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    State Sovereignty: Bob Parker

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    It's not about Right and Left. It's about Right and Wrong!

    If you live in Missouri, your US Representative just betrayed you and this State. Now, your Senator is about to do the same thing!

    "I voted to Repeal Obamacare xyz number of times.", you heard during the campaign. Bullcrap on all of them! Yesterday, in lockstep, they all voted in support of Obamacare, amnesty, the EPA, Common Core, and every other anti-liberty program coveted by Obama and the liberals.

    Tonight, we talk with Bob Parker about this. We can't fix Washington, but as a people, we can certainly make sure that Missouri is not part of the problem. We are gearing up already for 2016, and our next, best chance to say to Washington; "We are Missouri, and we say NO."

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    State Sovereignty: Free Speech Saturday

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    How did we get to the point where rules are being made and enforced by unseen, nameless, faceless folks in inner offices of Washington? Where did it go wrong? Mike Slack and Dave meet again to discuss the need to get back to the intent of the founders - and in a hurry. Daily freedom is being sucked out of you and your family. Obamacare is just a fatal symptom of the larger problem. The federal government claims ownership of the very air that you breathe and the water that falls from the sky into your field. There is really only one way back. State Sovereignty!

    And, it's once again Free Speech Saturday. Call with your favorite topic and we'll all roll it around for a bit.

    7PM Missouri Time is when the action starts. Missouri Grassroots Radio is where the action is. Call the studio line at 347-677-1835 to participate.


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    State Sovereignty: Mike Moon at Halftime

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    It's Not About Left and Right. It's About Right and Wrong!

    Friday night! Mike Moon joins us for the halftime show. That's right. With the Missouri Legislature in a week-long midterm recess, the session is half gone already. Let's look at the gains and losses of the first half and set a plan for the homestretch.

    Our producer and co-host Mike Slack promises me an exciting surprise for the second segment. I can't wait!

    Join Mike and BTR featured host Dave for another night of serious talk. That's 7PM Missouri Time Friday night. It's the best Friday night you'll spend this week.

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    State Sovereignty: Know the Truth

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    You think the Second Amendment gives you a right to keep and bear a gun? Think again. You think the First Amendment gives you a right to practice anty religion you see fit? Wrong again. In the first hour, we will discuss once more exactly what State Sovereignty is and why it makes our Republic strong. What went wrong. How to fix it.

    In the second ohour we will delve into the real questions about the Convention of States. You think you really can limit this thing to  just your liking? Think again! Does that make it a bad thing? Nope! Are you still on board?

    Join us at 7PM Missouri time. Participate at 347-677-1835.

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    State Sovereignty: The Million Dollar Message

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    Mike Moon joins us tonight. We will discuss his campaign and the ups and downs of the recent legislative session.

    Then we will discuss the history of State Sovereignty. Why is it important to liberty? What is the purpose of a State Constitution and what part does a State Constitution play in the role of the Constitutional Republic?

    Join us tonight as we continue the Million Dollar Message. Click the link above to listen live to Mike and Dave. Call-in on the studio line at 347-677-1835.

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    State Sovereignty: A Review

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    SAPA, Impeachment, Anti-Common Core, Convention of States, Right to Work, Marijuana Law. What do all these have in common? When you talk about them, you are talking about State Sovereignty. How did the latest General Assembly handle your State's Sovereignty? A review of the past legislative session gives us a keen insight into exactly what your lawmakers think of the status of our State in the federal cooperative and, by extension, what they think of YOU!

    We will outline the details of the Million Dollar Message. REJECT Stanley Cox, SUPPORT Mike Moon. What's that all about. It's about sending the message. WE ARE THE PEOPLE and you support us to your own advantage or ignore us at your own peril. At the national level, this week's primaries reinforce the notion that only by retaking our STATE can we ever expect to make gains! Are you ready to replace words with action! Listen tonight on how you can join forces with 100,000 Missourians to send the message LOUD AND CLEAR.

    Join us at 7PM Missouri Time. You can participate, air your own views, insert your own issues. The studio line is 347-677-1835.

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    State Sovereignty: MIAC and Don Eagleman

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    It's Not About Right and Left. It's About Right and Wrong!

    While your State Legislature takes a break, your State Sovereignty Show has kept on working. This week, the West Plains Emergency Management Team sponsored a "training session" centered on threats from groups on the MIAC (Missouri Information analysis Center) list. Chances are YOU are on that list. And we were there. We bring you exclusive, in person details of what transpired at this session and take your calls.

    We also were at the State Meeting of the Constitution Party and we will being you updates from there.

    Then, we'll be joined by Don Eagleman from the Campaign for Liberty.

    All that live at 7PM Missouri Time. Participate at 347-677-1835.

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    State Sovereignty: Missouri Moves

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    Talk about State Sovereignty and you talk about Missouri. Several very important moves are being made by the current legislature that directly impact the sovereignty of the citizens of the States of Missouri. Among those we will discuss tonight:

    SB613 - The Second Amendment Preservation Act. This bill has been perfected in the Senate and should be voted on this week and sent to the House. Several amendments have been added to the Senate Committee Substitute of the original bill. We've reviewed the SCS and the amendments and will discuss this tonight.

    HB1490 - The Anti-Common Core Bill has been referred to committee and will have a public hearing this Thursday. Maybe you've been following this, maybe you just need to hear about it for the first time tonight.

    SJR36 - The Gun Rights Amendment to the Missouri Constitution is being called up on the Senate floor this week for perfection and passage. Constitutional Amendments are serious things, and you owe it to yourself to become familiar with this one.

    HJR62 - Health Care Rights Amendment is an important Obamacare pushback declaring the citizens of Missouri sovereign in making any and all health care decisions for themselves and their families. This important amendment has been referred to committee and will get public hearing on Wednesday. Join in the discussion of this amendment.

    All pretty important bills when it comes to the State of Missouri declaring herself and her citizens sovereign. Join us tonight at 7PM Missouri Time as we delve into these issues. Contibute to the discussion at 347-677-1835

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    State Sovereignty: The Convention of the States

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    Tonight, we continue our State Sovereignty series with an episode on the Convention of The States. Article V of the US Constitution oulines this convention. At a recent meeting of the states, Missouri was well represented by tonight's guest Mike Moon, State Rep for District 157. Kevin and Dave will talk with Mike about the future of an Article V Convention and where we go from here.

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    State Sovereignty: Decision Tuesday

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    Mike Slack and Dave continue the exploration of the issues and candidates of this Tuesday's decision. All State Representatives and 1/3 of the Senate will be chosen and there are 5 important ballot issues that change the Constitution of the State of Missouri. Participate in the discussion at 347-677-1835. Join us live at 7PM Missouri time.

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    State Sovereignty - SRA with Lloyd Sloan

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    Our guests last night couldn't make it, so, we are doing it again! Lloyd Sloan joins us as we discuss the State Repeal Amendment, the petition process for amending the Constitution, and other things.

    Why is State Sovereignty so important? Look west! Would Missouri come to your defense if suddenly the Justice Department, with its Blackhawk helicopters, armed-to-the-teeth soldiers, and drones decided your backyar chickens were eating federal bugs or that the rainwater you collect belongs to them? I'ts Missouri's DUTY to protect YOU from federal rampage.

    Join us at 7PM Missouri time. Call and participate at 347-677-1835.

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