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    How Skin Problems Can Affect Your Business and Your Life

    in Entrepreneur

    Jennifer Nassi, holistic health coach and Clear Skin Diva talks with Michaelene Tetteh about how skin problems can affect your busines and your life and offers solutions for keeping your skin healthy.
    She has an outstanding offer for listeners of this episode.
    You can contact Jennifer Nassi the Clear Skin Diva at:

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    The P.Missick Encouraging Show#41/ Let's Hear Your Testament

    in Spirituality

    We have talked about a lot of good things concerning the Lord. We noted scriptures on prayer, and diversified healings. Now, it is your turn to reveal to the listening audience the wonderful things that God has done for you. There are so many things you have asked God for now it is your turn to give back some information. You can talk about the following things that God rescued you from: deformities, heart disease, cancer, gout, stomach sickness, mental problems, alcoholism, drug addiction, leg problems, foot problems, skin problems, headaches, dental problems, stroke, fractures, HIV, back problems, eye problems, kidney disease, ear problems, mouth problems, and other diseases or sicknesses. We are looking to hear from you. Danelle and MIchael will be hosting for this great project.

    The ball is in your court. We are giving you the time to talk about it and give God the glory.  Have your speech ready to tell the world about this great God who heals, saves and delivers. Here is your guest call in number: (646 716-4929.

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    Conservative Party (Washington) - The Bad Attitude Guide To Good Citizenship

    in Politics Conservative

    This weeks Bad Attitude Guide To Good Citizenship has been postponed to bring you a show, hosted by special guest: General Gonzo S. Patton, here to discuss the goings on in the media, in America and to solve the problems of the day. Lord help us all, once the General has control, no telling what will happen. I can assure you of one thing, we took him off his meds a week ago and he keeps pulling at the chains ranting about a "grassy book suppository". 

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    Brain Injury Communication w/Host Michael Idell - Transitioning w/ Lisa Dryer

    in Education

    Previously Recorded:
    Transitioning into the community after a brain injury has enough personal bouts of their own with physical and/or neurological impairments. Getting assistance is very dificult where we can go, who to talk to, and finding people who understand. Family and friends many times don't have the patience. Government offices don't have much to offer to people with cognitive disabilities. State brain injury centers have a limited amount of resources to offer or don't communicate well with many individuals. 

    Lisa Dryer and Michael Idell have both lived in different parts of the country since having their brain injuries. They have found a number of people in their support groups nationally who have had all of these problems and more. They advocate for change and would like to get the word out to medical professionals by survivors, caregivers and the public who are knowledgable with the disabled community. 

    Please join us and speak together in a positive, uplifting atmosphere to share and tell our stories. We are alive and have accomplished so much. Let's start educating the public that we do exist and to keep an open mind this could be anyone we know at any given moment. 

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    A Better Person For President Is On Blog Talk Radio At 5:30pm - Curtis Clinton

    in Elections

    The Title says it all. Why. It makes sense. I come from your place, or very close to it, Even if we are at odds we are closer than others. I am not campaigning for your money, am not a Politician, will be among the best smart Commander-In-Chiefs, even protecting our military men and women. What are your problems or worries. They are many of mine because many of them touch me or have touched me, touched my family and people we know and don’t know. I know an unknown person has no chance to be seen by you. I know that its stupid to do this, and it even looks more stupid. But it’s not that stupid when you consider all the stupid things that are going on right now or that have just happened. Please see me in a better smart light. I say things that you may not like or want to hear. But they are for our own good, I must say them and bring them to light and right. There are some faulty people running for President. I am not one of them. I am one of us, if you can understand that in all its fullness. I know that when you get in the White House, things change. But I will be mind-fast heart-fast soul-fast honest-fast truth-fast. If you are a person I want better for you. If you are an animal I want better for you. If you are the earth I want better for earth. The White House belongs to you, not to a Political Party but a person of the people, ordinary if necessary. I am Curtis Clinton, in fact, a better Clinton. If you see it that way, could you and will you put together 120,000,000 Write-In Ballots for a Presidency being for us, with just one of us in there seeing to a better United States and for Americans with blood types of O's, A's and B's. If that many are cast, we will not have a divided country or Congress. One caring willing doing person can start a better world. You can begin with such a President. I am here for you.This is not for me. thanks, bwell, c2it, i am c2 I am Curt Clinton

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    The Queen Me Show: I Want My Stuff Back

    in Radio

    Some of us of have lost our minds, souls, happiness, precious moments or innocence and want back those items. Some of us never had a chance to express how we feel/felt to those that we allowed to come in and take away everything that could have been beautiful. How do we let our husbands or partners know what’s on our hearts? Will most men run away once we begin to express the pain we have been thru. Some of us have been thru physical and verbal abuse, molestation, a victim of robbery, rape the list goes on and on. How do we get that back how can we erase those memories?

