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    TCSR - Steakhouse Night

    in Sports

    It's 'Steakhouse Night!' 
    A huge menu of the tastiest and most perfectly-cooked sports talk with a collection of folks in the know. Something for all sports fans. 
    Hosted by Skye Dickenson
    Featuring Lindol French

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    The Dolly McCarthy Show

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    News anchor, reporter, mother of 5, Dolly McCarthy, is just a gal juggling her career, kids & laundry!  In her spare time, she produces and hosts The Dolly McCarthy Show. Tune in every week, Thursdays live at 9:30 a.m. CST for good guests, good news and at least one good laugh!  This week, Dolly chats with Country singer-songwriter Chris Cagle, Drew Baldridge and Katie Sullivan with The Katie Sullivan Band.  Marilyn Monroe aka Marilyn Monroe Angela stops by to sing a few of her Christmas favorites and a special tune just for Dolly.  Plus, Dolly lists her Favorite Holiday Gifts!  12 of her best gift ideas and free give-a-ways for callers and those that write in to the show via Facebook and Twitter!  

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    The Dolly McCarthy Show

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    Reporter, News anchor, TV host & mother of 5, Dolly McCarthy, is just a gal juggling her career, kids and laundry!  In her "spare time," Dolly produces and hosts a weekly talk show.  Catch it live on Thursday mornings at 9:30 a.m. CST.  Call in & ask her or any of her guests a question!  (347)945-7215  This week on The Dolly McCarthy Show, ELVIS is in the building!  Dolly catches up with Ronnie B. Elvis before is holdiay show tours!  Other guests include Cathy Bouchard from Le Chocolat, Aunt V (Veronica Porter) and 1985 Chicago Bear Dennis McKinnon -- Silky D is gonna be in the house too!  Woohoo!  How about them Bears?!  Let's chat!  Call in too for your chance to win some of Dolly's Favorite Holiday Gifts!!!!  

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    COCKTAIL CONVERSATIONS #3 - Hosted By The Controversial Counselor, David Glover

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    AFTER THE FIRST DATE GOES BAD.....Is There A Chance For A Second Date?

    Scenario: Let’s Try It Again After Going Dutch
    Gerald and Melinda part two. Remember the popular scenario about two-dollar pancake? Well Gerald has offered to take Melinda to the
    Outback Steakhouse and stated that he'd cover all the expenses. He also apologized for the other day and stated he was in a bad spot; he really enjoyed Melinda’s company and stated he had a surprise for her, Melinda feels that he seems sincere. In your opinion, should she give Gerald another chance?
    Female Perspective: I would give him another chance just based on the fact that he was “man enough” to apologize and be honest about his situation. We don’t know the details of the first date. She may have enjoyed his company as
    well. Dismissing people so quickly is not only unfair to that person but possibly to you too. Could miss out on a “good thang”

    Female Perspective: If she feels he is sincere I don’t see a problem with giving him a 2nd chance. I would make sure she has money on her just in case there’s an issue. The Controversial Counselors take: There had to be a gut feeling on why she declined the second date, there is no need to star in that movie again. When you work so hard to get a shot at the title and you fold under pressure, that opportunity may never happen again. Seize the moment or else ponder in what if land. Keep it moving, Melinda, he had his chance to dance, he chose to be a wallflower. This time you may get stuck with the whole bill surprise! Move on, never look back. 

    Listen LIVE to Cocktail Conversations with The Controversial Counselor, David Glover on KLJN 107.7 Radio.

    Call (347) 237-5342 

    Download the KLJN Mobile App for your mobile device.   Google Play - Search KLJN 107.7 - Free App.

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    The Dolly McCarthy Show

    in News

    News anchor, radio sports host, traffic reporter and mother of 5, Dolly McCarthy, is juggling her career, kids and laundry!  In her "spare time," Dolly produces a weekly radio show for good people.  Listen to her every Thursday morning at 9:30 a.m. CDT for a sample of all the good news of the week, good guests and a good laugh!  

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    Built to Lead with David Long

    in Business

    Denise Griffitts interviews Results-Oriented Speaker & Author David Long

    David Long is Founder/CEO of MyEmployees, a 25 year-old firm in the Top 1% Worldwide in the Employee Engagement and Recognition industry. His firm specializes in helping managers build stronger, more engaging relationships with their team members, while linking the rewards and recognition program to the desired goals of the company.

    MyEmployees provides Employee Recognition and Engagement Programs for over 12,000 active client companies in the US and Canada.They have been in business for over 25 years, and they are in the Top 1% in their industry in the country. Their clients include managers @ Walmart (nearly 2,000 locations - (Their largest account), Target, FedEx Ground, Outback Steakhouse, Red Lobster, Cracker Barrel, Retirement Communities, Real Estate Offices and many other companies.

    David is also the author of "Built to Lead - 7 Management R.E.W.A.R.D.S. Principles for Becoming a Top 10% Manager", and he is going to share concrete foundational principles that will change your life, not only in your business career but in your personal life as well!

    David believes (and lives to his very core) what Zig Ziglar said was required to become truly successful in life. He said, “You can have ANYTHING you want in life IF you will FIRST help others get what THEY want!” As a result, David has touched untold lives through the years, including employees, clients, friends and family.

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    Super Teacher- Become a Better Teacher with Public Speaking Strategies

    in Entrepreneur

    Rosalyn Kahn works as a Public Speaking Instructor at Santa Monica College and Los Angeles City College. She is an Author of her brand new book, “Random Acts of Kindness are Changing the World.

