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    “Life Is Short, Have An Affair”, Ashley Madison.com

    in Religion

    “Life is short, have an affair” is the slogan of AshleyMadison.com. Not only does AshleyMadison.com promote illicit affairs but also claims the affairs are healthy for marriages. We will explore Ashley Madison’s perspective on how affairs are healthy for marriages. Of course this perspective will be examined through the Holy Scriptures.

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  • Billboard P & BottemLine

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    Founder of Boyz-Life/U.S.T.P.O. Provisional Patent Rights Owner of The 1n only Producers Leased Beat Auction. Billboard P born Rudolph Spivey in Newark in the City of Newark. He is one of New Jersey's most promising artist on the come up. He proclaims to be one of the best song writer's coming from the streets of NJ. In the mid eighties his parents moved from the City of Newark to Plainfield, Nj. First son of seven siblings, Rudolph got his first glimpse of the streets and the old school gang life growing up. In  the Queen City then your gang was the block you was from. Due the drug plague that took every urban city under, his family became victims and products of the environment. Now a father of two son he chose to use his lyrics to create graghic metephores and rhyme schemes giving you a full embodiment of life thru Billboard P's mind state and view points.CO-FOUNDER OF BOYZ-LIFE and Artist BottemLine born Jammal Goodwin in Corona Queens, N.Y. Affiliates:REELISTICPIXELZ, CROSS STREETZ TV
    SITES/AVAILABLE SOUNDS:BOYZLIFE FB MUSIC PAGE, BottemLine On SoundCloud, BOYZ-LIFE on AudioMack.com, YouTube E.t.c

    "Boyz-Life" is the brand "stay positive we active" is the slogan! "Talkin mad trash" is the motto! "You gone take this love" remains the stamp!

    PRESS PLAY 2013 Produce by Young Roc, Piff Beatz: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2untNfmegHU&feature=youtu.be



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    Mz. Koko Bowden interviews Prayer Warrior Watana Alcon

    in Indie Music

    Mz. Koko Bowden interviews Prayer Warrior  Watana Alcon

    I have a prayer and music ministry. My prayer ministry is called Prayer Warrior 24/7 and is a 24/7 prayer line. March 2015 will be the 3rd year anniversary of prayer ministry.The prayer line is when I talk and pray with the callers who call with prayer requests. The prayer ministry came about after 3-6 months of waking up at 3 AM every night. I began to pray to God as to why I was being woke up at same time every night. Then,a friend put at the end of a text message PW 4 ever and I asked what does PW mean.They said Prayer Warrior 4 ever.Then,after much prayer Prayer Warrior 24/7 began.Prayer Warrior 24/7 slogan is:"Staying on track for Jesus." My music ministry is my Christian freestyle rap and my stage name is PW 24/7. PW 24/7 is short form of my prayer ministry name. My mission in both ministries is to fulfill The Great Commission that is mentioned in the Bible. My music ministry has been going since May 2014. Music has been a big part of my life from  children's choir-adult choir in church. PW 24/7 was started at the All Christ Cafe at the open mic in May 2014. My freestyle raps are given by God and no lyrics are needed because it's spur of the moment rap. My goal as PW 24/7 is to reach people who are on the street or do not know about Jesus Christ or God. In my life Christian rap sticks in my head longer and is as beneficial as other Christian music. PW 24/7 is an opportunity for me to share my life experiences with others through Christian freestyle rap.I have been inspired by God to share the good news with others through prayer and music. I am a kind and compassionate person who loves all and in my ministries that is the image I want to show.If you need more details,let me know. Thanks for this opportunity

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    KINGS IN THE MORNING feat SPECIAL GUEST Robert Redwine Booty Doo

    in Radio

            I don't understand why Robert Redwine doesn't want to be a special guest????  Why not?  And the way Tamechi said his new nickname BOOTY DOO, he should embrace that powerful name with open arms.  By now those of you who listen to KINGS IN THE MORNING know about R Redwine's antics.  Late to the show most of the time, always trying to break up some $!*? (s**t for those who don't get it)  And just aggravated everyone with his deep sinus breathing and off remarks, you know "oh yeah, babe" at the wrong time.  And you either love him or hate his guts, since a lot of us don't have the balls to hate people who we'd love to hate, but too many repercussions go with it, so you can easily hate a guy you don't have to come in contact with.  Like McDonalds has the slogan, "I'm Lovin' It!" - with Robert on the show, here's one guy who is saying, "I'm hatin' It!!!"  347-205-9366.  The JKN.

