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    Spiders Spiders Every Where

    in Pets

    Ok this show is about Spiders. I love them and I know a lot of the listeners do too. We will be talking about the different kinds and what care goes into keeping them.

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    Common North American Spiders

    in Pets

    Common North American Spiders!!!  Because every garden has them and you're never too far from one.

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    FTH #105 "Spiders, spiders everywhere!"

    in Video Games

    Silk has arrived. Special operations 29 : Aranea ex Machina has started Pre-PVP continues and Ice Box day approaches "From The Helicarrier" the #1 unofficial news source for M:AA.

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    Pre-PVP pre-ending in 3 days

    Spider-Verse part 2 lands (while Brian & Charles are at DragonCon)

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    The Pet Prep Radio Show! on American Preppers Radio Tuesday *7:00pm/Est *6:00pm/Ct *5:00pm/Mt *4:00pm/Pt Live Chat while listening go to: http://prepperbroadcasting.com/listen-chat/ This week’s pet prepping disaster readiness journey is continued from last week on the Pet Prep Radio Show! Are you aware that we all live with poisonous spiders? Do you know how to identify spider bites on you or your pets or the symptoms to look for? I will share my recent experience with a Brown Recluse Spider; offer many more important tips, and several more recommendations on disaster preparedness that we may not have covered last time and in more depth. Sheri The Organic Pet Lady takes some time to offer some hard core wisdom that we don’t often stop to consider. It is truly important to keep our mindset in shape in these crazy and uncertain times. Worth a download and a notepad, be certain to take some time to join Sheri around her virtual campfire and stop and smell the roses. You never know when an emergency will arise! Stop by and listen as Sheri offers some interesting suggestions for Part II of the “Let’s Get Serious About Pet Prepping”  

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    Bigger than the Super Bowl reboot 2.0

    in Entertainment

    Mens lingerie (Ladies would you find this sexy on your man? and guys would you wear this for your girl?

    Top ten foods that are a must have for the Super Bowl

    Nick's Tidbits from Donald Trump, Spider with erection, new lead singer for STP, and breast reduction

    Man racks up 400 lays (Guys or girls after so many partners does sex lose it's fun and we want to hear your numbers!



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    venemous snakes and spiders of the world

    in Science

    venemous snakes and spiders of the world and evolution and the big bang theory.

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    Dr. R Craig Hogan, building a bridge to the afterlife.

    in Paranormal

    In this episode we talk to Dr. R Craig Hogan, author & lecturer,

    Craig and Brough discuss using technology to communicate with the afterlife, as well as seances and playing clips.

    Special appearances by John Topp and Prider-Man, your friendly neighborhood gay spider man

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    Overcome Fear by Recognizing the Truth: There is no such thing as Failure!

    in Self Help

    Fear comes in many shapes and sizes.  Whether you have a phobia like arachnophobia (where you’re afraid of spiders), ophidiophobia (where you’re afraid of snakes), or you simply shy away from activities like flying, heights, public speaking, or a fear of failure, you’re not alone!  In fact, one of the most common fears that people have, whether they are aware of it is or not, is a fear of failure.  Fear of failure can be related to feelings of inadequacy, self-criticism, and rejection.  Sometimes we just don’t feel like we’re enough.

    Fear is a distressing emotion that is caused by an impending threat of danger or pain.  Regardless of whether the fear is based on a real or imagined harm, it can cause a tremendous amount of anxiety and stress.  Why?  Because we believe the thing we’re afraid of is going to happen! Successful people overcome their fear of failure instead of allowing it to incapacitate them.  Join us along with our guest, Halisi Tambuzi, a native of Arizona, for a candid discussion concerning feelings of inadequacy and fear.  Mr. Tambuzi is currently pursuing his passion for the law and will discuss how he’s worked through his fears as an African American man paving his way through life.

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    Dust vs. Spiders

    in Christianity

    Thanks for listening!

    Catch the blog post here.

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    Do Smartphones Dream About Facebook?

    in Technology

    You may not have noticed it, but artificial intelligence, otherwise known as AI, has been sending its tendrils slowly but surely onto the World Wide Web.  At first, its foray onto the Internet was tenuous at best and comical at worst when Google created an AI that it turned loose to try and make sens of the images it found online.  Hoping to find a workaround for one of the search engine's biggest lapses, which causes search engine spiders to be totally blind to both images and videos, the attempt resulted in hilarity when its creation began morphing images as it tried to make sense of queries posed about them.  Undeterred, Google recently turned it's AI loose on everything from it's digital assistant called Google Now, to search engine duties, the latter of which has been dubbed RankBrain. Micorsoft has also jumped into the fray with it own AI called Cortana which daybuied with the launch of Windows 10.  Not to be left out of the AI race, Facebook too has started employing AI, calling theirs M.  Whatever you call it, the bottom line is that AI will soon worm its way into every part of the Internet, which is already integrated into every facet of our society.  Whether this is good or bad, only time will tell, but what is a certainty is that sooner or later there won't be a device on the planet that won't have a brain of its own. 

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    omg so yeah what a freaking week it has been.. happy holidays!

    in Indie Music

    woah dude.. pretty intense stuff.. sandra london practically eaten alive by spiders. i was home sick from work while the company handles big blows from the media due to food borne illness... i continue to flirt with hot guys regardless of my situation on the home front plus other random news from family n friends... the website's life still hangs in the balance n so much more.. oh man I wish I could dish it all but u are just gonna have to listen for yourself!!