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    Voices of Anakazi with Yareka

    in News

    • Businesses owned by immigrants have an average
    sales level of $435,000, roughly 70 percent of the
    average sales level of non-immigrant firms.
    • Immigrant-owned businesses are slightly more
    likely to hire employees than are non-immigrant-
    owned firms; however, they tend to hire fewer
    employees on average.
    • Immigrant-owned businesses are more likely to
    export their goods and services. Among immi-
    grant businesses, 7.1 percent export compared
    with only 4.4 percent for non-immigrant busi-
    • Entrepreneurship increases with maturity, and
    married people are more likely to start a business.
    • More generally, there is a U-shaped relation-
    ship between entrepreneurship and education.
    Entrepreneurship rates are lower for high school
    graduates than for high school dropouts, but
    entrepreneurship rates are similar between those
    with some college and high school graduates.
    College graduates have higher rates of entrepre-
    neurship, and those with graduate degrees have
    the highest rates of entrepreneurship.
    • Among immigrants, 52.1 percent owned a home
    compared with 70.8 percent of non-immigrants.

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    America Matters Show - Cruz's Demise, Trump's CA Rallies, Benghazi Denials

    in Current Events

    Ted Cruz has chosen Carly Fiorina for his Vice Presidential Candidate in a last ditch effort to save his failing campaign. In the meantime, Donald Trump rallies in California amoung violent liberal protesters who include illegal immigrants. Hillary supporters continue denying Sept 11, 2012 and the terror attacks in Benghazi even with all the evidence.

    JOIN US AT 8PM EASTERN for a lively discussion on the state of the election!

    CALL IN NUMBER: 215-383-3889 or Sign up for an account and meet us in the Chat Room!


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    Justice For Clay-Brain Injured Vet, Trump & Clinton Head 2 Head, & Lucy Girl

    in Politics

    JUSTICE FOR CLAY: A True Story of the Cruel and Unusual Punishment of a Brain Injured  Veteran, Trump & Clinton Turning Their Sights toward one another, Reaganbaby.com's Megan Barth explains. What The 2016 Contenders Can Learn From Eisenhower And Reagan as discussed by Joseph Castleberry President of Northwest University and author of The New Pilgrims, and The Lucy Girl, Lauren Steward Kitchens has another installment of "Life With Lauren."

    Plus college debt is enslaving our millennials, no wonder they love Bernie, The number of immigrants has increased 810% since 1965, Can the GOP hold it together, The eyes of Government are looking at you and "Flies on the Wall" tell all-Former abortion clinic workers tell the dirty secrets you’re not supposed to know.

    We have the experts and the topics that everyone is talking about or should.  Join us for three independent hours of compelling talk radio.  It's all about the truth that will get this country back on track.  And remember to send in your email to win a pair of tickets to the screening of "Climate Hustle," a Fathom event showing nationwide on 400 screens May 2nd at 7p local time.  Email me, Bill@billmartinezlive.com.  

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    immigration in the land of the free pt.1

    in Current Events

    from liverpool to australia, to phoenix, az, one man talks about his journey as an immigrant (and his recent union to his wife, who is also on an immigration journey).

    we are a nation of citizens who began as immigrants, and we all have stories to share. these are the stories that give this nation character.

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    Obama will break Armenian genocide promise (again)

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    Obama will break Armenian genocide promise (again)

    Cops get slap on the wrist for pleading guilty to slaughtering innocent civilians on a bridge

    In Moscow, Israel Israel Prime Minister pushes Putin on Syria, Iran concerns

    after beating, tazing, and suffocating handcuffed man to death, cops delete only video----lawsuit

    World media watchdog: truthful media in decline, a "new era of propaganda is upon us"

    Cop shoots up his home, shooting cops to show up----gets taken in alive because he's a cop

    California just dealt a fatal blow to its taxpayers

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    Has President Obama Purposely Ignored The African American Community?

    in Women

    President Obama has done an outstanding job while in office, addressing the needs of immigrants, the LGBT comunity, the handicaped. But what has been done to address the crisis of violence against black people? Author Michael Eric Dyson, in his book The Black Presidency, makes some critical observations about how America's first black President has seemingly avoided appearing "too black." Many have observed that while President Obama gives praise and encouragement in his speeches to other groups, his tone when speaking to blacks has been one of scolding and reprimands. Is President Obama "talking down" to blacks? Is he purposely ignoring please of black leaders to come to his hoe town Chicago and address the violence? He came to talk to the police at a gathering last year, careful not to sound too disapproving despite the reports showing the racial bias within the police stops and arrests. Shootings continue to happen at epidemic proportions. The President has visited places where whites have been the victims of tragic shootings, but never went to south Carolina where church members were slaughtered by white supremist Dillon Roof, and has yet to come back to his hometown of Chicago, despite the ongoing killings every day. Is President Barack Obama purposely ignoring the African American community?