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    The Audible Bible Zechariah Chap 13- Malachi Chap 4, God, Purity, Divine Honor

    in Social Networking

    The Book of Zechariah presents God and Purity. According to the word of the Lord God in Zechariah, purification means we have to adjust our habits to God’s word; we have to admit we are the origin and the source off all the problems we are facing in the world today and not God. Significantly, we need to shift the self toward God and His Word and give up all doubts and complaints to let Him work in us. If we wholeheartedly allow God to be our potter and humbly be His clay, He will center us in His hands, mold and make us by given us the form and shape according to His pleasing desires. Allow Him to wash, cleanse and purify us with the precious blood of Jesus Christ His Son, Our Lord and Savior.

    The Book of Malachi presents God and Divine Honor.  It shows God's throught history has been manifesting His unconditional, unswerving and reliable love toward us. He desires that we honor Him by returning that love through being obedient and worship Him indeed and in true. We can honor God by committing to Him. We also can honor Him by accepting His Son Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior.

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    Some Saturday thoughts about the front pages

    in Politics

    We will look at the front pages and a few of my American Thinker posts from last week:  

    The Clintons and their problems with the Foundation;

    the Democrats and alternatives to Hillary Clinton;

    the Clintons vs Schweizer book;

    the same sex marriage debate before the Supreme Court....should voters or judges define marriage; 

    the latest GDP numbers are not encouraging; and,

    Bernie Sanders running on a populist agenda.

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    Positively Autistic - Jeanette's Autism Show

    in Lifestyle

    This is Jeanette Purkis's radio show where she and invited guests talk about all things Autism. Jeanette is an Autistic author, advocate and public speaker and is passionate about empowering people on the Autism spectrum to live fulfilled and positive lives. Jeanette is a keen advocate for inclusion and appropriate support for people with Autism spectrum conditions in such areas as employment, education, parenting and access to health services.

    This week Jeanette will be speaking with Jeff Craig, an epigenetic researcher at the Murdoch Children's Research Institute. Jeanette has asked friends and contacts to come up with some questions for Jeff given that genetic research can be a little bit contentious. This show could generate some differences of opinion and robust discussion - often a good thing.

    Jeff Craig decribes himself as a researcher at work and in the garden. In his early career, he was locked inside a dark room for a few years studying human chromosomes. Seven years ago he saw the light and started working with human early life cohorts, which made his life much more interesting. He now blames epigenetics for every chronic illness, spouts forth such phrases as "you are what your mother ate" and is just starting to produce evidence to support these ideas. He believes that students, General Practitioners, and the public need to know about his crazy ideas and frequently speaks to them to get feedback to inspire his research. He is also obsessed with twins and thinks that they hold the key to understanding to roots of all human health problems. Jeff's aim is to use the science of 'epigenetics' to detect autisms early and to help understand the causes and mechanisms of autisms.

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    Healing River: (050115) The Perils of a Passive Mind

    in Christianity

    Passivity of mind leads to much stress. It ultimately steals our peace.  One can experience memory problems, difficulty making decisions, difficulty concentrating, and a lack of judgment as a result.  Feelings can seem out of kilter.   Do the wheels of your mind turn so much that you cannot rest, while at other times you feel so mentally drained that you cannot even focus on a simple task?   Do you tend to be overly talkative without accomplishing much. or do you simply feel crushed and unable to function at times?  If you are seeking peace of mind and restoration of your judgment, memory, and focus, join us tonight as we discuss the perils of a passive mind.              

    For snail mail requests or to support this ministry:

    Deborah Lemke, PO Box 1511, Oshkosh, WI 54901




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    Power Points of Victory

    in Self Help

    "What Color Was Jesus Christ?” May 1, 2015. Dr. Johnson examines the genetics of inheritance, the fossil record and the ancient history of North Africa, The influx of the Greeks, Romans and Asians in modern times to explain why Jesus did not look European.