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    This week On the Trigger with Cruz, all things bang will be two hours!

    in Current Events

    This week On the Trigger with Cruz, all things bang will be two hours! Cruz is going to cover a few training questions that came in. Talk shotguns for the fight. Introduce weekly shooting drill challenge. His guest this week will be Doc of RSKTKR consulting. And he will be taking your calls! Tune in Tuesday night 7 to 9 with Cruz, where the show is about you and for you! OT/OT

    “Doc” -Owner, spent 11 years in the U.S. Navy, 5 years as a Security Specialist, he transitioned to being a Corpsman (Combat Medic) and he was attached to a Marine Corps Special Operations Unit, where he was responsible for the health and safety of the team while it was doing all forms of Missions. He became a Civilian in 2001 and began working in the Middle East and Europe as a Private Military Contractor, working Static and Dynamic positions as a PSD Operator and Force Protection Specialist. After returning to the States he took his experience and went to work at the Federal Air Marshal Training center in Atlantic city NJ teaching Advanced Pistol and Concealed Carry to the Federal Law enforcement Officers that protect our skies. He then went on to work for several PMC Companies in management and teaching capacities including S.E.R.E. School and Department of State as a Rangemaster.

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    The Author Chat Show with Lynda D. Brown

    in Books

    Meet author Sarah Hathaway. I'll be 'chatting' with her about her book, Day After Disaster.

    About the book:

    Day After Disaster is an apocalyptic, adventure story in which a dynamic woman, mother and wife struggles, against all odds, to find her family, dead or alive, in a world being tormented by Mother Nature.

    About the author:

    As a child, growing up in rural Michigan, I fished the Great Lakes with my family, gardened and canned with my mother, shot rifles and shotguns with my grandfather, and learned to bow hunt, and process animals with my neighbor. I also had a horse who was my best buddy and we spent many days in the woods together. At the age of sixteen I moved to Northern California. Here I graduated from the California State University of Sacramento, met my husband, and had two beautiful boys.

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    Bayberries, shotguns, picking homestead land and more...

    in Current Events

    Scott covers the latest news from the farm, uses for the bayberry plant, shotgun recommendations, things to think about when picking out land for the homestead and more.

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    Free Fire Friday (gun talk)

    in Politics Conservative

    Johnny kempen Talks about guns tracking loading.

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    2015 NFL Draft: Welcome to the show

    in Football

    Seth and Justin are back talking the 2015 NFL Draft as they take a look at the upcoming class.

    Who are some prospects that have impressed?

    Who has some work to do?

    What underclassmen could impact the draft the most?

    All that and more on the initial 2015 NFL Draft podcast.

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    CFB Preview

    in Sports

    Bryan invites Alex Adams on to discuss the CFB season with the Guru sidelined with phone issues. 

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    Firearms and Security for Self Reliance and Grid Down Situations

    in Politics Conservative

    I get asked all the time about what firearms people should procure for end of the world situations. First off, as you know, I consider "the end of the world scenarios" to be the last type scenario you should be preparing for, but it just so happens that most of the weapons I would suggest for the end of the world will also work in all of the most common self defense situations most people will face.

    And the first thing you should know is that everyone's situation is going to be a bit different and because of that, suggestions for self and home defense may well also be different. There is no one size fits all that is going to work for everyone.

    If you live in a home 70 miles from anywhere and anyone in the wilds of Montanna, your needs and your situation is going to be different than a person living in an apartment in downtown Houston.

    What you are going to have to consider as possible "threats" which will have to be overcome may well be much different as well. You will not have to worry about an 800 pound grizzly bear in downtown Houston (barring an earthquake releasing zoo animals), and the family in Montana is more than probably not going to be worrying about immediate hordes of looters trying to break down their doors.

    Everyone has a different level and type of threat and everyone has different levels of experience and familiarity with firearms.

    Tonight we are going to discuss where you need to start thinking about your own situation and preparing for it when deciding on what type of firearm might be most usefull to you and yours in most home and self defense situations.

    Be sure and call in with your comments and suggestions at 347-308-8790


    Thanks, and hope to see you here!



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    2014 NBA Free Agency review and update

    in Basketball

    Seth and the guys are back talking NBA Free Agency, as he is joined by Cole Zwicker, KM Venne, and Tyler Nickel.

    The guys open up with just some overall talk on free agency and who were the big winners and losers (Not couting the Cavs.

    Then they talk about the power shift in the East and how much a team like Toronto and Charlotte now factor into the mix.

    In the West who can take on the Spurs, if anyone, and what to expect from the Thunder.

    The two big questions for the Eastern Conference:

    1. The Cavs as constructed now with Lebron back, can they make a run in a decidedly average East, or do they need to make the move for Love now?

    2. Is Derrick Rose's health the biggest impediment for the Cavs getting to the Finals in year one of Lebron?

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    2014 NBA Draft review and free agency primer

    in Basketball

    Seth is joined by Cole and Keith as they discuss the 2014 NBA Draft.

    Who are some winners and losers?  What were some of the best fits for teams and players? Who is their early pick to win rookie of the year? Who will disappoint the most?

    Then the guys dive into free agency, which starts during the show, and talk about Lebron James, Carmelo Anthony and more.

    Does the Heat's "Big Three" give up some cash to add to their forces?

    Can the Suns entice a Lebron/Melo pairing? 

    Is their a darkhorse to come in and get one of the big name free agents?

    Who is under the radar in free agency right now?

    All that and much more on the TSHQ Podcast.

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    World Cup Recap/QFs Preview

    in Sports

    Gus and Bryan look at the US' performance in the World Cup and preview the QFs of the tournament 

  • 01:40

    2014 NBA Draft talk and 1st round Mock Draft

    in Basketball

    Seth is joined by Cole Zwicker and KM Venne as they talk the upcoming 2014 NBA Draft.

    What do the guys think of the overall 2014 draft class?

    What do the Cavs do at one?

    Is anyone in play to pick up Kevin Love on draft night?

    With Lebron opting out, how does that change the landscape of the draft if at all?

    How far does Joel Embiid fall?

    Who's this years sleeper first round pick?

    Who do you tink has the biggest bust potential?

    All this and a first round mock draft on tonights TSHQ Podcast.