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    "Girl Talk with Lynne"

    in Romance

    What are some issues woman face today either being single or married?

    Is there pressure for things like a husband, or children and how do you handle it?

    How do you handle broken trust? From another Sista, family member or spouse?

    Is there pressure in our society for woman to be "Virtuous" or is that a thing in the past.

    We always hear the slogan "Real Men..." What does a "Real Man" do?

    These are things that will be discussed tonight on "Reflections with Lynne". 

    Guest Host: Letha "Cookie" Parrott and Cheryl Hall

    Call in to be a part of the audience at (347) 215-9556.

    It's going to be a fun time!



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    T.E.A Time - Masculine Barbershop in McDonough, Georgia

    in Entrepreneur

    T.E.A Time 2015 Premieres with Masculine Barbershop located in McDonough, Georgia established in 2013 is focused and dedicated to providing a comfortable, affordable and professional atmosphere for hair grooming. Owned and operated under Mr. Adasi Thomas, Masculine barbershop is located 2252 Hwy 42 North in McDonough, Georgia in Henry County and opened 7 days a week and providing services for men, women and children. Feel free to go online and reserve & book your hair appointment at http://www.masculinebarbershop.org/ 

    T.E.A Time- A acronym for The Entrepreneurial Academy -slogan "Thrist For Enrichment &Achievement For Your Small Business Development is a interactive project developed by LouddMouth Radio Producer Sabrina Sonny Jones-Smith to provide tools & resources to new & existing entrepreneurs throughout the world through the LouddMouth Media Brand. LouddMouthradio.com reaches listeners online on http://stitcher.com & http://tunein.com two dynamic podcasts platforms reaching over 50 million+ active monthly listeners & 4 million in car dashboards. 

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    Sisters4Freedom talk Freedom, Rights and Reflection on MLK JR.

    in Politics Conservative

    Hello and thank you for joining us on the Sisters4Freedom blog radio show. I am Glo Smith, along with my co-hosts Babette Holder, and Kuuleme Stephens. We are a group of conservative women daring to make a difference.  Our slogan "Heels On The Ground" was created to identify ways to help all of us become, and stay involved in our communities politically.

    We will dedicate the show to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and have a great time talking about and celebrating his life.  Was Dr. King Jr., a conservative or republican?  What was his position with Planned Parenthood?   How has Civil Rights of the past and where we are today differ? Additionally, we will discuss religious pluralism, campus religious freedoms, and the President's State Of The Union Address.

    We want you to enjoy our "good news" and "wacky" stories in the last segment.

    Don't forget that we consider you an extended family member, so you are invited to participate by calling the show, and by connecting with us in the chat room.  Call in number is 347-850-8231- live at 6:30 PM Eastern, 5:30 PM Central, 4:30 PM Mountain, 3:30 PM Pacific.    Additionally, You can help us to share the show with your Facebook network.  Simply go to BlogTalkRadio.com and click on the “Connect using Facebook” button at the top of the page and follow the prompts.

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    Charlie Hebdo

    in Politics

    A defiant Charlie Hebdo cover of a crying Prophet Muhammad above the slogan "All is Forgiven" was reproduced by media around the world on Tuesday but was seen by many Muslims as an unnecessary provocation.
    "Charlie Hebdo has again insulted the Prophet," the conservative news website Tabnak asserted, next to a blurred image of the cover.Major Arab broadcasters Al-Arabiya and Al-Jazeera did not show the cover in their reports.
    Almost none of the newspapers in Italy and in Russia carried the cover image.Many US news media showed prudence. New York Times website reported on the Muhammad cover but providing readers only with a link to the site of the French newspaper Liberation. Major television networks also did not reproduce the cover.
    Wall Street Journal, though, did, and so did tabloids like New York Daily News.Times of India




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    Taking Charge in 2015- Making The Necessary Shifts

    in Current Events

    Join Nu Blak Order BPC Radio For "_The Great Mother Speaks" a live call in show @ 9 pm ct 10 pm Eastern and 8 pm my
    Topic: Vibrating correctly when the Earth Shifts and seasons change
    Also The movie Selma and Who is the Jew who has taken the slogan " I met God and she is Black"
    You do not want to miss this show!

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    Read Aloud of Policies and Programs: Topic: A Senate Hearing

    in Elections

    Sherlene for 2016 President

    2016: The White House of "Choice" under the Stevens's Administration.

    Official Campaign Website, http://www.sherleneonline.com

    Campaign Slogan: What is "it" members?

    Say: "It is me. It is my family. 'It' ... is America!"

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    in Politics Conservative

    Hello and welcome to the Sisters4Freedom blog radio show family with Babette Holder, Glo Smith and Kuuleme Stephens. We are a group of conservative women daring to make a difference.  Our slogan "Heels On The Ground" was created to identify ways to help all of us become, and stay involved in our communities politically.  In just a few minutes, you will get to know each of us a little better.

    Sisters4Freedom is designed to provide you with relevant and timely information to help you think critically about the issues affecting your life, community and country.  We plan to share our thoughts and give you our honest opinions in many areas, including issues facing America, upcoming elections, controversial topics, and the country’s current political landscape.

