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    Sunrises and Sunsets - Final Affairs

    in Health

    Welcome to the Healthy Baby Boomers Network Blog Talk Radio Show.  I am your host, Dr. Erica Goodstone, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Spiritual Relationship Healer and Somatic Body Psychotherapist, Helping Men and Women Heal Their Bodies and Their Relationships Through Love, author of the book: Love Me, Touch Me, Heal Me, the romantic novel, Love in the Blizzard of Life, and creator of Healing Through Love Seminars, Love Touch Heal Relationship System and the 30 Day Love Challenge.

    This show is all about living your dreams and fulfilling your life purpose no matter how old you are right now.

    Today I am speaking with Holley Kelley, credentialed Professional Gerontologist, with a Masters’ Degree in Applied Gerontology and a BA in Journalism and Psychology. Author of the book Sunrises and Sunsets: Final Affairs Forged with Flair, Finesse, and FUNctionality, her writing career actually started quite early with poetry, songs and short stories.  She often performed her songs with local bands and at local events.  During her early college years at Brenau University, she wrote an advice column for the college newsletter, had her short stories published, and worked at the college radio station.  Around the age of 21, she was asked to write and officiate a custom funeral service.  That event led her towards new focus in her career.  She held a management position in the health care field, started a business writing personal eulogies, and finally left the health care industry to open her own senior-focused insurance firm.  When she returned to Brenau to get her Gerontology Masters Degree, her book was born and she now writes and speaks about aging and advance care planning for the last phase of life.

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    Sunrises and Sunsets: Final Affairs Forged with Flair, Finesse, & FUNctionality

    in Spirituality

    Sunrises and Sunsets:  Final Affairs Forged with Flair, Finesse, and FUNctionality with Holley Kelley, M.S., C.P.G.

    Sunrises and Sunsets is what you get when a writer / gerontologist-- interested in advance care planning, life and living AND death and dying--is set on a mission, and decides to ?write book!  It is a unique book, designed to help you get your final affairs in order, in a inspirational, interactive, easy approach.  Sunrises and Sunsets is not a pessimistic book about death and dying. 

    It is a book that encourages you to plan for what is to come, while also enthusing new appreciation for each new sunrise.  It will also help ease the burdens you may have about dying, as well as assisting you in handling your future plans and persona?l affa?irs in a FUNctional way!  ?

    In this book, you will read resonating stories, reflective poetry, thought-provoking and witty quotes and scenarios that will keep you engaged from subject to subject.  It's a book and a guide.  Overall, it's an interactive and entertaining journey!

    And, on that journey, you will complete your advance care planning!  From bucket lists to advance directives, to leaving a written legacy and logging all of your personal and financial information and defining who gets what...Sunrises and Sunsets is the road map you leave behind for your survivors. 

    For more information visit: http://www.sunrisesandsunsetsbook.com/

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    Kathleen O'Keefe-Kanavos Show w/ Holley Kelley:Final Affairs Forged with Fair

    in Self Help

    While we may not know when we'll go, we do have a choice how we go.  End of Life Preparation is a subject we may avoid but Holley Kelley is here to share her thoughts and guidebook on preparations for end-of-life. Sunrises an Sunsets touches on the spiritual and the practical in an entirely thought-provoking, charming and novel way. Holley Kelley tackles the unapproachable topic of death and dying with heart, compassion, wisdom and humor--and inspires a more epic form of passionate living with her readers in the process!   

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    Holley Kelley, Gerontologist: information and tools enhancing life's inevitable destiny.

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    Holley Kelley, Gerontologist and founder of the Latter-Life Planning Institute: The Ultimate Guidance for Life's Inevitable Destiny!  
    Holley's career emphasis is on promoting enhanced and enriching aging and thoughtful planning of your personal affairs, including what she has personally developed and created as "The Twelve-Step Approach to Conscious and Creative Comprehensive Advance Care Planning!"
    Holley's services include individual, group and business consulting services, lively and engaging workshops, speaking engagements, custom authored eulogies and seminars.
    Holley's goal is to inspire you to plan, and encourage you to live your, best life now...and she is there to professionally support your latter-life planning endeavors!  Kelley invites readers to share their sunrise and sunset photos and Sunrises book story too!  In the meantime, Holley envisions yout living abundantly between your sunrises and sunsets!

    Holley Kelley joins us today to talk with us about her latest inspiration, a planning guide and work book, 'Sunrises and Sunsets, Final Affairs Forged with Flair, Finesse, and FUNctionality!'  

    Latter Life Planning Institute

    Sunrises and Sunsets

    Sound Health Options 

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    Final Affairs Forged With Flair With Holley Kelley!

    in Health

    TWU Radio welcomes Holley Kelley to the show!  Holley Kelley joins the show to discuss her remarkable new book about end-of-life decision making, Sunrises and Sunsets, Final Affairs Forged with Flair, Finesse, and FUNctionality. It's a unique and innovative twist on final-affairs planning from a delightful and FUNctional perspective..

    This book is not just about planning for the Final Sunset.  It is about new beginnings and newfound perspectives about living.  It is about taking care of necessary personal business in a pro-active and responsible manner that allows for incredible peace and freedom in the present.  Kelley's book is about planning for the Sunset, while enjoying every Sunrise, with fresh outlooks and appreciation!

