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    Dealing With Racial Stereotyping!

    in Christianity

    Today on HELP! Relationships 102: Every race seems to have its own set of strengths, weaknesses, and even idiosyncrasies.

    Today, we begin to look at what some of those differences seem to be and what the LORD is looking for from us with response to what would appear to be another ethnicities stereotype!

    Join us as we address this unaddressed issue! 


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    Pound Bye Pound: Weight Stereotyping

    in Weight Loss

    Weight Stereotyping: The Secret Way People Are Judging You Based on Your Body  It’s based on your body type, and it’s rampant. In an exclusive Glamour survey, women reveal how harsh the weight stereotyping is—and what you can do about being unfairly sized up Pound bye Pound is a weight loss blog that will follow the journey of four women, all traveling different paths to get to their weight loss goals. Along the way we will be sharing our losses and victories, posting recipes and reaching out to each other for tips, tricks and support. We also invite you to listen to our BlogTalkRadio show which airs every Sunday night at 8:30pm EST. About our hosts
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    Stomping the American Flag, Illegals, Stereotypes, & 7th grade education survey

    in Politics

    Hr 1: Kids stomping on the "oppressive" American Flag have NO CLUE that that FLAG is what gives them the FREEDOM to stomp on it! AND... Notice how some people can turn ANYTHING into a racial issue, even a Gap ad. AND... Wisconsin Congressman Grothman with the Ted Cruz campaign talks about the primary. AND... Officers raid David Daleiden's home seizing Planned Parenthood videos alledgedly showing PP officials arranging to illegally sell fetal tissue for profit.

    Hr 2: In Arizona they're setting up a special college scholarship fund just for illegals. AND... in Arizona they're setting up a special scholarship fund just for them, paid for by all the other students! Does this make sense to anyone?

    Hr 3: 7th grade education survey asks students about privilege, sex, gender identity, & disability. AND... Now they want the census to collect info on sexual orientation. Will that make the LGBT community feel safer?

    Have you had your healthy dose of reality lately?

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    Women are anti-gun, Sexual politics, & Discriminatory laws v. religious freedom

    in Politics

    Hr 1: Cosmopolitan magazine released video called "Gun Talk" stereotyping ALL women as anti-gun & gun owners as abusers. Is this really what we've come to? AND... Colorado lawmaker wants high-schoolers to pass citizenship test to graduate. Good idea or not?

    Hr 2: Researchers at Cornell University report that long-term vegetarian diet changes our human DNA and raises the risk of cancer and heart disease. AND... USARadio Networks Sr. News Correspondent Jason Wert talks about the recent scuffles with Donald Trump...

    Hr 3: Iceland's high rate of unwed mothers and "unique sexual politics". AND... Why is believing in magic ok, but believing in Jesus makes me insane? AND... Chicago is junk bond city. AND... Brad Dacus with Pacific Justice Institute talks about a California bill that would from prevent the state from paying travel expenses for most types of employees unless they are visiting states with LGBT-friendly laws.

    Have you had your healthy dose of reality lately?

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    The Inner Consciousness: A Spiritual Solution to the Problem Facing Black Men

    in Self Help

    The late Dr. Wayne Dyer said there is a Spiritual Solution to every problem. Today black men all over this country is facing serious problems from lost of identity to racism to genocide. In this new world black men are struggling with their relationships being perceived as players of which many are, it's hard to find a good black man many women think. A number of our women have given up on the black man. Finding it harder and harder to find gainful employment many have turned to crime just to survive. With an increase in gang violence, police on black shootings, right and wrongful incarceration,stereotyping, profiling and the rebirth of overt racism what's a black man to do. 

    Join Harvey and special guests Andre Wilkerson, King Teasdall and Ernest Martin as they discuss Spiritual Solutions to these problems. What would God have us do? ask yourself is there something I can do to help? 

    Share your thoughts call 646-929-0630 or just listen by clicking here http://www.blogtalkradio.com/familyhealingcircle/2016/03/24/the-inner-consciousness-a-spiritual-solution-to-the-problem-facing-black-men.


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    Stereotyping and Racism in Comedy

    in Entertainment

    In this episode I will be examining the racism as well as overall stereotyping used and created in comedy. This use of racism and stereotpying usually generates laughter which is the primary reason it is used. But, is what we are laughing at really funny? Has our society made these things to be funny? Should comedy no longer use jokes that are racist? Thoughout my time on air I will be analyzing these questions. So, please call in and discuss them with me!

