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    10 Rituals To Take Control Of Your Morning

    in Real Estate

    Wake up, hit the email, get distracted - what were you doing again? Time is money, so quit wasting it being disorganized and start a series of morning rituals designed to help you relax, center yourself, and focus on the dollar-productive business tasks that matter to your real estate business. If you're like most agents, your mornings are a little chaotic - but that doesn't have to be the way you live, and it shouldn't set the tone for your entire day! Today, award-winning real estate coaches Tim & Julie Harris discuss 10  rituals to take control of your morning, and help you to proactively determine what your day should look like, not simply react to the crisis situation of the moment.

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    Take Control of Your Mistakes

    in Self Help

    You know the old saying: mistakes happen.  They are part of the human process of living.  We can’t avoid them. 
    The BIG question is: what do we do, or better yet, what do YOU do, when you make a mistake?  Do you blame your mistake on someone or something else?  If you use “blame” tactics, then perhaps it is time to double-check your maturity.  Are you able to take responsibility, in a mature fashion, for your mistakes?
    It doesn’t matter how the mistake occurred.  What matters is that you take responsibility for making the mistake.  When a person is adult enough to “own-up” to a mistake, then that person is viewed as trustworthy. That same person is able to talk about the mistake and make it right.
    Listen as Dr. Joan discusses why it is important to step up to the plate and admit you missed the boat.  By doing so, find out how easy it is to get aboard the boat and sit down to a full plate of delicious mashed potatoes. 
    Mistakes happen.  Take control of your own mistakes.
    Are you experiencing relationship issues at home, at work, or at play?  Tune in to hear Dr. Joan describe alternative solutions.  Follow along as she presents keys for harmony. 
    A portion of each program is devoted to the reading of Dr. Joan's published stories about human disputes.  She is currently reading from her first novel Gra Im Thu! I Love You!  The story is about two Irish families who find themselves intermarrying, even though they are poles apart in the areas of religion and politics.  Tune in and listen to the story, as the O'Grady and Gwynn families learn to solve their potato encounters and develop a method for making delicious mashed potatoes together.  Find out how diversity and harmony can live in the same house.

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    INNERSIGHT - Take Control of your life!

    in Family

    INNERSIGHT - Take Control of your life!

    Hosted - Frank Perino

    Co-Hosted / Engineered - Suzanne Tarazi-Ferraro



    Advocates for the Disabled.






    Advocates for the Disabled

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    Tonight - THE WOMEN TAKE CONTROL! of Native Trailblazers Radio!

    in Entertainment

    Tonight: THE WOMEN TAKE CONTROL!  of Native Trailblazers Radio! Vince is out and Delores is TAKING CONTROL!!! (ISN'T THAT HOW IT SHOULD BE THOUGH?)  IT IS GOING TO BE A GREAT SHOW WITH WOMEN POWER!!! 

    Shé:kon and Thanks for joining Native Trailblazers! The Native Show with over half a million listeners worldwide! 

    For over five years, the award-winning Native themed online radio show Native Trailblazers has been delivering the hottest topics in Indian Country to your desktop, mobile or other listening devices! Listen in Every Friday at 7pm EST or any time after in archives!

    HOSTS: ALTHOUGH NOT TONIGHT!!! Vincent Schilling (Producer, Speaker, Journalist, Author, VP Schilling Media) www.Twitter.com/VinceSchilling 

    Delores Schilling (CEO, Schilling Media, Inc.) www.Twitter.com/DelSchilling

    Join our chat room Here's How   Website www.NativeTrailblazers.com 

    Mailing List - http://eepurl.com/O7fa1  iTunes Podcasts- http://goo.gl/GkEOJ3

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    Take Control of Your Life

    in Education

    Take Control of Your Life
    Your happiness is in your hands.
    We can’t do it all, so we do most things poorly on a good day. And we’ve lived like this for so long that we don’t even realize how very far we are from reaching our potential!
    Most times, we’re just reacting, as though we’re being jerked to and fro by some gigantic remote-control device. We’re trying desperately to keep one thing or other from crashing and burning. And we’re doing well just to make sure the kids are off to school wearing matching socks, and we don’t forget the big proposal on the kitchen table after working on it most of the night, and we’re getting most of our bills paid before they’re 30 days overdue.
    Goal-setting?  Forget about it. Attitude?  Do you really want to know?  Happiness?  Come on!
    And what about managing our money and taking control of our income? How’s that possible when we live paycheck to paycheck? As for our relationships who would know? We hardly see each other or talk.
    The signs of a life out of control may seem subtle: Your kids are growing up before your eyes, yet you hardly know them; you dread going to work at a job you’ve had for years; you want to say “no” before you even hear the question because saying “yes” means adding something to your plate.
    Does any of this sound familiar? Is it normal to live a life out of control? Does it have to be?
    The first step toward regaining control is examining your life and determining where you have problems.
    Let's Talk
    Full Article on Success Magazine http://www.success.com/articles/812-take-control-of-your-life
    Great Opportunities for you and yours. Share them with others take back control of your life and finances.
    iZigg - www.izigg.com/zsuccess
    Momentis - www.zsuccess.mymomentis.biz

