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    The 15 Diseases of Leadership, According to Pope Francis

    in Business

    Over the next few weeks Johnnie and Daniel will be diving into the thoughts and ideas of Pope Frances on leadership. Reporter Gary Hamel with the Harvard Review delivered what Johnnie and Daniel believe to be one of the most progressive articles on the topic of leadership in the 21st century.

    The disease of thinking we are immortal, immune, or downright indispensable,[and therefore] neglecting the need for regular check-ups. A leadership team which is not self-critical, which does not keep up with things, which does not seek to be more fit, is a sick body. A simple visit to the cemetery might help us see the names of many people who thought they were immortal, immune, and indispensable! It is the disease of those who turn into lords and masters, who think of themselves as above others and not at their service. It is the pathology of power and comes from a superiority complex, from a narcissism which passionately gazes at its own image and does not see the face of others, especially the weakest and those most in need. The antidote to this plague is humility; to say heartily, “I am merely a servant. I have only done what was my duty.”

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    ReAwakening Minds with Dr. Naila Gilliam

    in Spirituality

    Special Guest Tuere Cheka is back again to conduct free Spiritual Readings over the Air!!!!

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    God provides spiritual mentors to disciple us, so that we in turn can disciple others, a spirtual mentor trains us to train others.one of the greatest joy of a spiritual mentor is to see there disciple turn around and begin mentoring others. paul told his disciple timothy that the things timothy learned from paul should be taught to others. whether you are looking for a spiritual mentor or seeking to be one for someone else.in reading the book of 1 Thessalonians which is a great book from which to draw out  principles of spirtual mentoring we can see that paul uses the way we treat one another as christians 

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    Episode #47 Season 4 "Above the Surface" Setting Spiritually S.M.A.R.T.T. Goals

    in Self Help

    Season 4 "Above the Surface" episodes gives a deeper look into the spiritual, metaphysical, and sexual insights into our journey from a higher vibrational vantage point.  This episode uncovers how to confirm a spiritual goal from an everyday goal to help get close to and the fulfillment of our purpose, destiny and journey. Join your Personal Change Coach Heather "Hetheru" as she reveals insights into goal setting for "spiritually motivated action required to test your testimony,"

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    6am Mega Prayer-Pastor Sylvia Staples

    in Religion

    Join Message of Christ Church for a time of Intercessory Prayer-Monday thru Friday-6am Cst-Pastor Sylvia Staples-1-805-399-1000 x420123

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    Building a Warrior Generation Part IV

    in Christianity

    It is time for us to continue our instruction on how to build our arsenal so we can stand against the issues and offense the enemy wants us to focus. We live in a natural world, but we are in a spiritual battle God wants to see us victorious no only whe we meet in in the sky, but right here in the earth. Taking our place in the kingdom of God by standing against the wields of the enemy.

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    "Why me? Why does this always happen to me? And how can I transform it?" Pt. 1

    in Spirituality

    Master Peggy Werner offers this 3-part weekly Soul Guidance series to heal and transform the blockages in your every day life, including health, relationships, finances and more! This is part 1/3 in the series. It will focus primarily on "RELATIONSHIPS". Relationships with self, God, with a significant other, your boss, family memebers, humanity, mother earth, etc. Relationships are a key area for many of us.

    Master Peggy Werner is a Tao Channel and Worldwide Representative of Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha. She has studied with Master Sha for over 15 years and is a spiritual representative and direct disciple of his teachings and healing abilities.

    As such, Master Peggy has very advanced Soul Healing, Soul Teaching and Divine Direct Soul Communication abilities with a highly developed Third Eye and authority to read all levels of the Akashic Record of past, present and future lifetimes to serve others in the areas of Health & Healing, Looking & Feeling Younger, Vitality, Self-Love, Relationships, Business, Finances and every aspect of life.

    Master Peggy not only offers readings to guide others with their issues, she also has been given the authority and ability to offer Divine Karma Cleansing (which is very rare) to remove the blockages which are causing them. Many have found these techniqes to be very effective.

    Master Peggy is one of 7 spiritual leaders at Master Sha's Soul Healing Center in San Francisco, and serves thousands of spiritual seekers and those in need of healing worldwide.

    She offers weekly classes and workshops about the "Power of Soul" and private consultations. You can speak to Master Peggy by coming to Master Sha’s Soul Healing Center in SF or calling: 415-971-7373. 

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    Life Experiences - Episode #2 - Guest: Pastor Mildred Simpson

    in Christianity

    Join Real Walk Network's Friday Night Program at 8 PM CST/9 PM EST with Derek Stephens, Host of "Life Experiences" (Ep. # 2).

    His Guest will be Pastor Mildred D. Simpson of Oasis of Love Ministries International in Tucker, GA.

    Date:  May 15, 2015

    Time:  8 PM CST/9 PM EST

    Studio Call #:  (347) 989-1893

    LISTEN ONLINE: http://bitly.com/lifeexperiences-2

    HOST:  Derek Stephens

    GUEST:  Pastor Mildred Simpson

    If you need prayer, would like us to pray for someone, or, need a spirtual connection, please do not hestitate to call or listen to the podcast online.  We answer all calls from our listeners.   God's Blessings to everyone.  Derek Stephens, Host


    Kyle T. Mosley - GM and Executive Producer

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    How do you live a spiritual and intuitive life with every day challenges?

    in Entertainment

    Hi angels tonight is transormation Thursday.  We are going to have a fire side chat with myself and Vic on how to be spirtual and intuitive while having the chanllenges with dating, marriage, all types of relationships career, business and cash flow abundance.

    The show starts at 7:30 east coast.

    The call in number is 760 890 7143.  

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    Coalition Of National Formation With Brothers And Sisters in the Streets

    in Radio

    In the wake of the Balitmore UPRISING, we see the need to come together and see ourselves in our African Spirtual Principle of " Umoja " our Unity, our oneness, putting race before religion, sets, class and status . IN THE WORDS OF OUR NATIONAL CHAIRMAN QHAUR, " UNITED WE LIVE , DIVIDED WE DIE "... WHATS YOUR TAKE..?

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    Sunday Sermon for April 26, 2015-Rest

    in Christianity

    I am going to take you on a journey of what resting n the Lord means.  Come on this journey with me and receive a blessing that will impact your life in the way that God is preparing you to go.  Remeber that we all   live pre-destined lives and we must allow our lives to get into the track of our pre-destanation,  Now is the time to come on this journey if your life is not happy as you want it to be.  You may see a light that will help you understand where you need to be at this time in your life if you are not happy the way you want to be.