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    Part II on Superiority Consciousness

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    Join us this Thursday for part II on Superiority Consciousness. Understanding that power is the instrument of dominion and you have been empowered to rule over everything. The platform you are operating is higher than the principalities of the world. Tune in to get more from this episode. 6pm-6:30pm on 1400 AM station or phone: 347-989-1700.

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    Mindshift Moments Superiority Complex

    in Christianity

    Start your mornings AFRESH filled with Prayer, the Word, fellowship,music, comedy,news, current events, guest speakers & MORE ! Topic is: Identifying Superiority Complex.... Apostle Antonio King & Apostle Nickia King..Perfecting Life Ministries Building People of Purpose, Power, & Prayer

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    The Lord called out His people Israel and separated them from the world that He might commit to them a sacred trust. He made them the depositaries of His law, and He designed, through them, to preserve among men the knowledge of Himself. Through them the light of heaven was to shine out to the dark places of the earth, and a voice was to be heard appealing to all peoples to turn from their idolatry to serve the living and true God. Had the Hebrews been true to their trust, they would have been a power in the world. God would have been their defense, and He would have exalted them above all other nations. His light and truth would have been revealed through them, and they would have stood forth under His wise and holy rule as an example of the superiority of His government over every form of idolatry. – {5T 454.2}

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    The Race Trim MotorSports Hour #40

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    The Monster Mile in Dover will be the first "cut-down" race of the NASCAR Chase and Maple Grove Raceway, in PA will be the half-way point of the NHRA "Countdown", so stop by the Frat House Sports "garage" on Sunday morning from 11 til 12:30 to get the latest news & notes!

    Who'dathunkit? Kevin Harvick & Kyle Busch currently face elimination from championship eligibility despite obtaining 6 race wins during the regular season. Meanwhile, JGR and Toyota still maintain superiority after claiming the first 2 wins of the 10-race playoff thanks to Denny Hamlin & Matt Kenseth victories. The fellas will recap where things stand, who must win win to stay alive and the assorted scenarios that could play out.

    Meanwhile, the 'heats' were rained out on Friday at the 31st Keystone Nationals, but the field has been set for final eliminations in the 3rd consecutive weekend of the MelloYello Drag Racing Series. Want to know where your favorite pilot stands? Listen in for Frat House Mike's update!

    Also in the mix: Smoke announces retirement; Bowyer maps out his future; Elliott-4-Elliott swap is in the works at JR Motorsports and restarts will be getting the attention (too much?) the drivers have been crying for. Sidekick brings his fantasy advice and Brandon offers his analysis, so join in at: 347-826-9964, Sunday morning at 11 am.  

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    Are women more inferior to men intellectually?

    in Radio

    J is back with some discourse regarding women vs men in the workplace. Currently in America, Men are paid more in

    wages compared to women. Is this because men are more intellectuallly more capable than women? Or is this based on false superiority complex in male dominated societies? I would think the latter but I open the phone lines to this discourse

    and if anyone out thinks that electing a female president will set an end to wage disparity among the genders?


  • Stop Child Abuse Now (SCAN) - 1179

    in Self Help

    SPECIAL TOPIC: A Little Humor -- Here's a reprise of one of the favorite "For Our Kids" shows from the recent past, SCAN Episode 1129 from July 2nd. Enjoy !! SPECIAL TOPIC Night - Where's the HUMOR ??? !! - Tonight we are doing a very special edition of the "For Our Kids" talk show! We have received countless emails and phone calls from people over the last year about issues with the Family Court system and CPS, and the arrogant, contemptuous ways in which these people were treated. We know many people going through these systems feel like victims, and often feel hopeless and helpless. Tonight we're looking at things in a whole different light. Humor is both healthy and empowering, especially dark humor as we can all truly relate to that. Although there's nothing funny about having to go through this, tonight we're playing Devil's Advocate and giving people a chance to laugh at the perpetrators and the ridiculous ways in which they 'handle' things and then try to justify them. Using their own words, and their own actions, we expose them for what they really are - outrageous and absurd. Join us tonight as we rip the masks off their smug superiority and get a laugh at THEIR expense. We didn't have to make it up, they really wrote it for us! ~~ We wish to thank the folks at http://www.bensound.com for providing the music used in tonight's show, and DJ Smoody for compiling all the audio clips and mixing the theme song. ~~ Every two weeks a new THEME will be presented in this series, with frequent special guests speaking from their own experience. ~~ Please see our web page at: www.NAASCA.org/ForOurKids or write to: naasca.forourkids@gmail.com

