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    The "Struggle" Story! Does it inspire everyone?

    in Lifestyle

    Good Evening Blog Talk Listeners,

    I am personally getting tired of "struggle narratives" as the only song and dance we know.

    Everyone did not achieve their goals the same way and to only give one side of life is very linear and limiting.

    We also don't give proper kudos or face time others who did not achieve goals and accomplish their dreams in a certain way. 

    If you didn't have to overcome a deviant behavior or life obstacle, is your story less inspiring?

    Come and Pour the T with Me  right now. Let's talk about this. 

    The call in number is 347-855-8097

    Log into the chatroom at: www. blogtalkradio.com/morethanjustapples

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    LUwJC#079 The Struggle to Embrace Our Essence

    in Self Help

    The past 4 shows of Lighten Up with Jen and Cheri have been about Essence. Following those shows Jen has had many conversations about Essence and the struggles people have experienced around trusting and embracing their Essence.

    Today Jen Halterman is coming to the show to answer questions, share further insights and share the stories of transformation that she has experienced and witnessed around the Struggle and Embrace of Essence.

    You are invited to join in and allow the wisdom of experience to connect with you where it will.

    Have a question? Call in and talk to Jen directly! (646) 200-0825

    Learn more about Jen Halterman

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    The "Struggle" Fetish

    in Politics Progressive

    Have Black Afrikan people in America turned the so-called "struggle"  against racism and white supremacy into a fetish?

    Do we get off on gloom, despair and agony?

    Do we endorse the concept of being "long suffering" in the Bible?

    When Black Afrikan people are presented with the solution of Land, Infrastructure & Nationhood, why do they run away from or ignore this message and gravitate towards the bitching, moaning, complaining, teary eyed, snotty nosed, drama filled content of the impractically ineffective talking heads of the vague abstraction a.k.a. "the conscious community?"

    Join us for this discussion!


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    The Struggle is Over

    in Prayer

    Have you ever felt like everything was against you and trouble was coming from every where?  The Struggle is Over episode will provide encouragement and tools to help you push through the hard times.  Our point of reference will be Isaiah 45.  Get your Bibles and be ready to be uplifted.  The line is always open for prayer.


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    When You Struggle to Surrender It All

    in Christianity

    Join us Friday 11/20/2015 as we discuss this great article

    When You Struggle to Surrender It All


    The conversation starts at Noon....  don't miss it!!!!!!!


    "Taking The Limits Off Radio", A non-traditional radio show with a vision to spread the Truth of God's Word; that inspires and encourages you to have a meaningful relationship with Christ, through biblical teaching and relevant information. A talk show that "breaks the chains off the norm" to promote a realistic conversation with God and his people.

    You can also watch the simulcast on Ustream at


    Live from the Brand New "Taking The Limits OFF Studios"

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    Key to Ending Struggle

    in Spirituality

    Is life a roller coaster for you? Do you find yourself in conflict with life? Why is it that we humans have the tendency to struggle? Could it be because we place so much judgment about life? We tend to get in our own way more than anything else in life. Lok at all the wild life do they struggle or do they seemingly just go with things as they are. We are the opposite of that and find oursleves not at peace. We are, for the most part not at peace with our ownselves at all. Most of us spend more time rejecting ourselves in our own experiences. Do you believe in coincidence? Do you believe in accidents? Every experience in life that we have is there for a reason and serves a purpose. If you are in conflict it is much more difficult to learn the lesson of the experience tht you are having. We also have the tendency to resist so much about living. It is shared by me quite often that being a human is like blunt force truma becasue we get the full impact of everything that we experience in our world. That has a purpose in and of itself. Life is to teach us who it is that we are which is not just human. It has been said that we are gods and gods in the making. We are the ones that create our experiences and there is no way around this idea. Join Liara and Steven for another great conversation by calling in at 718-664-9735.

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    The Momentum Struggle - Now What?

    in Business

    Denise Griffitts interviews Certified High-Performance Coach Lee Griffith. Momentum - "I've lost and can't find it", "I've got it, but I can't sustain it", or "I'm at a 5...but I want to be a 10!".  At some point, that struggle is going to appear for nearly everyone - for a myriad of reasons.  At some point even the best performers are saying..."now what?". 

    As a Certified High-Performance Coach Lee Griffith has coached Entrepreneurs, Executives MDs, Attorneys, and Real Estate experts. Helping them level up, thrive, and push their performance envelope. As a corporate behavior coach working with Fortune 50 organizations he has helped leaders and individuals find their power, their "turbo", and most importantly how to apply what they have learned in order to produce exceptional results.  

    In 2015 Lee founded the nonprofit Souls of Soldiers, an organization geared towards closing the gap in speed to treatment for combat veterans, and active duty military experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder.

    Lee has had the honor of working with and for New York Times best-selling authors Brendon Burchard, Dean Graziosi, and Ethan Willis.  

    Please join us in the chat room to ask questions of Lee as we broadcast live.

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    Mans Continual Struggle

    in Religion

    Sharing Gods word from the King James Scirptures

    Mans Continual Struggle

    The message for today is from Romans Ch 7

    John 4: 15-17

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    Discussion of EYE ON THE STRUGGLE by James McGrath Morris on #ConversationsLIVE

    in Books

    Host Cyrus Webb and Brotha Magazine's Charles Clark discuss James McGrath Morris' book EYE ON THE STRUGGLE: Ethel Payne, the First Lady of the Black Press on #ConversationsLIVE.

  • 00:30

    The Elemental Struggle

    in Politics

    The American Professor Gary H. Johnson, Jr., former Senior Advisor of International Security Affairs at the Victory Institute, Foreign Policy Editor at the Tea Party Tribune, Contributing Editor at Family Security Matters trains a new crop of freelance critical thinkers, researchers and writers how to wrap their minds around a story.

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    “Power of Enlightenism to go Beyond Struggle (Part 2)"

    in Spirituality

    Join Malcolm Kelly on today's show as he continues the discussion on how struggle devalues our individual power to change the conditions in our live. He shines light on how Enlightenism is the paradigm shift in consciousness that frees you from the powerless legacy. #ourpowerlieswithin

    Malcolm Kelly: Powers of Mind Radio - “Power of Enlightenism to go Beyond Struggle (Part 2)" | Wednesday, November 11, 2015 | 12:00pm PST/3:00pm EST | Listen Online: http://tobtr.com/8061749 | Call-In: (773) 897-6543