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    University of Missouri: President Resigns Amid Protests Ignoring Racism.

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    University of Missouri: President Resigns Amid Protests Over Handling of Racially Charged Incidents
    Walkouts took place Monday, and some football players planned to boycott games, calling for Tim Wolfe to resign. "Please, please use this resignation to heal, not to hate," Wolfe told the campus.

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    Ben Carson tells NASCAR fans confederate flag O.K.

    Joe Scarborough Demands On-Air Apology From Hugh Hewitt

    Deputy drank on duty at anti-drunk driving conference

    Something to consider when cat calling. 

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    Culture War waged by the left - Pagan Goddess on coffee - Happy Veterans Day

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    Hr1  "Thank You" tribute to our military veterans.

    David Horowitz with FrontPage Magazine talks about the totalitarianism uprisings on college campuses and his new book, The Black Book of the American Left Volume 5, Culture War

    Hr2   Professor resigns after trying to squelch the free press at a public event on public campus at University of Missouri. So now protesters say they're entitled to their privacy... while they're protesting!

    Central figure in Mizzou protests is a rich, privileged kid. Figures.

    Producer, Dan Pace, weighs in on current events.

    People are upset that a cup doesn't say Merry Christmas, but not upset by a pagan goddess in the logo?

    Hulu bans pro-choice commercial from Students for Life.

    8-year-old Alabama boy charged with murder in death of 1-year-old after mom leave kids home alone while "clubbing."

    Hr3  There's no such thing as straight people? That's what the study says!

    Writer and pundit, Michael Hausam joins Joe... talking Merry Christmas Starbucks, a little theology, Veterans Day and VA healthcare... and the GOP debate from a Libertarian perspective.

    Man on the street Mark Dice poses as an MSNBC reporter hocking a white privilege tax program to redistribute income.

    Have you had your healthy dose of reality lately?

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    Moving the Chains

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    Moving the Chains / November 11th

    Aaron Fowler discusses NFL, Dallas Cowboys, Arkansas Razorbacks and NCAA Football topics at 8:30pm ET / 5:30pm PT


    * NFL suspends Joseph Randle for violating conduct policy

    * The NFC East layout

    Dallas Cowboys

    * Photos of Greg Hardy’s former girlfriend show multiple injuries

    * Greg Hardy tweets regret after photos are released

    * Roger Staubach Greg Hardy gets help for sickness

    Arkansas Razorbacks

    * The game with Mississippi

    * Upcoming game with LSU

    NCAA Football

    * Overview of the SEC

    * John Franklin III plans to transfer to Auburn

    * Family members attempted to start Leonard Fournette website

    * Missouri President resigns

    * Mississippi State player and father dies

    * Leonard Fournette’s jersey raised $101K

    www.SportzAddix.com or 646-378-1303

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    KELLY O'CONNELL AM 1450: Univ College Resigns Over PC

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    Will LC City candidates challenge outcome? Walt Rubels guests

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    College Football Week 11 Debate & Predictions! Week 10 Recap & News!

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    The College Ball Show Returns to talk everything that is College Football! The show begins with Week 10 Recap that produced yet another wild week in the form of upsets and ranked vs. ranked teams separating from the pack! Alabama and Oklahoma State made the biggest statements on the National scene. Plus, Preview, Debate, & Predictions for all of the meaningfull matchups and games under the radar in Week 11! Who wins in the Marquee Matchups for Week 11? Oklahoma vs. Baylor, Alabama vs. Mississippi State, & Houston vs. Memphis! Also, Discussion about the Missouri Football team protest and President resigning. Listen Weekly to The College Ball Show all the way to the Title Game! Stay with us for College Basketball and NBA Playoffs!  

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    Talking Sports with the 12th Man

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    Topics for the show tonight:

    1. Aqib Talib suspended one game for poking Dwayne Allen in the eye.
    2. Concussion shouldn't keep Teddy Bridgewater from playing against Vikings.
    3. Update on Monday Night Football
    4. Patriots lose RB Dion Lewis for the season with torn ACL
    5. Rams expected to sign veteran WR Wes Welker
    6. Can Steelers survive another Ben Roethlisberger injury?
    7. Should Browns turn to Johnny Manziel permanently?
    8. NFL Prediction: Patriots at Giants
    9. Fantasy Shout outs
    10. Missouri President Tim Wolfe resigns
    11. Can a Big 12 team finish undefeated or will everyone lose at least once with brutal schedule coming up?
    12. Suspension over for Barrett and will reclaim starting spot.
    13. You should probably start paying attention to La. Tech's Kenneth Dixon
    14. CFB Predictions: #4. Alabama at #20. Mississippi State, #13. Memphis at #25. Houston, & #15. Oklahoma at #6. Baylor.
    15. College Basketball Starts on Friday. Who will be in the Final Four?
    16. LSU's Ben Simmons is the 4th Freshman chosen as preseason all america in NCAA Basketball History.
    17. Kobe Bryant says another Olympics would mean the world to him. Should he be picked.
    18. Nets looking to make trades already with team at 0-7.
    19. No doubt about it, this is Kobe's last season.
    20. Albert Pujols has foot surgery, expected back in the spring.  