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    Adoration with Evangelist Lewis McIlwain and Guest Yvonne Jones Lembo

    in Christianity

    Claimed by Jesus Christ, Yvonne Jones Lembo was born to a family of pioneering Christian leaders in the African-American Pentecostal movement. With strong Christian roots, she has grown up and branched out in fellowship and service across denominations in the Body of Christ. Gifted by the Lord in intercessory prayer and the ministry of the Word through singing, writing, preaching and teaching, she served God’s people through music, congregational care, and ministry to women, children and youth. She has witnessed the Gospel of Jesus Christ on college campuses, street corners, prisons, hospitals, and nursing homes; ministered to the homeless, families in need, immigrants and refugees. Yvonne served with worldwide evangelism teams in the Caribbean, Europe and Africa, and has taken the lead in mobilizing African-Americans for missions through ministries such as the African American Missions Summit, the Global Round Table, and Meet Me in Africa. Yvonne has served on the Executive Team of Catalyst for Change Church of Philadelphia since 2011.  In 2012, she was consecrated as an Evangelist Missionary with the Church of God in Christ. She received the Master of Divinity with honors from Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia in 2013. Affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America since 2006, she serves as Regional Gift Planner for Eastern Pennsylvania with the ELCA Foundation.

    “Enlarge the place of your tent and let them stretch out the curtains of your dwellings.Do not spare. Lengthen your cords and strengthen your stakes For you shall expand to the right and to the left. And your descendants will inherit the nations and make the desolate cities inhabited.” Isaiah 54:2-3 

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    Gene Epstein

    in Comedy

    Gene Epstein joins the show to discuss Jewish history, the minimum wage, immigrants undercutting American jobs, international trade, immigration, and more!

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    Learning about Our Ancestors Segment, Part 4 – Governor Ralph M. Paiewonsky

    in Culture

    Ralph Moses Paiewonsky (Nov. 9, 1907, St Thomas, Danish West Indies – Nov. 9, 1991, St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands) was a businessman and politician who served as the 9th civilian governor of the US Virgin Islands from 1961-1969.

    The son of Jewish Lithuanian immigrants to the Danish West Indies, Ralph Paiewonsky graduated from New York University in 1930nwith a degree in chemistry. His father owned A.H. Riise & Co. Ltd., an apothecary, general store, and a bay rum distillery in St. Thomas. After he returned to the Virgin Islands, his father bought the government-owned beverage rum distillery on St. Croix.

    After Ralph found out that the shortage of water limited expansion, he proceeded to develop yeast strains which could ferment a mixture of molasses and seawater. After expansion, he sold the distillery and turned to converting the general store to a gift boutique. He managed various family businesses and was a founder of the West Indies Bank and Trust Company in 1954. In 1961, he was appointed Governor by President John F. Kennedy.

    Gov. Paiewonsky's administration established the Dept. of Housing & Community Renewal in 1962, and began a program of land acquisition and home construction. Approximately 8,000 new homes were built under this program during his term. He also supported public education reforms and the establishment of the University of the Virgin Islands (UVI) in 1962. Paiewonsky served as chairman of UVI's board of directors until his death; UVI's library on St. Thomas is named for Paiewonsky.

    We're honored to have Valerie Sims of Vintage Virgin Islands blog drop by to share a tidbit or two. Welcome, Valerie!

    Visit Vintage Virgin Islands at www.VintageVirginIslands.com/

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    Gathering Spaces -Intersection Between Cultural and Nature-"La Ronda Parataka”

    in Visual Arts

     “La Ronda Parakata” is a circular sculpture inspired by the magic symbolism of the butterfly, harmony with nature, and migration—a shared experience for the Chicago communities prioritized here. Pilsen and Little Village have for decades been Mexican immigrant communities. Chinatown is home to the newly arrived and to families who traveled here generations ago. Bronzeville’s rich history was shaped by the Great Migration. This Gathering Space will honor all of those traditions by providing a space inspired by nature’s migrant, the butterfly.

    The Monarch butterfly has become an important metaphor for Mexican immigrants. Symbolizing freedom, the butterfly follows the same migratory route Latin Americans do, without being asked for a visa. “Parakata” means “butterfly” in the indigenous Purepecha language, spoken in Michoacán, the Mexican state where Monarch butterflies winter.  We believe the butterfly is a beautiful, universal symbol for all immigrants and travelers.

    The Burnham Wildlife Corridor Curatorial Committee, Chicago Park District, and The Field Museum in their restoration of these natural habitat, investigate not only to inspire improvement of the  infrastructure but also show how temporary installations skillfully connect public art projects with how public space plans are developed and implemented.

    "Tactical Urbanism", Public Participatory art projects allows the public to collaborate. 

    Investigation: What does it mean to exhibit in temporary installation spaces outside of the museum? Unanticipated Impacts? Why are the ideas of functionality and beauty major precepts in your proposed work?

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    Worst week for the Frontruners!

    in Politics

    Good morning, today on The Meter, we will cover what pundits have called the "worst week" for both Frontruners. Donald Trump lost Wisconsin and was forced to backtrack comments about abortion, solidifying the establishments justification of NEVER TRUMP convention. On the democratic side Berine Sanders chalked up his sixth straight win in WI, closing the pledged delegate count to 203. Is Hillary at risk of losing the suport of the Super Delegates? New York is next up as Donald Trump leads huge and Hillary clings to a 10 point advantage. Please join th discussion at 9:00 A.M. The call in number is 347-308-8933. Your input is essential. www.blogtalkradio.com/themeter.