    To learn more about Holley, you can visit her website http://www.sunrisesandsunsetsbook.com/



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    Road Map 4 Seeker's And Searcher's Road Map with Guests Holley Kelley and Gary M

    in Spirituality

    ROAD MAP 4 SEEKER'S:                 Holley Kelley, M.S., C.P.G.
    Founder, Latter-Life Planning Institute; The Ultimate Guidance for Life's Inevitable Destiny!
    Individuals, Groups & Businesses: Consulting, Seminars, Workshops, Guidance, and Guest Speaking. 
    To learn more, visit: www.latterlifeplanninginstitute.com New Book Release: Sunrises and Sunsets; To learn more or order your copy, visit:  www.sunrisesandsunsetsbook.com  
    Tributations; custom eulogy authoring service.  Learn more at:www.tributationstoremember.com  
    Searcher's Road Map: Gary is the first, and to date, only Lawyer Coach in Canada to have a book published on Business Development for Lawyers. 'Raindance: The Business Development Guidebook for Lawyers'? was published in August of 2012 by Carswell. His second book was published in September (2014), from Carswell, entitled: Raindance Two: A Blueprint for growing your practice.Gary's second book has two editions, one for small firms and solo practice, and the other for regional and large firms. Website: www.ontraccoach.com 

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    There is nothing like a little romance!

    in Entertainment

    In the movies, romance is dozens of red roses, diamonds, sunsets, and surprise proposals. Sure, those things can be romantic in real life too, but we all know that romance is not so easily categorized, and it's often not even planned. Personally I think of romance as a feeling or a moment that leaves me breathless, rather than a specific action or item. But this is one thing that's different for everyone, so do tell, what's your idea of romance? Join us December 21, 9AM EST and chime in!

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    Mess With MS: Elana Kuranz of The Happiness Project joins me

    in Education

    This is about how M.S. can change anyone's life and what positive steps to take!

    M.S. is the most debilitating neurological disease. When I discovered that I was diagnosed with it, it changed my life. I only knew to continue approaching life the way I always had: as a survivor! That does not imply that I did not make mistakes along the way - as people do when the road they thought they were taking in their life turns into a new one. Through friendship, family, spirituality, and the many M.S. role models I had, I began to beat back the monster of this disease. Their in, I opened up my life to a journey of adventure: Learning things any normal person can do to enhance their lives after M.S.&brain injury. I'd love it if you'd join me in my journey; where we all can learn to be better versions of ourselves!

    Please join me, Lisa Dryer, in the studio tonight , on Brain Injury Radio 12/26 with our very special guest, Elana Kuranz, where  we will discuss M.S. and how the diagnosis can change your life! But we will also discuss the power of conventional and unconventional wisdoms to be found in the M.S. journey; and Elana's personal story of sunsets, exercise, family love, juicing, and much, much more!





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    Holley Kelley, Joe Calloway

    in Business

    Holley Kelley gerontologist, journalist, author, entrepreneur, and Founder of the Latter-Life Planning Institute.   Holley is a Credentialed Professional Gerontologist, A member of the National Association of Professional Gerontologists, the Southern Gerontological Society and a member of the Association for Death Education and Counseling.  She is with us today to share her new book, Sunrises and Sunsets, Final Affairs Forged with Flair, Finesse, and FUNctionality.  This captivating and ground-breaking new book has awakened the nation on final affairs planning in an approach that can appeal to everyone

    Joe Calloway business author, advisor, and speaker, Joe's corporate client list reads like a Who's Who in business, ranging from companies like Coca Cola and IBM to Cadillac and American Express.Joe is the author of five ground-breaking business books including Becoming a Category of One. Joe's newest book, Be the Best At What Matters Most. Joe is the Executive In Residence at Belmont University’s Center For Entrepreneurship, and he is an Advisor on Business Development with Gilson Boards, an American artisan snowboard company

    For more information go to MoneyForLunch.com.
    Connect with Bert Martinez on Facebook.
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    Need help with your business? Contact Bert Martinez.
    Have Bert Martinez speak at your event!

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    Diana Kerekes RN Interviews Sherrie Church

    in Health

    Today I will be interviewing Sherrie Church.A little bit about Sherrie's background.

    Licensed Esthetician for 9 years with five star satisfaction rates for innovative facial techniques.  Anti-aging specialist implementing holistic and traditional skin care treatments.  Management professional for 8 years with exceptional relationship building skills.  Highly effective in training and directing employees.  Known for the ability to be supportive, sensitive and exceed client expectations.  Expertise in:

    Anti-Aging Techniques

    Advanced Skincare Treatments

    Training & Development

    Spa Development

    I would like to say that I was a person of place or a popular star, but I am not I am a mom with two adult daughters and six grandchildren that I adore.  I enjoy horses, dogs, playing guitar and piano, singing, beaches, sunsets, dancing and tea!

    Because the face is a mirror of physical and emotional well-being…providing the proper products and training will provide tremendous results, improve texture, even out pigmentation, lift, and allow the skin to look healthy and vibrant.  Glissandra created that oasis with a product that will improve your health and wellness and provide beautiful, vibrant healthy skin.  

    Applied knowledge is power is my motto!  Helping others embrace the seeds of Greatness that God has placed in them.  



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    Let's Talk, Love, Sex and Nutrition: Tis The Season for Cuff Loving

    in Self Help

    Majestic sunsets illuminate the sky, there's a crispness in the air...it's Fall and the time for being alone is coming to an end. You find yourself checking out the local happy hour. You get a few drinks, maybe an appetizer, and then 'voila' it happens...you spot this season's 'Cuff Lover'. You can tell by his swag he has what it takes to bring comfort on a cold winter night. The sensual sway of her hips mesmerize...and your imagination welcomes her into your embrace. You find yourselves Cuffed Up!
    Cuffing season is for those who are looking for a cuddle buddy to while away the winter. Tonight we'll be talking about Cuffing and ways to add intimacy to this seasonal love affair.