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    America’s High Speed Success Coach Nadine Lajoie

    in Business

    International Award-Winning Entrepreneur (16 awards), Speaker and America’s High Speed Success Coach, Nadine Lajoie (pronounced lage-wah) was retired and millionaire at age 41 and also became a “Champion Motorcycle Racer who Sings like an Angel”, Radio Host and Co-Founder of “Teen CEO Reality TV Show”.  She trains and “IN-Powers” entrepreneurs worldwide to ACHIEVE high performance, ACCELERATE success, INCREASE Productivity and BUILD systems, with her “Prosperity R.A.C.I.N.G System™".  Nadine is also the founder of the ultimate experience “R.A.C.I.N.G. TO SUCCESS™”, the world premiere leadership training at the racetrack for business and entrepreneurs, where her energy, knowledge and experience will guide and TRANSFORM you at 180 mph!

    Featured on Forbes, USA Today, ABC, FOX and CBS Money Watch, #1 Best-Selling Author of “Win The Race of Life”, 4 times Book Award finalist (USA/London), she also co-authored with Les Brown, another #1 Best-Seller book: ”Fight for your Dreams”.  Nadine was featured in magazines along with Oprah Winfrey, Donald Trump and Zig Ziglar and shared big stages like TEDx, California Women’s Conference, among Top Speakers in the Country like Jamie Lee Curtis, Les Brown, Tom Hopkins, Marcia Cross, Jeane Houston, Marianne Williamson, Stedman Graham, Michael B. Beckwith, Dr. John Gray, Adam Markel, Berny Dohrmann, just to name a few


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    Joe Cohen - Author and Success Coach

    in Self Help

    Success Coach” Joseph David Cohen works with professionals, entrepreneurs and network marketers who are committed to life-long learning and ready to tackle challenges, empower others, and enhance their personal satisfaction. Joe’s coaching method defines “Success” as the creation of optimal health, peak performance and financial freedom.
    Joseph’s coaching methods transform the entrepreneurial spirit by realizing optimal health, peak performance and brand recognition. His proven tools help entrepreneurs and network marketers double their energy and triple their income, offering clients greater time freedom and increased cash flow.
    Joseph’s network of partners includes entrepreneurs and professionals in the corporate sector, providers of medical and holistic health care, and fitness center owners and physical trainers. He has coached individuals, trained groups, and delivered programs to large audiences by hosting weekly teleconferences.
    A former physical trainer with a pre-med background, Joseph has worked with clients at Executive Park Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy, New York Sports Club and in various private settings. He has also developed a Wellness Program at CORE the Center of Fitness and Full Life Chiropractic. Additionally, Joseph holds a Journalism degree and taught Journalism; he was a features editor with published articles about community affairs, health and environmental education. He has recently published an e-book entitled There Are No Secrets : Drawing Back the Curtain on the Secrets to Success.

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    Nadine Lajoie America’s High Speed Success Coach

    in Entrepreneur

    Recognized as the America’s High Speed Success Coach, Nadine Lajoie has coached over 800 clients in their financial, professional and personal journey and had earned more than fifty placements in male-dominated motorcycle competitions. She placed 3rd at Daytona in 2007 while also ranking among the top ten of the National WERA Championship. Also author of: Win the Race of Life... with balance and Passion at 180 MPH

    Nadine is an international sensation and successful entrepreneur. Her message of hope, strategy and fast action is one that resonates from the board room to professional organizations to the everyday woman or entrepreneurs looking to achieve high success, peak performance and to WIN.

    Nadine has been featured in Performance magazine, along with Oprah Winfrey, Donald Trump and Zig Ziglar, as well as thousands of media outlets, including USA Today, ABC, CBS Money Watch, Daily Finance, Boston Globe, Best Business Schools CA, Road Racing World, Grand Prix Live, Inside Motorcycle, San Francisco Chronicle, Houston Chronicle and Advisor’s Edge to name but a few.

    To find out more about Nadine go to: www.NadineRacing.com & www.WinTheRaceOfLife.com

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    James K. Larson, Success Coach & Entrepreneur

    in Motivation

    James K. Larson,  Entreprenuer & Buiness Sucess Coach. James is the CEO & founder of the widely successful Xtreme Entreprenuers. A company dedicated to the adventuorus side of the entreprenuer by helping them achieve prosperity and freedom.



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    Courage and Confidence with Shari Yantes The Success Coach

    in Radio

    "Do you have the Courage and Confidence to Succeed?
    Let Shari help you take control of your life, find your true self and create an authentic life of happiness and success!"

    Ladies and gentlemen we are in for an engaging, fun, and enlightening time on this episode of In Life Now Radio with our special guest Shari Yantes heralding out of Minnesota. She is destined to induce of with a strong dose of courage and confidence so that we all can succeed!

