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    How Mindfulness Enhances Executive Leadership w/ David Brendel & Emmie Stamell

    in Management

    On today's show we welcome David Brendel, MD, PhD and Emmie Roe Stamell, RYT, CAy where will discuss the ways in which stress management and mindfulness strategies can improve leadership capacity. Poorly managed stress has deleterious effects on the brain and degrades executive functions such as priority setting, critical reasoning, and decision making. Effective leaders manage stress proactively and can benefit from a variety of mindfulness strategies to help them maintain calm and steadiness, even under conditions of uncertainty and rapid change. When they incorporate mindfulness strategies (such as controlled breathing, meditation, and yoga) into their daily routines, they place themselves in an optimal position to embrace leadership qualities such as emotional intelligence, collaborative team building, and strategic thinking. Since leaders set the tone and shape the culture of the workplace, the benefits of mindfulness can propagate themselves across entire companies and organizations.


    David Brendel, MD, PhD, is an executive coach, leadership development specialist, and psychiatrist based in the Boston area. He is founder and director of Leading Minds Executive Coaching, LLC. Follow him on Twitter @DrDavidBrendel and on LinkedIn.

    Emmie Roe Stamell, RYT, CAy is a mindfulness meditation specialist, certified Kripalu Yoga teacher, and certified Ayurvedic practitioner. She is an associate of Leading Minds Executive Coaching, LLC and director of the Sukha Yoga practice in the Boston area.

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    "Overcoming Deadline Stress with Life Piled On Top" with Dr. Pete Sulack

    in Writing

    "One of the biggest stressors in families and individuals today is that we don't build in the necessary margins for failure." —Dr. Pete Sulack --author of Unhealthy Anonymous. On this edition of the Leading Hearts Instant writers podcast, Amber Weigand-Buckley talks with America's Leading Stress Expert Dr. Pete Sulack about practical ways to reduce writing deadline stress with life piled on top. You can also have this podcast delivered to your cell phone by texting LEADINGHEARTS to 95577.

  • De-stress - Talk to Your Body

    in Caregiving

    Steve Sisgold is a stress management, peak performance expert and author of the book, "What's Your Body Telling You?" Steve discusses how best to manage your stress through body intelligence.

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    De-stress - Talk to Your Body

    in Caregiving

    Steve Sisgold is a stress management, peak performance expert and author of the book, "What's Your Body Telling You?" Steve discusses how best to manage your stress through body intelligence.

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    Divorce your STRESS MISMANAGEMENT Drama!

    in Relationships

    Calmness in the midst of CHAOS?  Is such a state of being possible to achieve, especially when dealing with DIVORCE STRESS?!!  How to manage STRESS, the 'silent killer' when crazy chaos is running your life, making your heart race and mind panic?

    Join Melissa tonight and her esteemed guest, Dr. Kiran Dintyala, practicing Physician in Hartford Hospital and expert in STRESS MANAGEMENT!  Melissa will discuss with Dr. Dintyala his STRESS FREE REVOLUTION method that he has used with his patients with great success as well as valuable stress management tools he sets forth in his upcoming book, "Calmness in the Midst of Chaos".

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    Divorce Your STRESS Drama when sudden change strikes !

    in Relationships

    STRESS seems unavoidable in our daily life. CHANGE is also part of life and sudden change due to Divorce, death, job loss and chronic illness can spike intense stress that can seem impossible to manage.  Stress, if left unchecked and improperly managed, can make efforts to adjust to sudden change more difficult.  Join Melissa as she talks with therapist Gony Halevi on how we can better manage stress when sudden change strikes.

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    TCE Radio - 'Get Fit With Fran', REAL Fitness for BUSY People

    in Jobs

    'The BEST is YET to Come' ~ Powered by The Career Engineer (TCE)

    Wanda, exercise expert of 'Work It Studio'

    Topic:  "Train hard... Eat clean"

    May is physical fitness month and there's no time to play. Summer is tomorrow, and we have to hit the workout regiment in order to be beach body ready next month. Wanda will give tips on how to do it right and get it tight for Summer 2014.

    Call-in with questions


    STOP Living, Breathing and working BENEATH your Purpose! Join TCE's Career Talk Radio along with special guests as we share employment, economy tips, e-business tips and solutions to help you make Monday Mornings...BETTER!  Create the life of your dreams.

    Programming: SweetBerry Designs

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    Talking about - Stress Relief

    in Lifestyle

    "I'm stessed out!" is a common phrase - is it one you use often? You may not use the phrase, but you may feel that way.
    Are you all stressed out and feel like there is nowhere to get relief?
    You'll want to tune in to hear Margaret Martin, Stress Relief coach, take you through simple steps to relieve your stress. #StressManagement
    Connect with Margaret here at her website or on Twitter

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    Mind Your Story: Mediate Your Life with Shoshi Morginn

    in Business

    Shoshi Morginn retired from Intensivve Cardiac nursing in 1992. Since 1985 she has been a Communications Trainer specializing in issues of sexuality and emotional intimacy, personal development and transformative conflict resolution with an emphasis on Universal Principles and shared human values.
    Specializing in Transformative Mediation for couples, business partners and families, Stress Management and Recovery, Reconciliation and Healing, Shadow Work, Conflict Coaching and Communication Training.
    "Strongly aligned with the Vision and Goals of Mediate Your Life, my current focus is on being a Trainer to effectively teach tools for meaningful conflict disolution and conversations that connect us through shared values world-wide. So that as a Grand Mother, I can trust that I am leaving a peaceful and more inclusively prosperous world for all our children".
    Mediate Your Life 
    When you go to this link you will see what we are all about, and I recommend the 4-minute video to get a feel for it.  I am glad to have this chance to say something about the work I do in partnership with the founders of Mediate Your Life. For the past 5 years we have offered trainings and currently offer year long immersion programs in several parts of the US, Poland, South Korea and Germany.

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    The Balance and Power Network

    in Self Help

    Findout about my upcoming teleclass and groups, call in and ask questions:   (347) 215-8808  
    Creating Inner Calm in a Chaotic World: Effective StressManagement http://www.balanceandpower.com/stress-management-course.php
    and Long Island groups  for Stress & Anger Management: 

  • Good Stress vs Bad Stress and how to manage it

    in Self Help

    More than 80% of all diseases and illnesses have a stress component. More than 90% of Americans deal with stress ineffectively. As health care costs continue to rise, more emphasis will be placed on each individual to accept the responsibility for his or her health. The application of effective strategies for stress reduction is a very important component of optimal health.

    Today's show is designed to teach a holistic approach to stress management. It treats both cognitive skills and relaxation techniques with the intention of preventing and/or alleviating the physical symptoms of stress.

    In Addition, I will teach the basic principles, theories, and relaxation techniques to effectively manage personal stress. You will gain a greater understanding of the mind-body relationship, learn to employ a holistic approach to stress and adopt effective cognitive techniques, coping skills, and relaxation techniques.

    Thank you for joining us.

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