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    Start Living Now: How to Take Control Back with Sarah & Samantha

    in Self Help

    Their mission is to inspire women to step outside of their comfort zone to start truly living. They share personal stories and advice based on own experience, which includes marriage, divorce, unhealthy friendships, being held at gun point, getting kicked out of college, infidelity, betrayal and regaining our Self Confidence with Self Improvement. What have we learned? Life is always going to happen. It is up to you how you react. 

    We talk about how to set healthy boundaries in your relationships, friendships, career and family. When you reach a breaking point and are ready for change we discuss what tools you need to ensure you don’t continue to repeat the cycle, and gain knowledge of your weaknesses in order to overcome them and win.

    Your Self Image is everything! http://neverbeaverage.com


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    Fantasy Dating Radio: Take Control of Your Lovelife

    in Self Help

    This week, Suzanne and Rob are thrilled to have dating coach, Amie Leadingham, join them on Fantasy Dating Radio. Click the player to learn how Amie can help you take charge of your lovelife.

    Amie says being single is an opportunity – not a disease. She’ll show you how to reframe your thoughts and choose what is right for you – instead of waiting to be chosen. Her simple strategies will have you bursting with “ah ha moments” and motivate you to let your inner rockstar out!

    Amie is a Certified Master Relationship Coach. If your lovelife needs improvement, take advantage of a complimentary 30-minute Relationship Readiness Session here.

    Please follow Amie on Twitter and like her Facebook page. And if you haven’t already followed Fantasy Dating on Twitter and Facebook, please do. After all, the fun continues when Suzanne and Rob aren’t on the air!

    Get in the game at www.fantasydatinggame.com. We dare you.

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    Cruz Control

    in Lifestyle


    TV Highlight
    Kobe Bryant retirement
    NFL Week 12

    You can call into the show at (323) 870-3398 and you can tweet the show @JcFilmz and @ChristianCruz66. Cruz Control with Jonathan and Christian Cruz is LIVE Monday-Friday at 11:00 PM ET here only on MSL Radio.

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    Intentional Living presents"Public Success....Private Struggle" Corretta Doctor

    in Christianity

    We live in a society filled with dreams and  aspirations of wealth and success; never realizing true success comes fromemotional and mental wholeness and wellness.  Living with painful scars of destructive generational cycles: abuse,neglect, abandonment, and rejection can  have long term damaging effects if not properly confronted. And although buriedbeneath life’s trophy’s of accolades and accomplishments they will resurface in outward manifestations and behaviors. Corretta Doctor transparently shares her battle with Success, Stress, and Suicide to aid others in intentionally taking control of their lives. Join us today at 10:00am CST  657-383-0095

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    10/26 Charlotte View: Take Charge of your Energy! The Power of Words~Janie Smith

    in Spirituality

     12 pm (Eastern Time) 11 am (Central) 10 am (Mountain) 9 am (Pacific) ™17:00 UK / 18:00 Germany / 18:00 S Africa 

    Charlotte View presents Take Charge of Your Energy with Janie Smith. She is a Reiki Master/Teacher and ordained Spiritual Advisor and is the founder of Rosehill Energy Center at The Inn at Rosehill & Rosehill Stables in Monroe, NC

    Episode: The Power of Words. Have you ever consider that the words that we attach to our experience become our experience, regardless of whether it’s objectively accurate or not.
    During this show:

    ♦ Take charge of your energy, learn how

    ♦ The power or words: transform your vocabulary, transform your life

    ♦ How words can affect your energy and the collective energy too

    ♦ Distant Energy Readings ~ identify what is blocking you from living your life fully
    ♦ Information about how you communicate, your truthfulness, your emotions, the use of your mind, your blockages, and how you deal with power.
    ♦ How to use Reiki to create the life you want; what special skills you need to incorporate it to your life and much more ... 

    Rei-ki to Janie Smith is a spiritual path, a way to live life that is honest and healthy. It started out as a way to feel better, when other things weren't working and felt lost. Her 27 year marriage had fallen apart, her dad had suddenly died, and the business I loved was falling apart because I was lost and could not focus on doing business efficiently while my personal life fell apart. 

    Contact Janie:
    Rosehill Energy Center www.RoseHillinnNC.com / 6623 Prospect Road, Monroe, NC 28112 | 704-764-3989 / email: carousel1986@aol.com