    Ms. Kahn has been an educator for the last 15 year teaching Public Speaking, English as Second Language in colleges and high schools throughout Southern CA. Two year ago, she attended her first TedX conference in Pasadena. She was immediately drawn into the Tedx fever.  TECHNOLOGY ENTERTAINAMENT AND DESIGN – Sharing Great Ideas.

    She’s International Speaker having spoken Leuven Belgium,  coached  many TEDx over the last 2 years.  She gave  TED  talk called “Language Come to Life “  She owns a  business  Coaching and Professional Speaking with over 25 years of speaking experience.

    Rosalyn Kahn

    Coaching and Professional Speaking


    Join Match Entrepreneurs Network go to www.shazamentrepreneur.com

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    Last year Rosalyn has spoken at over 40 different organizations from Storytelling Club, Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, So CA Foster Family, Brentwood Library, Felicia Mayhood Senior Center. 

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    Chef Elliott's Entertaining Solutions

    in Self Help

    Chef Elliott is honored to share the technical skills and culinary wisdom of his friend and colleague, Master Broiler Cook, Chatanooga’s own, Cornelius Lathan.

    Cornelius Lathan cooks with soul.  He first started cooking simple dishes such as hamburgers and French fries, fried chicken and potatoes, and breakfast favorites such as pancakes, bacon, and scrambled eggs for his uncle and sister at the age of 7. He was self-taught numerous culinary techniques by experimenting with a variety of foods and spices. This evolved into his passion for cooking and the culinary arts.

    At age 18, Cornelius was accepted into the Culinary Institution of New York but was not able to attend. He began working in the culinary industry as a sous chef for a local river boat organization in Chattanooga, but desired more culinary skills to be an effective sous chef. He then accepted a line cook position at a renowned steakhouse to further develop his culinary skills. Since then he has been promoted to Master Broiler Cook which is next to sous chef. He is currently completing his culinary arts degree at a local culinary institution.

    Join them, as Chef Elliott and CORNELIUS discuss THEIR LATEST projects, tour info and personal journeys in the industry. Call 347-989-8384 to listen via mobile, press 1 to ask a question or make a comment.  To listen online, log onto www.ChefElliottEntSol.info.  This will be available on-demand, immediately after the show airs.  Thank you for your loyalty and support!

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    Writestream Tuesday: Steps To Salvation

    in Books

    Join author, blogger, writer and internet radio host Dariaanne for a very special Writestream Tuesday at 7 p.m. Eastern when she welcomes entrepreneur and author Shlomo Attia to the show to discuss his new book, Steps To Salvation. Daria and Shlomo will not only discuss the many spiritual, political and historical themes of his concept-driven book, which while entertaining and informative, is also a vehicle for his many practical ideas for improving vital industries and curtailing centralized power in order to bring Salvation to earth.

    During the live broadcast, Dariaanne and Shlomo will also share their experiences and insights on the colloborative process, and their plans for a book launch party at Tropical Acres Steakhouse in Fort Lauderdale on July 5. They welcome your calls, questions and comments at (347) 945-7246. 

    Check out Shlomo's blog here.


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    Patrick Cullars Takes Wine and Fine Dining to a Whole New Level of FINE!

    in Entertainment

    Join Mary E. as she welcomes Patrick Cullars to ArtSees Diner Radio. Patrick is the General Manager of William B's Steakhouse  William B's is located in Blue Chip Casino and Spa, Michigan City, Indiana. Patrick is a member of Society of Wine Educators as a Wine Steward/Sommelier. He obtained certification through the University of Nevada Las Vegas in Food and Beverage, as well as Hotel and Casino Management. 

    Patrick is the consummate professional, and is known for sharing "I have the best job in the world!" 

    Blue Chip Casino and Spa is a member of the Boyd Gaming Family! Special thanks to the Boyd Gaming Family for sharing Patrick Cullars for this exclusive interview. 

    Tonight's featured musician is Steve Champagne and a little special something by Champagne and LaLuna! 



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    Ole Tea Party: Goodbye Eric Cantor; MI Road Tax Fails for NOW-6/12 @ 11am ET

    in Politics Progressive

    Welcome to Independent Underground Radio LIVE - MICHIGAN'S TOP POLITICO PODCAST - Aired each Tuesday & Thursday @ 11am ET.


    -What's the real deal behind former U.S. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor embarrassing lost to a then little known Tea Party affiliated Economics professor Dave Brat -- who believes in the word salad called Christian Capitalism.

    -Why does Tom Donohue of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce believe now Virginia District 7 Republican Nominee Brat's "attractiveness" is what lead to his historic win against Cantor? Does Donohue want to have a secret candlelight dinner with Brat at a Steakhouse the Cantor will pay for, to glare at Brat's "attractiveness"? We'll Discuss.

    -Michigan's Road Tax is dead for now as Lawmakers in the State Senate refused to allow voters to determine if a 1% sales tax hike was the best way to fix Michigan crumbing roads. Does this defeat insert another chapter in Michigan Governor Rick Snyder's (R) failed leadership book?

    -The DMC & Wayne State University owe MILLIONS of dollars to the City of Detroit in past due light bills. Yet, Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr insist on first cutting off residents from water for owning a few hundred bucks?

    Independent Underground Radio LIVE FEATURED FOUR YEAR ON BTR -Progressive Talk Radio- podcast based out of Ann Arbor covering Michigan and National Politics, breaking news and more. As Michigan's Top Politico podcast, IU Radio LIVE had over 200K podcast downloads in 2013 alone!

    Host Monica RW is an owner/writer for the popular Independent Underground News website, media consultant for ROJS Media LLC, a experienced grassroots and elected local political leader, and brings her researched Independent opinions to the political issues of the day.

    Call into the show with your thoughts and opinions at 347-934-0185 or tweet us @IUNewsTalk.

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