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    Black By Color Only/Spiritual Superiority

    in Politics Conservative

    Taking a little change of pace this week, folks. Today, I will be discussing the issue of spiritual superiority and accountability in the Body of Christ. Is "spiritual superiority" a good thing or is it harmful to those who call ourselves Christians? Bring your thoughts to the table and season it well with respect. 

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    Switch Trickery Continues: Akin to Rats Backed Into a Corner

    in Politics

    Blacks identify with Caucasians and adopt their culturally sanctioned viewpoints.  Survival means investing in the American System and ascribing absolute and permanent truth in the White man’s secure state.  All have been inflated with a sense of secure righteousness declaring that whatever is “White right!” We protect ourselves against the exposure of truth insisting that all other ideas or theories are false.  We DENY absolute-truth systems that designate a Black man origin on Earth and the 8% myth of White man majority.

    Slavery in the Name of Jesus—White superiority was born within Christianity. The Roman Church of 1455 authorized infidel (atheist) people to servitude in 1457.  The Council of Cardinals met in Holland and sanctioned as a righteous and progressive idea, the enslavement of Black Africans for the purpose of their conversion to Christianity and for acquisition in the labor market as chattel property.  Some slaves longed to be a replication of the “chosen ones”—Master White Race.  They loved their masters because they were allowed to bask in the “reflected White Glory”—which in turn enhanced both Black and White psychological delusional power (Glory to His Name). 

    The new Millennium brought with it a new world order.  The global world is no longer homogenously White as you have been led to believe.  There was a “changing of the guards” while America was busy painting its inhabitants White.  You probably didn’t notice because people with Negroid stock were busy changing their racial classification.  While Blacks were proving to White America that they were—at least—part white—a series of events at the end of the Millennium spelled out White global annihilation.

  • Today's UNSEEN BIBLE GODS, walked the Earth

    in Religion

    ReLIEgion embodies the purpose for worship of the EXTERNAL. The externalization of Worship, OUTSIDE of the SELF. Deliverance of energies to entities not of self, other. Energy Vampires harvesting off of the powers of the inate. Powers inate in all humanity, who have been convinced that the achievement of deliverance can only be granted by a group of SAID TO BE Creators. The external worship to vampires fed by energies of deceived humanity.

    A game of Chess, in which humanity is a player but remains deficient for not KNOWing the rules. For in the game of chess lay roles. Yet, its PAWNS, bare the weakness of its capabilities set in motion by the limitations imposed upon its freeDOME. The PAWN, a SUBJECT, made to protect the veneers and illusion of the POWER of the KING, the POWER of the QUEEN. Even surrendering its own soveirngty and LIFE-FORCE for that of its seeming Elite. Martydom, for the sake of its designed KING, its QUEEN, who without its the acquiescing of its SUBJECTS would not maintain their thrones. PAWNS, never to self-actualize; but SACRIFICE for the illusion. 

    How is the game of CHESS played, what are its rules, and who is PRIVY TO IS STRATEGIES? and who is SUBJECT to it RULES? How is the ROYALTY of which they protect and implication of the ROYALTY that is their own?

    Tonight, we delve into the days in which the GODS RULED and traversed the Planet. The days in which their STATUS as KING, QUEEN and ROYALTY, were the catalyst of implied thought to their POWER. A power USURPED of the PAWNS, who not seeing its own LIFE-FORCE energy; admired the OUTER ROYALTY of which they were not. The devising of a PROGRAM to usurp the inately powerful, by the imposed LIMITED RULES from masterminds of the GAME. The days in which the LAWGIVERS created the veneers of authority and SUPERIORITY, and in its strategy usurped INNER POWER the now POWERLESS.

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