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    Solana Welcome Senior Roman

    in Spirituality

    FREE READINGS With Solana!!!!! Please call in 323-410-0043 (2nd hr)
    Are you afraid of things that go bump in the night? Have you seen anything "paranormal" that you can not explain?
    Gather with us tonight as we speak with Senior Roman, about his paranormal experiences.
    In his own words, "I don't just talk with the dead, I walk with the dead."
    Come and share your experiences, or just listen to Seniors and decide for yourselves, what you believe.
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    Solana Welcomes RevAuriel Grace

    in Spirituality

    FREE READINGS With Solana and Auriel! Please call in 323-410-0043, call in early, press 1 to come on air!
    Rev. Auriel Grace has fifteen years experience giving intuitive readings. She expanded her practice twelve years ago by becoming a Reiki Master/Teacher and Energy Worker. She is an ordained minister of the Order of Melchizedek. She loves giving wedding blessings! Auriel has devoted her life to assisting people on their journey to understand everyone is already enlightened, whole and complete.
    Auriel is Owner Partner Elevated Delights, were classes are offered to inspire and enlighten.
    For detailed information about Soul Retrieval, Intuitive Readings and other tools to help you on your journey you can read Auriel’s blog at ~ www.clarityhandbook101.blogspot.com Auriel Grace www.elevateddelights.com aurielgrace@yahoo.com

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    Solana Welcomes Jewel of the South

    in Spirituality

    Internationally Known Psychic/Medium Julie Soule' Aka: Jewel Of The South, is also a Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified Past Life Regression Therapist, Certified Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, Certified Aromatherapist, Tarot Reader/Teacher, Crystal Healer, Automatic Writer, Writer, Medical Intuitive, Channel, Dream Interpreter and Angelic Light Emissary. She has been helping people all over the world for over 27 years with her innate gifts. Julie is also an Angelic Medium and channels several archangels and other angels as well as others from around the universes. Julie is already known on BTR on the paranormal side in her role as a psychic/medium. Angels are her first love and because of this great love between Julie and the angels, she is able to help deliver their messages of love to others.

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    Solana Welcomes Tanishka Tantrika

    in Spirituality

    FREE READINGS WITH SOLANA! PLEASE CALL IN 323-410-0043 (SECOND HR) 1ST Hr Come and meet Tanishka Tantrika! Her work is distinguished by her gift for channeling ancient wisdom & disseminating it with down-to-earth humor. Combining these skills, she created & conducted an annual kundalini yoga journey awakening the divine feminine or shakti in priestesses through a nine month series of transformational initiations.  She has also facilitated a wide range of short courses & seminars including Retreats,Tantra for Women, Dance Meditations & Community Events celebrating Seasonal & Astrological shifts.In 2010 she received guidance from Gaia to launch a global project called, ‘Operation: Red Tent’ to gather the women worldwide in circles to reconsecrate & empower the feminine through the reclamation of the moonlodge tradition. To find out more & be part of this global healing project join Operation Red Tent on Facebook, watch her series of Operation Red Tent videos on You Tube & download the free Red Tent circle kit on the Operation Red Tent page of this website.In 2006 she created & unveiled the Star of Ishtar range of alchemical chakra essences, oils & elixirs to assist her initiate priestesses.  These are now available via Star of Ishtar facilitators & product stockists & her online store. Her first book, ‘The Inner Goddess Makeover’ was released June 2007 & is available via the Star of Ishtar online shop.Tanishka is available to speak publicly & conduct sacred ceremonies at festivals & events dedicated to the awakening of the rainbow tribe on our beloved planet, Gaia. To view some of her talks visit: http://www.starofishtar.com/tanishkas-videos-podcasts/

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    Seeking Spirit with Solana

    in Spirituality

    Solana will be LIVE ON AIR. Bringing Enlightenment to ALL by way of many Interesting Persons of Knowledge in areas that affect our lives. 

    Talking about our daily lives and what we do to make them more successful, edifying our paths, working thru the issues surrounding us today.

     We will talk about ways to, get your love/career/guidance life on! Ways to make the energy play around you edify and not under-mind! Transforming and maneuvering our way thru this world and the energy's involved.

    Solana is Co-Founder/Tutor with Highersourceinternaional.com Assisting other Activate their own abilities in, Psychic Abilities Development Course and How to See and Read Auras, welcoming you into the Colorful World we Live in.