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    S.O.U.L. Class 562 Esther Anderson: Woman Of Wisdom, Courage, Accomplishment!!!

    in Judaism

    Blessed is Our Creator!!! Shalom/Peace and Brocha/Blessing upon the Human Family Experience. With Creator's Help this program will go live on 2/18/16 starting at 9:30 AM Eastern Standard Time broadcasting from Turtle Island=AKA=USA=Unified Soul Actualization featuring an in depth discussion with Jamaican Native Esther Anderson, NAACP Image Award Best Actress  in her role as an African princess which she won in 1973 for portraying an African Princess co-starring with Sidney Poitier for the movie A Warm December. Later this month in celebration of African-American History Month, a screening for A Warm December  will include a special guest film introduction by community leader and grandson of Dr. Maya Angelou, Elliott Jones.The City of North Miami Beach will present Anderson with an official City Proclamation declaring February 26th as "Esther Anderson Community Arts Day" on behalf of the City of North Miami Beach Cultural Committee. A question may arise Blessed Souls why is Torah Activist Don Zusya Goodman conducting such an interview? Hint, hint, hint-maybe it has to do with how Esther Anderson stood up to the racism, sexism and cultural stereotyping during her youth and took her human efforts empowered by her Divine Image to accomplish at a level which should impress any man or woman of any background. Please join us and call in to listen or ask her a question at 347-838-8669. Meanwhile, may the Eternal Creator Bless and Protect you and your loved ones peacefully and pleasantly!!!


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    S.O.U.L. Class 559 Esther Anderson: Her Courage And Wisdom Empowers Human Beings

    in Judaism

    Blessed is Our Creator!!! Shalom/Peace and Brocha/Blessing upon the Human Family Experience!!! With Creator's Help our program is scheduled to go live on 2/14/16 starting at 3:00 PM Eastern Standard Time live from Turtle Island=AKA=USA=Unified Soul Actualizations. Plans are to be in discussion with Esther Anderson who will be honored on February 26th by the city of North Miami Beach with ESTHER ANDERSON COMMUNITY ARTS DAY  for her more than 50-plus years contributing to all forms of art.  In twelve days, from this broadcast, she is scheduled to receive the keys to the city and  A Warm December  will  be shown in addition to other productions she was actively involved in and will discuss. PS the film production of A Warm December earned her the prestigious NAACP Image Award for Best Actress in 1973. Now many of you may be scratching your head asking yourself why is Torah Activist Don Zusya Goodman interested in speaking with Esther Anderson? Tune into the program and find out for yourself. Hint, hint, hint-I wonder if it has something to do with her overcoming the pitfalls of modern society which encompasses so many travails including racism, sexism and ethnocentric stereotyping. Have no fear Jamaica Lioness Esther Anderson will be here and you may learn a thing or two from her how to lose for yourself any type of fear and accomplish what you think your mission on this Blessed Earth is about. Call in number will be 347-838-8669. Meanwhile, may the Eternal Creator Bless and Protect you and your loved ones peacefully and pleasantly!!!


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    in Family

    STEREOTYPES: A lot of people have an opinion on this subject and most people don't want to voice it out loud. Well on Living in Reality with Terryl Ebony, that's exactly what we are going to do. It is very important to bring awareness to this issue and how it affects us and our children on a daily basis. My guest panel will include Pamela Brewington, Craig Jenkins and Tanisha Cunningham (The Underground Railroad to Success). We will take a in depth look into stereotypes and how we can shield our children and/or give the necessary tools to arm themselves when being faced with this adversity.

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    in Fun

    KB AND THE REVOLUTIONARY RYDERS come to you live from the front  lines of black America to enlighten and inform. The blackman  has always been the butt of Hollywoods joke. From D.W. Griffiths Birth of a nation to the modern day practice of casting white men in movies about egypt, Hollywood has been one of the most racist institutions in this country. Black actors are marginalized and áre very seldom chosen for lead roles, as a matter of fact most black actors are relegated to side roles if any at all. Despite thses facts, some black actors make it by selling their soul to the devil. These brothers and sisters then become pawns who can never speak to any social issues or stand with the people be cause they fear losing status. Why has Hollywood portayed our people as mongrels, savages, buffons and idiots? The black woman is also a victim of negative portrayals and stereotyping. When will we wake up and shut this industry down?

    Tune in tonight at 7:30 Pm cst



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    John Carver Show - The Link

    in Self Help

    I have found that most of us have many links attached to our thoughts and actions.
    What you link to an experience is very important. What emotion or memory have you linked to an experience that needs to change for you to move on in life?
    For some, the definition they apply to their link becomes their reality.
    Think of my title as how a hyperlink works.  You click the hyperlink and you expect it to take you to a certain website.
    Here’s the kicker…you and I assign our own hyperlinks.
    Every “link” you have established, in your life, can be changed…by YOU!

    Discipline is what you must have to resist the lure of excuses” ? Brian Tracy, No Excuses!: The Power of Self-Discipline
    “You can make excuses or you can make progress. You choose.” ? Brian Tracy, No Excuses!: The Power of Self-Discipline
    What you link to an experience is very important. What emotion or memory have you linked to an experience that needs to change for you to move on in life?

    For some, the definition they apply to their link becomes their reality.
    Listen to the words of author Malcolm Gladwell from his book Blink:
    “Our first impressions are generated by our experiences and our environment, which means that we can change our first impressions…by changing the experiences that comprise those impressions.

    Based on that understanding we…you and I…have the power to change our links.
    Stereotyping is another example of how links work.