    It is common for many families not to discuss politics at the dinner table.  Here, at Sisters4Freedom we are banning that rule. So that means everything is open for debate and discussion.  We all know how stressful and lively political conversations can get, so our show is designed to give our listeners an opportunity to participate and express their ideas.

    There may be times when things get a little heated, which is fine.  However after all of that tense interaction, we will settle down and talk about the things that unite us, and make our family bond stronger. Our plan is to have a little fun by covering entertaining news, and to keep it real with helpful advice covering everything from relationships, health and fitness, money issues, beauty tips and a host other topics.  We consider you an extended family member, so you are invited to participate by calling the show, and by connecting with us in the chat room.  Call in number is 347-850-8231- live at 6:30 PM Eastern, 5:30 PM Central, 4:30 PM Mountain, 3:30 PM Pacific.  

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    Conservative Patriot Revival

    in Culture

    What “Revival” means

    We have to stop thinking that revival only means church activity. Revival is the rebooting of the soul. To me it’s the reuniting with values and principles given to us by the Creator and a time of self-examination. Revival is not an event. It’s part of our daily life. Webster says it’s a “bringing again into activity and prominence and denotes an act or actions.
    What we, as conservatives, need, is a revival of the spirit and a renewal of the soul. We need a reawakening of why we are conservatives and what it means. We need a revival, a conservative revival. The message of conservatism is getting lost in the rhetoric and diversionary tactics of the left. Only we the people can bring it back.
    When things go wrong, it’s easy to blame others. Blaming others for difficulties is the easy way out. That’s why it’s so popular. Turn on any daytime talk show and you’ll find endless examples of people blaming everybody and everything for the way things have turned out. Conservative takes responsibility and act to change those things rather than blaming others. Hence the slogan, “If it’s going to be, it’s up to me”. Truly this is the conservative mantra.
    As a medic when I revived someone I brought them back to consciousness . This site, hopefully, will revive or wake up the spirit of the Founders in all of us and start looking at our government as being a part of us. We The People!
    Welcome to Conservative Patriots Revival.

    Join us as leaders of the group discuss the purpose of the group.

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    Speak Life Radio ~ 2015 Is Almost Here "Turn Down For What???"

    in Motivation

    Speak Life Radio ~ 2015 Is Almost Here "Turn Down For What???"

    Abundant blessings family and welcome back to another amazing show, in fact this will be our last show of the year! Whoooo Hooooo we are so Super EXCITED and anxious about what the new year will bring!!!! Bye bye 2014 hello 2015, the year of Overflow, Great Opportunities, New Beginnings and a Ripe Harvest ready for a picken! We are gonnaTurn Up and BLAST INTO 2015 ON FIRE filled with Enthusiam, Tennacity, Prosperity Minded, Uplifted and Encouraged. 

     We have two super amazing Guest Speakers for you that wil spark a great desire in you to live your best life ever!!!! One of the top New Year Resolutions for people is to become fit, to lose weight or get in shape, well one of our guest speakers is Vince Singletary a certified fitness professional since 2008. He studies and obtained  an associate degree in Exercise Science plus two national certifications in medical rehab, nutrition and sports specific training background.

     Vince's slogan is "Change Begins With You" He can give you the tools to succeed but you must appy yourself. It's not easy but it's worth it! Vince specializes in affordable boot camps, one on one training, public speaking, online nutrition/workout program designs and consultation. Our next guest is Patiece Jackson A.K.A Ms. Savvy Pro,  an entrepreneur and motivational speaker. Drawing upon her own history and experiences, Jackson speaks with individuals and groups about how they can get motivated to succeed. For Patrice, identifying your passion and following that passion is the key to success in both business and life. 

     Jackson is the Owner of Savvy Professionals and currently serves as the Executive Director of the company, Jackson is a skilled entrepreneur and has honored her shills working in Customer Service for Fortune 500 companies and more. Please join us!!!

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    C.D. - Black Lives / Police Lives Matter; The Ultimate Dichotomy?

    in Current Events

    This Saturday, as we wind down to the end of 2014, we on Critical Discourse want to re-examine the impact of the shooting deaths of 2 NYC police officers, and what this means for future relations between the police and the black community, countrywide, but more importantly, what it means for black-on-black intra-relationships.

    In the meantime, on December 21st, a Tarpon Springs (Florida) policeman was shot, run over and killed.

    A sign of more things to come?

    A slogan we've seen of late, Black Lives Matter, suggests that an attitude exists, whereby they do not, thus white and others' do.

    At what point does the black community and other "people of good will" recognize that Black Lives Matter?



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    Hard Starboard Radio: The Black Klan Draws Blood

    in Politics Conservative

    Two NYPD police officers shot & killed in revenge for Ferguson, Garner grand jury verdicts; NYC cop killer spoke Arabic, had Muslim Brotherhood slogan posted on his Facebook page; Al Sharpton & NAACP flee accountability for NYC cop slayings - pathetically; NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio also has blood on his hands; The culpability for inciting the murder of two cops reaches to the highest levels of media and government; and Which side of the aisle is more racist than the other? It’s not even close.

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