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    Cityballers Monday Night Podcast Talk Show Hour! 8pm EST/5pm PST

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    SAN DIEGO, CA - Today's subject will be about Missouri football players boycotting every game until president Tim Wolfe resigns.  More than 30 football players at the University of Missouri will not participate in any practices or games until Missouri System president Tim Wolfe resigns or is terminated. Several black team members announced their decision to strike on social media Saturday night and Missouri's Legion of Black Collegians posted a statement on behalf of the team with a picture of players unified in support of the boycott.

    Wolfe's response to a series of racist incidents has been considered inadequate by many students who believe racism has poisoned the campus. A graduate student, Jonathan Butler, announced earlier in the week he was going on a hunger strike until Wolfe was removed. The most recent racist incident came Oct. 24 when a swastika was drawn with human feces on a college dorm's white wall.  

    So please tune in Monday as we try and tackle this ugly issue at Missouri.




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    The Andrew Powell Show presented by FanDuel

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    TONIGHT ON THE SHOW (LIVE @ 8:00 PM ET): The Miami Dolphins are still ass after getting beat by the Buffalo Bills yesterday 33-17! Could the NFC be going through Charlotte? The Carolina Panthers are still undefeated after beating the Green Bay Packers yesterday! Nick Alvarez of FOX Sports Florida and SUN Sports joins the show! The President of the University of Missouri resigns today after protests and hunger strikes because of racial tension! University of Miami football commit Michael Pinckney also joins the show! Stephen tells us what we couldn't give a f*ck about! And are the Atlanta Falcons the biggest frauds in NFL history? PLUS MORE! You can call into the show at (929) 477-1592 and you can tweet the show @andrewrpowell or @ThePowellShow. The Andrew Powell Show presented by FanDuel is LIVE Monday-Friday 8:00-10:00 PM ET here only on MSL Radio and FOX Sports Radio.

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    Missouri Football Players Boycott and the Rise of the Political Black Athlete

    in Sports

    Black football players at Missouri: "We'll sit out until system president resigns." read more (via CNN)

  • Sporlitiks, Where Sports & Politics Mix & Mingle

    in Politics

    Not your Mother's radio show. Some call it a discussion, some say a debate, you decide. the democratic debate, Steve Spurrier resigns, Syria-what does it mean to the average U.S. citizen, this week in the NFL, will Paul Ryan be drafted to the House Speakership position, MLB, and more. Join us @ 7:15pm, EST

  • Talking Sports with the 12th Man

    in Sports

    General Sports Talk with your hosts Robert Ford, JaQuan Jenkins & Andre Peterson. 

    Topics to include:

    1. Spurrier Resigns
    2. USC fires Steve Sarkisian
    3. Who should USC hire?
    4. Is Leonard Fournette further advanced at this stage than Herschel and Bo?
    5. CFB Predictions: #18. UCLA at #15. Stanford, #17. Iowa at #20. Northwestern, #10. Alabama at #9. Texas A&M, #7. Michigan State at #12. Michigan, #8. Florida at #6. LSU
    6. MLB Postseason Update
    7. Should Don Mattingly be on the Chopping block if Dodgers loses this series.
    7. NFL Top 5 Teams
    8. Saved by the Bell, Steelers beat Chargers on last play of the game.
    9. Chiefs loses Jamaal Charles for the season.
    10. Seahawks have blown the 2nd most 4th Quarter leads since 2012.
    11. Fantasy Shout outs
    12. Andrew Luck & Marshawn Lynch are expected to return in Week 6
    13. NFL Predictions: Arizona at Pittsburgh, Cincinnati at Buffalo, and New England at Indianapolis
    14. Who are the NBA's top 5 clutch shooters?
    15. Michael Jordan believes Jeremy Lin will help lead the Hornets to the Playoffs