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    Three Strikes Ep 6

    in Sports

    In the state of Florida, football is King.

    This week episode of Three Strikes, I will break down College Football news, NFL news and a Preview of this Sundays HOF Game between the New York Giants ans the Buffalo Bills. Of course the DAA of the week and your calls. Come and get hyped because Football is back!!

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    Three Strikes

    in Sports

    Well it's America's birthday and I pround to be a American. Talking about American Sports all day. Come and join this Friday @4

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    Three Strikes "We're Back"

    in Sports

    This is not ESPN; and we're not going to rub you balls and tell you how good you are. This is a sports show where you the fans can bring up stuff you want to hear. Not what they want you to hear. Come and join us every Friday at 7pm

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    Three Strikes Ep. XI

    in Sports

    What a week we had. NFL drama with Ray Rice. Football talk from College to the NFL. We also remember the events of 9-11-01. Much more stuff and your calls.

  • 02:17

    Three Strikes Ep. X

    in Sports

    The NFL is back!!! Yeah baby!    On todays show, Football is King. Everything football from College to the NFL. Jeremy Zimmer from Collegefootbal2day.com, will join the program as we discuss some of the past week action. FSU gets by Oklahoma State, Bama holds off West Virginia, Georgia walks over Clemson and much more. Also we will look back at last night Seattle an Green Bay game and look foward to big Sunday Match Ups.   Josh and Myself will break down are fantasy football teams and discusss what players went to early or way to late. You dont want to miss this week episode. 

    Follow us on Twitter    @jdash904  @joshMNFLh2os  

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    Three Strikes Ep XII

    in Sports

    Drama and more Drama from the NFL to Jameis Winston.   Division Fav Saints, and Colts are both 0-2, is it time to worry. Denver vs Seattle Super Bowl Rematch! NFL Football at it's best. Plus the DAA of the week.  Come check it out. 5 pm start.

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    3 Strikes Ep IX

    in Sports

    This a reduce computer problmes

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    Three Strikes Ep. VIII

    in Sports

    If you like a radio show that hits all the subjects around the world from the NFL to the mess up world we live in. This show is for you! We will get into depth with the NFL and some updated Jaguars and Vikings news.We will be joined by Jeremy Zimmer from collegefootball2day.com to talk about FSU football and the new College Football Playoff. Also ISIS becoming stronger in the Middle East.. We will also look into updated info on Missouri. We will jump everywhere on this show so come join the program if you want.  On the bright side people!  College Football is back next week!

    Come follow me @Jdash904

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    Three Strikes Ep 5

    in Sports

     Well, Would you like to see a 3rd Place Game in the NFL or leave it the way it is?  Also  Pro's and Con's of that 3rd Place Game. I will give you my take on Russia and what we Americans or our Government needs to do. Finally, who will win this weeks DAA and much more. Your welcome to call into the program at anytime.The guys from Sports Our Way @FnChaos , @kendalescott  aka Snowflake, sometimes drop into the program to give their thoughts.  So come and listen to the program this Friday @ 5pm

  • 00:59

    Three Strikes Ep. 7

    in Sports

    If you want sport talk without restrictions. This is the show for you. DAA of the week, Sports talk and much more. Don't be afraid to call. Because real people go on the air to express their views. Follow me on Twitter @jdash904

  • 01:34

    Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back Review!

    in Entertainment

    Those Guys discuss Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back, and More..