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    Why it's OK to call it soccer ...

    in Soccer

    It's the football versus soccer show. In this special episode, Daryl and Taylor compare British-English football terms with American-English soccer terms, asking where each terms comes from, why we use it and whether the British or American usage makes the most sense.

    (0:00 - 1:03:30) Comparing 11 different British football and American soccer terms:

    1. Soccer vs Football

    2. Field vs Pitch

    3. Uniform vs Kit

    4. Cleats vs Boots

    5. Shinguards vs Shinpads

    6. Coach vs Manager

    7. Man Utd is vs Man Utd are

    8. Outside back vs Fullback

    9. Overtime vs Extratime

    10. Shutout vs Clean sheet

    11. Sideline vs Touchline

    (1:03:30 - 1:04:15) PodcastOne.com ad read

    (1:04:15 - end) Scouting network updates on Chelsea's Ruben Loftus Cheek, Bolton Wanderer's Zach Clough, Benfica (now Palermo's) Bryan Cristante, and Sporting KC (now Porto's) Erik Palmer-Brown.

    Join us for the USMNT vs Canada Rabble broadcast on Friday night by clicking this link: https://rabble.tv/broadcast/56b01fe7320ffe3d3a2af625/view



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    The biggest upset in soccer history, plus: Morris signs, Klinsmann and Feilhaber feud

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    It's going to be a chilly weekend on the East Coast, so come warm your ears with the fires of our soccer chat. We talk:

    (0:00 - 11:00) Jordan Morris officially signing with Seattle Sounders in Major League Soccer.

    (11:00 - 22:30) The Benny Feilhaber vs Jurgen Klinsmann feud, with a bonus discussion of USMNT philosophy.

    (22:30 -23:30) http://PodcastOne.com app advertisement

    (24:15 - 35:30) Listener question: What's the biggest upset in international and club soccer history?

    (35:30 - 44:43) Listener question: How would Pep Guardiola fare at Bayern Munich? And how would Tony Pulis do at Bayern Munich?

    (44:43 - 45:40) The Pep to Manchester United rumor

    (45:40 - 50:30) TSS Scouting Network updates, including news about Mallory Pugh, Timothy Weah, Patrick Bamford, Ezequiel Ponce, Bence Mervo and Giovanni Simeone.

    (50:30 - 58:30) Two new scouting assignments — a terrifyingly talented Belgian attacking midfielder and a seemingly unbeatable German goalkeeper.

    (58:30 - end) World's shortest EPL weekend preview.

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    Just Soccer! Tonight we talk anything soccer

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    In tonights episode of Soccer Saavy, presented by The Red LIght Sports Network, Mike Murphy and Troy Otradovec, will chat about soccer.  Yes, tonight is just a general soccer show.  Mike travels to the Phillipines often, and we will chat about growing soccer, in that country.  A sport that many want to play, but he finances make it hard for them to have equipment.  We may look ahead to the Champions league games that will be played next week.  Listen in and give us a call, lets chat soccer.

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    Listener questions — the metric system, US Soccer funding and more ...

    in Soccer

    0:00 - 4:30 Tim Howard and DaMarcus Beasley's USMNT return, Gedion Zelelam's still-not-quite-official loan move to Rangers

    4:30 - 34:30 Listener questions, including the metric system, US sports listing home teams second, US Soccer and DFB's funding, how transfers and contracts work in Europe.

    34:30 - 38:00 The Thomas Tuchel pronunciation competition.

    38:00 - 49:47 Scouting assignments, including US U-17 players at Monterrey and Fulham, plus a US striker at Atletico Madrid.

    49:47 Listen to the very end for the correct pronunciation of Thomas Tuchel

    Got a questions for us? Go to http://totalsoccershow.com/contact and ask away!

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    The greatest soccer cleats of all time, players changing positions, plus TSS Scouting Network

    in Soccer

    0:00 - 12:45 Robert Lewandowski's five goals in nine minutes for Bayern Munich, DeAndre Yedlin's semi-successful Sunderland debut, a new nickname for the USMNT.

    12:45 - 17:-10 What are those semi-circles at the top of the 18-yard-box for?