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    Solana Welcomes Medium Christina Nelson

    in Spirituality

    FREE READINGS WITH SOLANA AND CHRISTINA!!! Please call in 323-410-0043
    We will be sharing all things paranormal and taking your calls, we want to hear from you!!!!!
    Christina is a very gifted 3rd generation Intuitive Psychic Medium, with a most interesting and diverse background. Christina is a Certified Private Investigator and Certified Polygraph Technician and an Ordained Minister. Christina also remains passionate about contributing in meaningful ways to charitable foundations, including serving in the capacity as a fund raiser and Volunteer Events Coordinator for the Muscular Dystrophy Association and the Children's Miracle Network.

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    in Spirituality

    Are you in need of a chakra clearing? Do you feel there are things preventing you from achieving your day to day goals?
    Know Thyself, start a relationship with your chakras/energy system. Allow Solana to assit you in finding the key to a Peaceful, Loving world full of Safety and Joy, it is all within you.
    Please visit Solana at www.solana.yolasite.com and order a private phone experience or a Rieki session.
    **Spring Specials going on NOW!

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    Lite Knights with Solana

    in Spirituality

    PLEASE CALL IN 323-410-0043
     Solana is a Psychic Energy medium and communicates with Multidimensional Beings, The "Other" side and connects with your Energy System (Chakras) to assist in unblocking the issues holding you back from living this life to the fullest.
    Things are a changing, are you ready for the next shift of Consciousness? Call in and chat with Solana and look with REALEYES to see if we can make the next mass conscious thoughts manifest in todays reality.

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    Solana Welcomes Psychic Tee Gregory

    in Spirituality

    FREE READINGS WITH SOLANA!!!(2nd hr) PLEASE CALL IN 323-410-0043
     Gather with Solana, as we Welcome Psychic Tee! 1st hour!

    Tee Gregory (Psychic Tee) is a World Renowned Psychic Medium who is highly respected in her field. Her strongest ability, "Remote Viewing", makes it possible for her to see into the past, present and future along with specific details including names and dates. She assists families and law enforcement agencies in the search for missing people and owns her own investigative agency, MP Investigations. Tee currently has her own radio show on BlogTalkRadio and also a Television show that airs weekly. Tee has also made appearances on numerous television and radio shows and has been heard by millions throughout the world. She is the Author of "We are Light!". She has a feedback of 99.9% with testimonials from thousands. Visit her website at www.PsychicTee.com
    Solanas contact info- www.solana.yolasite.com
    email: asksolana@yahoo.com Call Send SMS Add to Skype You'll need Skype CreditFree via Skype

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    Curious Times - Solana, Psychic Energy Medium

    in Spirituality

    Join us for 2 hours at 10 PM Eastern.
    Solana has seen spirit since the age of 6 when she witnessed the passing of her 2 yr old cousin. His little 2 yr old body laid on the bed as his spirit went skipping out of his body and through the front door, which opened into this brilliant white light and closed as he went running thru it.  This opened up a whole new world to her and she began seeing, communicating with spirit/energy which she is now humbly sharing with you all.
    Since this world awakened within the connection we all have with spirit, it has been a passion of Solana to assist others in finding their own empowerment by connecting to the energy system within.
    Solana is available locally for Psychic Fairs, Ghost Clearing and Speaking Engagements.
    Solana is currently heavily involved with Higher Source International and Instructing Metaphysical Courses there. You can visit the site to find out more information.
    Solana Co-Hosts the Paranormal Psychic Radio show with Christina Nelson Wednesday afternoons at 5 PM Eastern.
    Please visit Solana's website to learn more about her and the services she provides privately.

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    Talking With The Angels Welcome Solana

    in Spirituality

     World Wide Author & Radio Host: Sabrina Oxford,welcomes Solana to the show. Solana is a World Renown Psychic Energy Medium and has communicated with Spirit since the age of 6, when she witnessed the passing of her 2 yr old cousin Cory and a whole other world opened up to her. She is Host of Lite Knights with Solana right here on BTR's Ascension Source Radio and is available for local and astral readings and house/land energetic clearing. Solana is also an Author under the name Sheri Fox, with the release of her first book, Satara due out later this month.
     Join us as we speak of Energy, Heaven, and the unseen energies and their intentions!
     Call in and see what Spirit has for you.

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