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    Step Into Your Strenghts

    in Lifestyle

    It is time for Divine Purpose coaching! 

    Which means Elynn Light is back with us on the show today! 

    Elynn has become a regular on our show as a result of her generously sharing her unique and effective coaching solutions with us.

    On previous shows we've talked about how to project a radiant presence, the energy of your coaching style and dressing to match your natural strengths.

    We'll continue our conversation today by diving into how we can actually "step into our strengths". 

    She'll show us how to understand our gifts and use them to create success naturally!


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    Rebuilding My Self Esteem

    in Motivation

    Join Dr. Karlene Richardson on Sunday, May 1st at 8 PM when she discusses the three types of self esteem - Personal, Professional, and Spiritual (PPS). Join in this interactive session!

    Learn the three types of self esteem

    Join in this interactive session with Dr. Richardson

    Visit www.drkarlenerichardson.com or www.facebook.com/drkarlenerichardson or https://www.facebook.com/groups/thedrkarlenerichardsonshow/ and get your copy of Rebuilding My Self Esteem, an interactive worksheet. 

    Come prepared to identifying your strenghts, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. 

    Become empowered!

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    Chicago Cubs 2016 Preview Show!

    in Sports

    Join EROCK as he breaks down and predicts the 2016 Cubs team! Huge show, breaking down lineup, rotation, bullpen, prospects and more! Be sure to call in and give me your thoughts on strenghts, weaknesses and more! Call in with just plain excitement! Itll be a very fun show. How do you think the Cubs will do in 2016! Tune in here!

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    I've Got Your Number" W/ Lois T. Martin." Here's mine"..Call in: 646 -716 -6237

    in Self Help

    Numbers Up! Welcome to "MY" world of numbers, the Art and Science known as "Numerology".

    Everything in the universe has a frequency,a rate of vibration,The date you were born & the letters in your name reflect your individiuality.Numbers provide insight into our strenghts & weaknesses helping to illuminate better choices from a higher vantage. Each number, as its own DNA even if a name or d.o.b are the same. No one is alike!

    Our first session: "learning the alphabet" & and easily figuring your date of birth known as the "Lifepath". If you can count 1 thru 9..the math is simple. If you know the alphabet you are totally in with it now!

    I have no hidden agenda here, this is all FREE teachings based on my personal opinions and experiences. I invite you all to call in, tune in, have a pencil with an eraser and notepad...and enjoy this very ENTERTAINING and ENLIGHTENING beginning of "Ive Got Your Number"..Any questions?  "Here's Mine"...  518- 989- 6349.  numberpsychic@yahoo.com







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    Going Full Blast! - Dream Catchers - LesPaul & Tai

    in Self Help

    Often living with a Brain Injury up is down and down is up and you just don’t know who to trust or what is coming next. The next thing you know the World around feels like a nightmare and your Friends no longer understand you and you Donte understand them either!

    Tonight I want to talk about strategies to help you start taking back the pieces of your life one bit at a time in a way that hopefully will help all of us develop new coping skills, relationships, and community Support systems to Empower us all to live our best life ever.

    That’s not going to happen overnight but bit by bit and Day by Day when all can start re training ourselves to accept the new US and join in with me to celebrate life and the victory of becoming an over comer and survivor while at the same time fully know that there are many going through the struggle of a life time just to survive right now.

    Join me as we face life’s hardships together on Dream Catchers with Les Paul and Tae Tonight on Dream Catchers on how to start turning our challenges into a life everlasting!


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    Cartel Radio 2

    in Current Events

    Welocme to Cartel Radio on tonights show we will preview matchups from our upcoming radio battles!!! we will discuss matchups strenghts and weaknesses also predctions so call in and holla at us its go time!!!!!



    Next Weeks Matchups 


    1,Streatz vs Crisis

    2. Ill Lyric vs Young Herb 

    3. Logik vs Dv Hendrix 

    4. ShoNuff Drama vs Coach

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    Episode 279: Air Diplomacy, Air-Sea Battle, & the PAC Pivot Best of

    in Military

    Excuse the host's audio quality ... but the guest's audio is perfect.

    For America's natural position as a naval and aerospace power, are we thinking correctly on how to best leverage our resources and strenghts?

    How should we be using sea power and air power to create the right effects during peace, yet be poised to have the best utility at war?

    Are there concepts, habits, and systems that have had their time and should be moved aside for newer tools and ideas?

    Our guest for the full hour will be Dr. Adam Lowther, Senior Fellow at the Center for the National Interest in Washington, DC.

    He is the author of numerous books and articles on national security topics and previously served in the US Navy.

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    The Audible Bible From Micah Chap 1-Nahum Chap 3 God and Ethics and Oppression

    in Social Networking

    The book of Micah presents God and Ethics; The Almighty God, our creator has ethics. His ethical requirements of us is to take moral stands in whatever we may encounter over the course of our lives. As society's moral values have been decayed, what used to be abnormal are the norms of this generation; remember, God's word, morals and ethics have not and will never change, regardless of what man does. Straying away from God's wisdom to the wisdom of man is foollishness and has no compatibility to the norm and the ethics that God requires us to live by.

    Nahum presents God and Oppresion. It is true, when oppression is in effect the evident question is where is God? As the oppressed are being stirred in anger at God and tests of their patience with Him, they are vulnerable to seek ways out for something that could replace faith. However, it is our faith in God that will enable us to be hopeful toward the future with strenghts to endure the present. No matter what seems to be oppressing you, no matther how strong and evident the oppressor seems to be in your life, God is not out of control. He will bring you out victoriously; do not give up! In fact, no matter how long, no matter how distant it seems and how unreal it seems in the natural eyes, if you never give up, God will bring you victory over your oppressors.

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    WEEK 33 ~State Of Our Union: "It's my DAMN Class & You ARE Here to Learn..."

    in Radio

    1st SEGMENT: State Of Our Union:

    TOPIC: "It's My DAMN Class, and YOU ARE here to Learn..."This week we take a moment to look at The school system, and the children that are a part of it, the strenghts, the fails and the need for a solution to an abandoning social attitude toward RESPECT of and for education, the institution and its educators of epidimic proportions.


    TOPIC: "Where the HELL are Mommy And Daddy" We pose the question, cause the answer is escaping EVERYONE. Home is no-longer the place to raise your children

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    The Presidents Speech and the Global Economy

    in Politics

    A discussion pointing out the strenghts and weaknesses of the Presidents speech on 9/10/14. What he may be omiting and the dangers therein.  We will also discuss the correct way to resolve this religious war. The President's incorrect actions may cause pausible nuclear involvement.  Finally, our economy must be completely restructured to allow private sector employmnent to once again rebuild the middle class. This includes a correct resolution of immigration.

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    Self Love and Self Esteem with your host Queenfg

    in Relationships

    Join your host Queenfg on Love, Lies, and Relationships Radio for a profound conversation about self love and self esteem.  Before you can enter into a loving, healthy, mutally beneficial relationship you must first have a loving healthy relationship with yourself.  You are not able to love anyone else until you learn to love and value yourself first.  Loving oneself means caring about yourself, taking responsibility for yourself, respecting yourself, and knowing yourself (strengths and weaknesses, accomplishments, failures, fears, etc). 

    We all have had issues at one point in our lives with loving and accepting ourselves for who we are. Please join us at 9pm cst/10pm est/7pm pst and share your experiences, thoughts, and perspective on self love and self esteem.

    And as always...Keep on loving...Stop the lying...and Grow your relationships! #LLR

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