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    Army Bloggers Roundtable: XVIII Airborne Corps and Fort Bragg Soldiers Discuss Haiti Relief

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    Army Bloggers Roundtable with the XVIII Airborne Corps and Fort Bragg Soldiers to discuss Haiti relief and humanitarian assistance.

    Col. Dick Kuehl is the G-1 who was responsible for aiding SOUTHCOM with filling critical personnel needs in addition to the Global Response Force that were specially requested by the Joint Task Force commander on the ground for the disaster relief and humanitarian assistance. Col. Ken Dyer is the acting G-4.

    The logistics piece, like the personnel piece, is a delicate balance of identifying where the equipment and supplies that the JTF commander needs on the ground are against what we have here and/or across the Army or if we have to resort to purchase over the counter.

    He can also speak about the process to determine how and when supplies and equipment could be delivered. As the logistics/personnel components helping to get the right personnel and equipment on the ground, they can answer a variety of questions about what it took to get personnel in place and how they've worked with the Joint Task Force in providing relief and assistance.

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