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    Soul mates are like the Selfie!

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    Soul Mates are like the Selfie-it is self-explanatory A connection with another from the soul is a soul mate! Charismatic Connection: Inspired by the amazing true story of a champion jockey and his soul mate - as their lives run neck and neck, they cross paths, lock eyes and psychically connect but are kept apart by their own limitations. Years later, their supernatural gift predicts jockey's win in the Kentucky Derby. Does this fated event finally bring them together? 


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    Soul Mates are they a joke?

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    We want to believe in soul mates but are thy real or some joke that has been handed to us? Charismatic Connection is inspired by the amazing true story of a champion jockey and his soul mate-jockey and soul mate lock eyes, psychically connect but are kept apart, their supernatural gift predicts the jockey's win in the Kentucky Derby.Does this fated event finally bring them together?

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    Love, Relationships and Soul Mates

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    This week we will be talking about love, relationships, soul mates and twin flames. What is a soul mate? What is a twin flame? We will give you the answer and define the differences, and give you the tools to help you heal so you will be able to connect with you twinflame or love soul mate. We will also be giving divine gauidance for those that call in with question for thier Angels.

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    The spiritual perspective of relationships, Soul Mates!

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    Spiritual Relationships – everyone you meet is a Soul Mate!

    We tend to think that the most passionate and intimitae relationships are our soul mates, but the truth is all of the connections we make in a lifetime are high Holy Unions that have been pre-determined before we even got here.  Some last lifetimes, some are brief and in the moment but all are important and all are based soul to soul.  And you have made Soul contracts with some to assist them or offer them an opportunity and some have made this aggreement with and for you.  Listen in and discover the deeper meaning behind your relationships and how to use telepathy to make all of your relationships better.

    Contact RoseMarie at http://www.rosemarierubinetticappiello.com/

    Together, Linda and Nada, share their real life successes with you. You can call in and ask any questions you want to find clarity on working with that awesome power within you. They will assist you in finding your connection to Spirit, to your Guides and Angels and to knowing that this awesome Universal Energy is flowing through you always.

    Enjoy the show!

    Call in with questions to gain clarity on working with the awesome power within you, that awesome Universal Energy that is flowing through you always.

    To learn more about Linda & Nada visit their websites:

    Nada Haworth, "Improving your life with creative guidance"  http://www.nadasessentials.com/
    Linda Armstrong, "Reconnect to your Power-With-In  & then manifest your desired life!"  http://www.livelawofattraction.com/

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    How do you know when you met your soul mate?

    Is it possible to love someone who is not your soul mate?

    Can you experience more than one soul mate in a lifetime?


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    Soul Mates: Phooey or For Real?

    in Relationships

    The topic of soul mates brings on a variety of responses from "I don't believe in them" to "I met my true soul mate".  How many times have you thought you met your "soul mate" and it didn't work out. Does the thought of a soul mate sound ridiculous to you?  In this episode of The Kim Korte Show the topic of soul mates will go in a direction you may not have thought of before and prhaps change your mind as to if soul mates really do exist. 

    Topics to be covered;

    The origins of "soul mates"
    Why "soul mates" relationships don't always work out
    How to identify your "soul mate"
    How to keep your "soul mate"

    Join me as a listener or you can call in to share your thoughts or ask questions!


    Kim Korte, Author of The Perfect Heart - Creating and Maintaining Love/Life Balance

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    Soul Mates

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    The term "soulmate" has different meanings, other than the usual thought of a romantic relationship. One must first understand that reality is a computer generated consciousness hologram in which all souls evolve from the same collective unconscious and therefore we are all soumates in one sense of the word or another.

    Let's discuss this topic that's steeped in the hearts of all mankind from birth and beyond.


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    The Love Channel Show ~ Soul Mates

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    Soul Mates is the topic for July 29, 2014 show at 8pm Eastern. Pamela will explain what a soul mate is, the different types of soul mates, and affirmations to use to help manifest your soul mate. For questions on the topic call (646) 478-0020.

    Pamela Cummins is the “Musical Psychic” who specializes in love and relationships, personal growth, life direction, and dream interpretation. She is available for readings, psychic development coaching, and singles coaching. Pamela host “The Love Channel Show,” is a frequent guest on numerous radio shows, and has written for many publications. She is the author of Psychic Wisdom on Love and Relationships and Insights for Singles: Steps to Find Everlasting Love.  For more information visit www.pamelacummins.com

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    Karma & Soul Mates

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    Join Dr Pam Denton on her show Heart and Soul Messages as she talks about the concept of soul mates. You will learn important concepts for soul love and partnership that will help you find love, repair love and strengthen love. And most importantly you will be guided to find peace in your soul’s quest to be in relationship.

    In this weeks show we will be focusing on Karma, challenges and the darkness of relationships.  If you are challenged by relationship this show will help you unravel the mystery to your misery.

    Dr Pam’s special guest Heidi Smith is a “Design Coach” who specializes in soul love. Heidi is the founder of her business Awakened Environments and practices the interior design concept called Vastu as well as serves as a spiritual guide for loving partnerships.  In the past few years Heidi’s own relationship challenges and have called her forward through the meditations of Mother Mary to seek inner guidance and fulfillment around the concept of soul mates, soul love and relationships.  And in the show Heidi will be revealing her story to help you discover your own inner truth about soul love.

    In our 4 Part interview and discussion we will be talking about the concept of karma and soul mates and sharing information on how to navigate the waters of relationships and love.  The tools we will be discussing include listening to inner guidance, personal growth lessons, clearing karma and past lives, and divine timing.

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    Soul Mates

    in Lifestyle

    Here is another episode of Walking on the Sidewalk with Psychic Medium Kevin Baird.  Kevin will be talking about current affairs, giving readings.  A show teaching how to see the future.  Check out his website: www.templeofgaia.com to find out more.
    In this episode Kevin pairs the 2:59 Soul Mates card from his Horizon Oracle deck with other cards drawn for callers looking for readings that focus on improving their abilities.

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    Unspoken Words: "The One" and "Soul Mates"

    in Relationships

    Welcome to the relationship hour now called "Unspoken Words"! This is our first show under our new title and for this show we will be discussing the nebulious idea of "the one". It's almost impossible to discuss relationships and how people get together without discussing the idea of "the one". What is the "the one"? What affect does it have on how we choose companionship? How do women and men relate to "the one" and how do they approach it? Does the idea of "the one" help relationships or hurt them? Finding our soul mate is what everyone strives for in their dating lives, but what we think that is could be limiting us in major ways. These are the questions we're gonna discuss on tonights episode of Unspoken Words.

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