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    The Uncle Mike& Tom Show #85 w/Mikey Whipwreck

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    This week on the show we are joined by ECW Original Mikey Whipwreck!! Mikey joins us for a hr talking this Fridays IPPV for 2CW in Watertown NY, teaming with his old pal Tajiri, plus what he has been up to, training guys, old ECW memories and tons more!! Greg Davis joins us to give a full review of the #AAWSHIM weekend. 1 AAW show and 4 Shimmer shows!! we also have a full review of CZW's Best of the Best tournament plus all the news, and results we could pack into 1 episode!! Its your Thursday Indy Fix!!

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    Rabblecast #293 CM Punk Strikes Fan at RAW, Sunny Arrested

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    During the end of this week's episode of, Monday Night  RAW, CM Punk was involved in an altercation with a fan. CM Punk, who is currently a "bad guy" in the wrestling world was being heckled, poked, and prodded by certain fans. Various reports have some of those fans jabbing him in the ribs, slapping his shoulder, etc. This led to CM Punk taking action as he was surrounded. Unfortunately, CM Punk reacted to the wrong fan. Also, update on the recent arrest of former WWE Diva, Sunny(aka Tammy Sytch).
    Bound for Glory 2012, the much anticipated TNA PPV will take place October 14th. With it comes the inaugural TNA Hall of Fame induction ceremony in which The Icon, Sting will be inducted by long time friend, Lex Luger! Can the PPV deliver a show that can overcome the negative publicity from Hulk Hogan's leaked sex tape?
    Independent Wrestling news: Tajiri's Wrestling New Classic, Ring of Honor, Tommy Dreamer's House of Hardcore...
    We are, The Rabblecast!

    Join us LIVE at 8pm(est) to listen in, join our LIVE chat room where you can interact with other listeners, and of course don't forget about the studio number (714)583-6886 if you want to call in and share your thoughts On-Air!

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    Remembering ECW with Gabe Sapolsky

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    Rob Naylor and Will revisit some of their favorite ECW moments with the man who probably has seen more ECW matches than anyone else alive. Gabe Sapolsky gives his insight into what made ECW special as we look at the highs and lows from the Bingo Hall in Philly.

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    Burning Hammer #21

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    Your panel: Tim, Will & Rob.
    Your topics: For 30+ minutes, Will & Tim discuss the New Japan set including whether Choshu's Army or UWF feud was better; sneak peek at AJ & TX sets (which is becoming World Class only set); Tatsumi Fujinami love; Kengo Kimura; Naylor calls & we talk DVDVR Fantasy Tag Tourney; Chikara King of Trios; Rob brings the Young Bucks love; Rob's thoughts on WWE firings; his irrational Waltman love; we discuss if we can watch Benoit anymore; Rob's love of Tajiri; and finally discussion of Eddie Gilbert which needs to be discussed again in more depth.

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    BHR Wrestling #34

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    The New Concept in wrestling talk radio continues!
    We direct the listener to the matches, and then we watch & comment on them at the same time!

    Here's the first match:

    It's Giant Baba vs Dory Funk Jr from 1969!
    Here's part 1 of the 2nd match

    Here's part 2 of the 2nd match

    It's a really good Giant Baba vs Fritz Von Erich from 1966!

    Here's part 1 of the 3rd match

    Here's part 2 of the 3rd match

    We switch gears and bring you Mr. Pogo vs Dirty Dick Murdoch from 1992!
    Here's the 4th match

    We veer dangerously close to the insane as we present Hard Gay vs New Lingling Sama! Hard Gay must be seen to be believed!

    Here's the 5th match


    Final match is a very good tag between Hard Gay & Tajiri vs Kawada & Suzuki.

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    Drunkcast#91 w/ MIKEY WHIPWRECK~!

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    This week on the Drunkcast join Ed and his cohots Cutrer and Craig as they are joind by Wrestling great MIKEY WHIPWRECK~! We will ask Mikey to fallow up on his comment that Eric Bischoff is a Cxcksucker~! Well talk to him about what TNA is doing to piss him off and why me may no longer be watching the show~! Will talk about breaking into wrestling in ECW after starting out as part of the ring crew. What it was like to have to do a match where all he did was get the hell kicked out of him while never getting to do anything back and did he know that would get him over with the fans the way it did. Well talk about him teaming with and then fueding with Mick Folay~! Working and going over STEVE AUSTIN before he became STONE COLD~! Why he left ECW for WCW and why he ended up going back to ECW~! Did he enjoy teaming with TAJIRI~! Life after ECW were he trained many young wrestlers who work for WWE & TNA~! Plus the question everyone wants to know, HOW THE HELL DID HE NOT KNOW WHO LEONARD COHEN WAS~! All this and more on this weeks DRUNKCAST~!

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    09/11 ProWrestling.net Podcast - TNA Impact Wrestling Review

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    Chris Shore reviews the TNA Impact Wrestling television show: The Wolves vs. Team 3D vs. The Hardy Boys in a tables match, Chris Melendez debuts, and more...