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    Ron Strowger - Engraving Emporium with Kevin Hunter TBFS Radio

    in Business

    Host Kevin Hunter of The Business Forum Show feeatures guest Ron Strowger from Engraving Emporium Inc. Ron's slogan is "Never Say Never!" He has positive energy and the creative get-it-done attitude we love to see here on The Business Forum Show. He deals with commercial engraving, stamps, awards, sandblasting, and custom printed products. It's a tricky business because your mistakes are permanent... on jewelry and watches, so you need an expert working on your order. Ron has 2 sides to his business, and getting started was difficult. Listen in to hear what Ron did to attract both commercial and industrial engraving work. 


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    Artist Name: Show-Case


    Genre: Hip Hop/Rap


    Born: December 19, 1989 in Queens, Ny. Currently Resides at Brentwood NY 


    When I first began making music at the age of 17,it was then that I submerged myself in the thought of making it everyday. Inspired by great legends of hip-hop and rap like Nas and Biggie,I began pursuing my passion consistently.Studying countless hours,my goal was to ultimately become one of the best. The more I studied,the more I knew I possessed a special talent with words; my hunger for more knowledge and creating an unforgettable stage presence became my driving force. At 18 ,I was given the opportunity to get my advanced regents diploma by going through a program to become an audio engineer. As time progressed I realized that engineering my own records would give me complete control over the way I want my records to sound.I graduated from the Institute Of Audio Research (IAR), located in Manhattan,NY with a 3.9 GPA and soon began landing numerous internships,one being at Stush Studios,which helped tremendously to expand my musical experience.Fast Forward to the present day...I've built my own studio, engineer my own records, and produce high quality material. I've created my own brand called "1st Thought Records",which is a movement that promotes the concept that a person should never doubt in what they believe is right.I live by the slogan,"First thought I'm Never Second Guessing". The time is now to convey the vision I see in the future.My first official mixtape,"The Prequel",coming soon,Indicates the calm before the storm. With all the time that I have spent trying to master my craft, I believe this is my moment to show the world what i'm capable of!

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    Should You Vaccinate Your Child?

    in Health

    I passed a pet store the other day and heard a parrot say, "The MMR vaccine is perfectly safe and efective!"

    Repeating the slogan over and over does not make it so. Someome needs to inform the mainstream press of that fact. Neither will calling people who are alarmed at the number and severity of "side effects" resulting from childhood vaccinations, 3rd grade, school-yard names.

    Listen to this broadcast to hear the "other side" of the vaccination debate.


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    The LUVCOACH Show with guest Evelyn Ballin

    in Relationships

    My guest EVELYN S. BALLIN was born in Brooklyn, NY, resided in Massachusetts and went to the same college I did, Northeastern University in Boston.

    Evelyn is the owner of Art & Music Development Studio located in Hollywood, Florida.  She has a deep knowing that when you KNOW you are Love...All is Well.  That’s why her slogan is; “Think Love, Know Peace!” At the Studio she helps people discover who they are by utilizing the Creative Play Shops.  As a result, her clients make major personal discoveries through her unique creative and fun programs.

    She is having an event on Saturday, February 14th from 12 noon until…called Valentine’s Day Extravaganza

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    Charlie Crimebuster EP7 How to detect a terriost plot

    in Education

    Since the infamous 911, we have no idea how many times Law Enforcement and the Authorites have stopped another attempt on our soil. We do know that thanks to the countless people who are on the watch, lives have been saved. The Homeland Security slogan, "See Something-Say Something" is more than just a slogan. Learn how to report a crime, learn how to look for signs.....Learn how to keep you and your loved ones save by being alert.

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    CEOs, America's Black History Month Aint No Game

    in Politics Progressive

    February is a short month and it is filled with emotions of Americans. America's Black History Month of February includes lots of events. Sports fans enjoyed SuperBowl! Americans will participate in and celebrate Ground Hog day! Valentine Day! President's Day! Madi Gras! and Lent begins! Lots of money will be made by America's corporations. Ma and Pa companies, florist and ballon companies will get to make lots and lots of money. Lots of this money will be spent by a group who is the biggest spending block on the planet. Yet the recognition of the value of this group is demeaning more times than not. This group is into buying like not other group of Americans. This group is purposely marketed to COE's, spending millions if not billions of dollars are keep this group engaged. You hear few companies use the slogan, Happy Black History Month. Maybe these big spenders may decide to spend in other venues. CEOs, February is America's Black History Month, Celebrate!

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