    Visit her online for more info @ http://www.shariyantes.com

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    Stiletto Spotlight Series - Nadine Lajoie - America's High-Speed Success Coach

    in Business

    NADINE LAJOIE America’s High Speed Success Coach Nadine Lajoie has coached over 800 clients in their financial, professional and personal journey and had earned more than fifty placements in male-dominated motorcycle competitions. She placed 3rd at Daytona in 2007 while also ranking among the top ten of the National WERA Championship. Nadine is an International sensation and successful entrepreneur. Her message of hope, strategy and fast action is one that resonates from the board room to professional organizations to the everyday woman or entrepreneurs looking to achieve high success, peak performance and to WIN.


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    Business Success Coach Shontaye Hawkins

    in Business

    Smart. Passionate. Powerful. Successful. Those are just a few of the words that have been used to describe Shontaye Hawkins.Shontaye Hawkins, a powerful Business Success Coach and Speaker, is a master at transforming the businesses of entrepreneurs and business professionals that desire to move beyond dreaming to emerging and building the business they desire. Shontaye is passionate about encouraging entrepreneurs and business professionals to reach their full potential and build a successful, more profitable future, starting today. Through her custom designed coaching and training programs, she helps her clients emerge with more clients, more profit and more life!During her career with Fortune 500 companies such as Goldman Sachs and Bank of New York she worked with top business leaders to build wealth in excess of $1 billion and attract high net worth clients. She now helps entrepreneurs and business professionals create massive growth and success in their businesses!As the CEO and Founder of Emergence Success Solutions, Shontaye inspires and empowers her clients to unlock the success they desire and take their lives and businesses to the next level. www.EmergenceSuccess.com

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    HEALing THrough Hurt Welcomes Author & Personal Success Coach Shari Yantes!

    in Women

    Shari has learned to survive through chaos and thrive on the other side of it; she will help you take control of your life and find your way to an authentic thriving life!

    Coming from a childhood and life rich in lessons; dealing with family member’s addictions, divorce, blended families, physical and emotional abuse, being a single mom, layoffs, living up to others expectations and more, Shari learned to deal with challenges and move forward quickly and successfully!

    Her open communication style and thought provoking conversational techniques as well as her diverse life experiences allow you to connect and an intimate, intense and individual level.   Together you will discuss your limiting beliefs, break through or re-frame them, understand and eliminate blocks, and find your path through your transition to a successful life.

    Shari is a Personal Success & Transition Coach and Author who has been coaching, mentoring, speaking and training for 20+ years.  Contact her today for a complimentary, no-obligation, initial consultation Shari Yantes

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    "Student Success Coach" Keana R. Jones

    in Entrepreneur

    Keana R. Jones, founder & CEO of  KRJ Resources, has spent  the last 6+ years in higher education, both in the private and public sector assisting students and their parents in making important decisions surrounding furthering their education.  Keana, prides herself as being  the “life after high school expert” for high school students as she uniquely taps into their core  values. Her “roll your sleeves up”  type of approach centers on helping students identify their vision of success and display their brilliance  while selecting a potential career choice . Her real and raw approach inspires today’s youth and tomorrow’s leader s to independently  think, grow, and go to the next  level.   Keana, is a volunteer with Junior Achievement  and  is serving as a high school mentor through her church “Valley Kingdom Ministries”  in  Thornton High Schools . 

    As a trained financial aid expert  one of her signature workshops is  Financial Aid 101.  This workshops has been highly  sought after and attended  from January –March. It  provides students and parents information on the full process of  understanding and applying for financial aid. The  workshops “primary function” is to  help families make the best decision for their child to further their education as it pertain to financial responsibility.  Keana, a life learner resides in the Chicagoland area with her family, enjoys traveling, fine arts and spending  time with friends and family .


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    TRANSFORMATION: Say Yes to Spirit #220

    in Self Help

    Spiritual Law teaches that everything that appears in form was originated from the Formless. Every transformation is a change reflecting an idea or belief that has become a predominant thought or focus. Everything is constantly changing but that does not mean a transformation has occurred.

    You are invited to join in the conversation! 

    Since March 2010 Tracy and Lesley have been talking about the importance of saying YES! to Spirit. Explore different ways to be guided by Spirit. Learn more about the metaphysical interpretation of the Bible. Discover spiritual practices that help you create a life you love!

    Tracy is a licensed spiritual coach and avid rollerskater. Lesley is a psychotherapist and stand-up comedienne. Both are published authors and committed to say YES! to Spirit in their daily lives.

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    I Am A Success Story Radio Show "Managing Holiday Stress"

    in Spirituality

    Have Tea with Me, every Thursday night at 6:30 pm on a journey to becoming our AUTHENTIC Self.

    Call in to speak to host: 347-324-5185 

    I Am A  Success Story, is a Powerful Network where you will learn to embrace your success, discover key techniques to releasing stress, learn proper nutrition, and discover proven methods to self-healing for Mind, Body and Spirit.

    Our Mission Statement:  To Empower each other, to accept our self in a world, that is constantly trying to make us something we are not.

    Contact Blase at Successstory@verizon.net for more information about I Am A Success Story Radio Show.


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