    17:10 - 29:00 TSS Scouting Network assignments, featuring a NYRB academy player, Bolton's great young English forward, and a dribbly midfielder from UVA.

    29:00 - 42:10 The most iconic soccer cleats of all time.

    42:10 - 51:45 TSS Scouting Network assignments, featuring the 16-year-old NYRB player who scored against Chelsea, the son of one of Africa's greatest ever players, and the Croatian defender whose tackle doubles as a first touch.

    51:45 - 1:03:10 Which players could benefit from a change of position?

    1:03:10 - 1:14:10 TSS Scouting Network assignments, featuring a swervy Uruguayan, a human mirror, and a young RSL defender.

    1:14:10 - 1:23:32 Why do Kazakhstan, Georgia and Azerbaijan play in UEFA instead of the AFC?




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    Champions League Draw, Gedion Zelalem's Debut, Best Soccer Player of All Time

    in Soccer

    We're back! And we've go plenty to talk about.

    0:00 - 3:50 Mario Balotelli's strict new contract

    3:50 - 11:40 UEFA Champions League draw

    11:40 - 52:10 We answer listener questions, including: where can US viewers watch Gedion Zelalem, why short corners, would an extra referee work, has US Soccer ever organized a decent pyramid?

    52:10 - 54:25 Fax-related corrections, Thomas Tuchel pronunciation contest result

    54:25 - 1:11:21 Four additions to the Total Soccer Show Scouting Network, including an American teenager at Barcelona, a speedster who's lighting up MLS, Bosnia's best hope and a future Serbian superstar.

    1:11:21 - 1:17:39 Swansea City vs Manchester United specific predictions.

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    Soccer Primer #1: International soccer vs. club soccer

    in Soccer

    In the first of our new Soccer Primer series, we discuss the differences between club and international football, including a look at the various non-World Cup international tournaments and the player transfer system that exists between clubs. And much much more.

    What's this all about? Well, towards the end of the World Cup, we invited new soccer fans to send us quetions with the subject line: Primer. "We'll answer anything," we said. "There are no stupid questions, only Taylor's stupid answers," one of us said, off air. And the questions arrived. Then arived some more. They're actually still arriving.

    So we've broken our Primer shows, in which we answer said questions, into a series. On the second Primer show, out this Monday, we'll discuss the soccer media, which TV channels are worth your money, and which you should avoid.

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    Episode 66: Major Bieb Soccer

    in Soccer

    The ASN pod is back with your favorite Canadian singer serving as the jumping-off point for Noah Davis and Blake Thomsen to chat about MLS matches being on somewhat-obscure television networks and players in those matches deserving or not deserving calls to the U.S. national team.

  • Another night to chat about soccer

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    In this episdoe of The Red Light Sports Ramble, presented by The Red Light Sports Network, sponsored by Irresistible Gourmet Popcorn, Mike Murphy and Troy Otradovec will find something in the world of soccer to chat about.  The Champions League will be gearing up for game play 2, so more talk about some of the teams that we don't hear much about.  Fasten your seat belts and put your foot on the gas, we are talking going to give you a passionate opinion about the sport of soccer.

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    Is playing club soccer more important than playing high school soccer?

    in Sports

    In this episode of Soccer Saavy; presented by The Red LIght Sports Network; sponsored by Irresistable Gourmet Popcorn, Mike Murphy and Troy Otradovec tackle a very important soccer in American soccer. Club soccer has grown leaps and bounds over the years.  The thing that is happening with club soccer is that players who want to play soccer in college are not playing at the High School level.  So what has to happen with club soccer is that the players are now playing club soccer year round and taking away from high school participation.  Fasten your seat belts and put your foot on the gas - Mike Murphy has an idea that will make you think he has been tipping the bottle.

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    Why is the Champions League the best soccer tournament in the world

    in Sports

    In this episdoe of the "Soccer Saavy"; presented by The Red Light Sports Network, sponsored by Irresistible Gourment Popcorn, Mike Murphy and Troy Otradovec talk about soccer over the pond.  We will be talking about the lates news in the Premier League and getting ready for the Champions League which starts on the 16th of September.  Fasten your seat belts and put your foot on the gas, murph and I may talk about soccer and a ton of other things tonight.