction:

    Florida Department of Law Enforcement:  850-410-7000
    Florida Department of State Office of the General Counsel: 850-245-6536
    Federal Department of Transportation: 202-366-4000

     We will start the calls shortly after 10:00 am EST. If you want to participate, call (347) 838-8420 OR you can visit www.gregdoss.com and click on THE GREG DOSS "DJ SQWYD" SHOW! LINK! 

  • Strengthening the Families: Issues of Life-Blaming Others for Your Mistakes

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    FRESH MANNA OUR DAILY BREAD - STRENGTHENING THE FAMILIES:  Apostle Williams is available for Conferences, Seminars and Workshops that will build your ministry or church group.  Our Ministerial Team is comprised of educational and motivational speakers for your church meetings and special events to strengthen members, individuals and families, within the community or church. 

    Her goal is to provide Educational Seminars and resources for victims and families dealing with domestic violence, mental and emotional stress, and substance abuse that weaken the family structure and values.  These seminars are to help improve parenting skills, promote abstinence among our youth, and provide Christian counseling relating to family values and issues.  To strengthen, encourage and motivate men and women. Strengthening the Families Outreach Ministries Programs airs on Tuesdays on Fresh Manna Our Daily Bread Blog Talk Radio.  

    Today’s Discussion: Issues of Life-Blaming Others for Your Mistakes!

    It’s much easier to blame others for our mistakes than to admit it’s our fault.  As long as we continue to shift the guilt of error off ourselves and place it upon other individuals who may or may not deserve it, we will not grow and learn from what we did wrong, since we fail to acknowledge that we did it!  What can we do to change this type of behavior?

    Apostle Loretta Williams is also on Facebook, Google + and Linkedin.

  • The Eric Priest Show - Episode 16 - Jules Smith of MDRF

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    Greetings all,

    Please join me for a very special interview, on Tuesday August 4th at 10:30 am Eastern, I will be interviewing Jules Smith, one of the owners of MDRF. 

    Eric Priest

  • Self-Centralness: How It HELPS Your Spiritual Journey

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    JOIN ME LIVE ONLINE TUESDAY, 8/4 9am ET with special guest Debi Weinstein  for Living the Shift! There's so much to do... so many to help... the pace of our shifting has sped up (and continues to do so) exponentially! We've been taught -externally, via our families, friends, belief systems, cultures - that sacrificing the self for others or putting others first, above our own needs (especially for our children and families) is honorable, and "makes us worthy" of being loved. Throughout this existence of duality and separation, part of the lessons we've ALSO explored - to the extreme - is giving away our power to others, whether by sacrifice, by allowing ourselves to feel subservient, unknowledgable, or deficient in some way.

    Time to decipher that... and turn it around, so we can remember how we're the MOST useful and bright Divine tool to help spread the highest vibration possible!

    In this episode, we'll talk about "self-centralness"... what it is, its CRUCIAL importance, how it touches ALL parts of our journeys, both individual and collective... and how to shift things to this perspective to optimize our experience. That includes - and sometimes is ESPECIALLY important for - spiritual practitioners, whether one has just started practicing... or has been doing so for decades.

    Hope you can take part!  

  • The Cornermen Radio With Special Guest Nestor Gibbs (Owner Of ThaBoxingVoice)

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    The Cornermen Radio on this edition welcome special guest, owner of ThaBoxingVoice Nestor Gibbs onto the show. The Cornermen alongside Nestor Gibbs will be recapping the Danny Garcia Vs Paulie Malignaggi at Welterweight. Also they will be discussing the potential matchups in the welterweight division & the recent interviews from top fighters in that division including, Danny Garcia, Keith Thurman & Shawn Porter. It's sure to be a packed show. As always you can follow the hosts on twitter @JESSERICAN1 & @ThatsMeFlawless.