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    Robin Soprano A Soul Mates Promise - 10 PM Distant Lover Does it really work?

    in Lifestyle

    Sweet Tea With A Chaser - Monday, June 15, 2015 presents
    Writer - Robin Soprano, author of A Soul Mates Promise at 9:15 p.m.
    Call in 646-478-3527

    at 9:45 p.m. Grown Folks Travel With Alyce Williams....

    10:00 p.m. Distant Lover.....does it really work.

    Monday night we will feature of music of Marvin Gaye...

    Sweet Pea, Gemini and Bryan Mac......join us for the conversation

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    Soul mates are like the Selfie!

    in Spirituality

    Soul Mates are like the Selfie-it is self-explanatory A connection with another from the soul is a soul mate! Charismatic Connection: Inspired by the amazing true story of a champion jockey and his soul mate - as their lives run neck and neck, they cross paths, lock eyes and psychically connect but are kept apart by their own limitations. Years later, their supernatural gift predicts jockey's win in the Kentucky Derby. Does this fated event finally bring them together? 


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    Soul Mates are they a joke?

    in Culture

    We want to believe in soul mates but are thy real or some joke that has been handed to us? Charismatic Connection is inspired by the amazing true story of a champion jockey and his soul mate-jockey and soul mate lock eyes, psychically connect but are kept apart, their supernatural gift predicts the jockey's win in the Kentucky Derby.Does this fated event finally bring them together?

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    Soul Mates, and Twin Flames.

    in Spirituality

    What are Soul Mates?  How do we attract one?  Do we have one? 

     What are Soul Groups?  How about Twin Flames?  

    We meet people in our lives for a reason.  The reason may be unclear or uncomfortable or simply fabulous.  

    Past lives and soul contracts factor in when we meet people and how the relationship plays out. 

    Lets discuss all this and more.  


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    Gods power to give a Soul Mates

    in Entertainment

    Soul Mates

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    Twin Flames and Soul Mates - A deeper look

    in Spirituality

    So you think you learned everything you need to know about Twin Flames from our last episode.... We haven't even scratched the surface. Join us as we open an old topic and take a fresh look at some new findings, (and warnings) we have about Twin Flames. Do you know that they intertwine in with soul groups? Or that a twin flame can be toxic to you? Yuppers, tune in and find out some of the pro's and con's about finding your twin flame. As always, Listen, Laugh, Learn, and love with us on Wednesday 7 PM EST December 2nd.

    See you there!



    See you There

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    Twin Flames and Soul Mates: An interview with Angelina Heart on Talk-N-Angels

    in Spirituality

    This week on Talk-N-Angels Radio Show, we delve into the subject of Twin Flame and Soul Mate relationships.  Many people are familiar with these terms, but fail to understand the significance or depth of the concept.  Finding Angelina Heart was one of those brilliant orchestrations by Spirit to bring the right teacher at the right time to you, our listeners.  

    Angelina Heart is a multi-award winning author and educator who is dedicated to bringing a more thorough understanding of Twin Flames and Soul Mates to the world. Through edu-tainment, she brings light to the dark corners of history, organized religion, political and economic manipulation, and the misunderstanding and mis-use of the sex energies. By comprehending the cosmic overview presented through her deeply encoded fiction, the reader rises past the illusions and finds themselves stepping into a new world of potentials. In a world steeped in chaos, fear and destruction, Angelina offers a pathway to freedom and sovereignty without the use of violence or domination. Her body of work includes books, educational programs, meditations, videos, interviews, articles, and workshops.  Find out more at www.twinflametruelove.com 



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    Love, Relationships and Soul Mates

    in Spirituality

    This week we will be talking about love, relationships, soul mates and twin flames. What is a soul mate? What is a twin flame? We will give you the answer and define the differences, and give you the tools to help you heal so you will be able to connect with you twinflame or love soul mate. We will also be giving divine gauidance for those that call in with question for thier Angels.

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    Soul Mates

    in Lifestyle

    Here is another episode of Walking on the Sidewalk with Psychic Medium Kevin Baird.  Kevin will be talking about current affairs, giving readings.  A show teaching how to see the future.  Check out his website: www.templeofgaia.com to find out more.
    In this episode Kevin pairs the 2:59 Soul Mates card from his Horizon Oracle deck with other cards drawn for callers looking for readings that focus on improving their abilities.

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    Soul Groups, Soul Friends, Twin Flames and Soul Mates

    in Spirituality

    Join Deb and Samantha for this exciting discussion about our soul groups.  Are our friends, co-workers, partners, neighbors, parents and siblings part of our soul group?  What is a twin flame?  Are we destined to find our soul mate in this lifetime?  Tune in for these answers and more.

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    Soul Mates: Phooey or For Real?

    in Relationships

    The topic of soul mates brings on a variety of responses from "I don't believe in them" to "I met my true soul mate".  How many times have you thought you met your "soul mate" and it didn't work out. Does the thought of a soul mate sound ridiculous to you?  In this episode of The Kim Korte Show the topic of soul mates will go in a direction you may not have thought of before and prhaps change your mind as to if soul mates really do exist. 

    Topics to be covered;

    The origins of "soul mates"
    Why "soul mates" relationships don't always work out
    How to identify your "soul mate"
    How to keep your "soul mate"

    Join me as a listener or you can call in to share your thoughts or ask questions!


    Kim Korte, Author of The Perfect Heart - Creating and Maintaining Love/Life Balance