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    Deanna Alexander a Sexist?- #NoSnitching

    in Politics Conservative


    Milwaukee County Supervisor Deanna Alexander is under some small arms fire because of a satirical comment she made about Hillary Clinton, referring to her as "Ovary" #OperationOvary.

    Can anyone honestly say that they are completely offended by this? What politician at the presidential level has not been made fun of? Is this some sort of Left Wing conspiracy? This is simply ridiculous and goes to further the assumption by many that H. Clinton thinks she should be president simply because she is a woman.

    As with Barack Obama and not being able to challenge him because he is African-American, anyone who dares challenge Clinton will be labeled as a sexist and a part of the infantry in the #waronwomen.

    How about this? Why not just simply refer to her as Hillary liar of Benghazi, Taking money from terrorists, say anything to get elected Clinton!

    $50Billion Signing Bonus for Iran

    Confused, angry, and scared controversy surrounds Barack Obama and his shady forever changing deal with Iran. Reports continue to come out that the President has known for over a year that Iran is less than 3 months away from being able to produce a nuclear weapon. Much embarrassment, well there should be, surrounds the President on this matter along with the fact that he seems to even think Iran can be trusted.

    Why does it seem like the Left is so blinded when it comes to extremist? These people, Iran in particular, has flat out shown that they hate the West and anything we stand for. How can or why does the President believe that Iran is trustworthy? Maybe the question really is...Is the President trustworthy?

    #NoSnitching Cops?

    Right now Baltimore, MD is in the midst of Racial tension (not hard to accomplish anywhere in the nation right now) because of the death of Freddie Gray while in police custody. Gray was arrested on April 12 after fleeing from the police. Many are saying that Gray was arrested simply for "running while Black".

    The Attorney for

  • DOUBLE STANDARDS on Gut Level Talk - Radio

    in Entertainment

    In the male female tug of war that's every day life, there double standards. There's stuff that you can get away with cuz you have a , that guys can't get away with. There's stuff that you can get away with as a man that woman can't get away with because they are women. As much as people question and hate double standards they exist now always have and always will. So this Sunday  Kiy Neal is going to be on vacation. So we are going in and talking about all the most narrow minded sexist crazy double standards and talk to people who support them. It's gonna be a party. 

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    Sexist and Racist

    in Comedy

    The Part of the Problem crew discuss Hillary Clinton, liberals, Starbucks' "Race Together" campaign, and more.
    Check out all of our great shows at http://standupnylabs.com

  • Daniel Holtzclaw and The Rapists Behind The Murderers. Or.. just Cops Being Cops

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    Hey, gang. 
    We're going to handle this story with grace and skill. It's about the rape cutlure behind the murder habit of #GoodCops. 
    Let's Dig into Daniel Holtzclaw. 

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    Anonymous #OpKKK The Hoods Come Off Begins with Senators and Mayors

    Guy cited for hogging subway seat was wanted for murder 

    Carly Fiorina suggested on Sunday that conservative women faced a “double standard” because they were attacked with sexist remarks about their appearance while Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton was not.

    Arkansas pastor: If a woman thinks ‘she has the right over her own body… no, that’s not true’
    During a Sunday sermon at Crosschurch about the dangers of ography, Crawford likened the issue to abortion rights.

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    #Scientology Dissected #WwMStyle

    in Spirituality

    THESE ppl in the scientology community are about to get some truth flung their way!
    Tonight WayWalkers are going live to expose this abomination. TOM KEEP ON CRUISIN-
    cats gotta be taken out of the bag.. as it is not nice to keep cats in bags!
    Were about to crack scientology open like a pinata at a 10 year olds b day party!

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    Rethinking Narcissism The Bad-and Surprising Good-About Feeling Special

    in Self Help


    Friday, Oct. 16 @ 1pm (CST) I have the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Craig Malkin, Harvard Medical School psychologist and Huffington Post blogger as he addresses the "narcissism epidemic," by illuminating the spectrum of narcissism, identifying ways to control the trait, and explaining how too little of it may be a bad thing.

    "What is narcissism?" The word "narcissist" seems to mean something different every time it's uttered. People hurl the word as insult at anyone who offends them. It's become so ubiquitous, in fact, that it's lost any clear meaning. The only certainty these days is that it's bad to be a narcissist—really bad—inspiring the same kind of roiling queasiness we feel when we hear the words sexist or racist. That's especially troubling news for millennials, the people born after 1980, who've been branded the "most narcissistic generation ever."

    In Rethinking Narcissism readers will learn that there's far more to narcissism than meets the eye.. The truth is that we all fall on a spectrum somewhere between utter selflessness on the one side, and arrogance and grandiosity on the other. Malkin deconstructs healthy from unhealthy narcissism and offers clear, step-by-step guidance on how to promote healthy narcissism in our partners, our children, and ourselves.

    Join us for a very interesting radio show

    I'll talk to you then, 

    Dr. Craig's:
    FaceBook - https://www.facebook.com/drcraigmalkin
    LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=73336628
    website - http://www.drcraigmalkin.com

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    The Maya Akai Show (UNPLUGGED) Featuring Comedian Nikki Brayden (10-09-2015)

    in Radio

    This Show, Some of the Talk on TAP!!!!!

    WHAT'S TRENDING:  Former CPS CEO Byrd-Bennett Intends to Plead Guilty in Bribery Scheme, Tough Words From Judge as She Sends Abuse Victim to Jail, & Rupert Murdoch apologizes for suggesting Ben Carson would be a ‘real black president’   THE FINE LINE: Kanye West-themed frat party at UCLA sparks protests, claims of racism & Baseball Analyst Jessica Mendoza on Sexist Backlash:  SAY WHAT??? :    Cleveland woman takes gun from 7-year-old seen loading ammo, 14-YEAR OLD VIRGIN FALLS PREGNANT AFTER FLU SHOT & School Board Settles W/ Families of Students Who Died After Being Hypnotized  CREAM OF THE CROP:    The 13 scariest real haunted houses in America CELBRITY TALK & THE SIDEeye:    Kelsey Grammer, Who leans left, and who leans right, & More alleged details emerge in the reported Matt Barnes and Derek Fisher altercation                                                                        


    Chat via the BTR Chatroom
    Call/Comment @ 310.807.5211

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  • Late Night Politics With Stephen and Paige On the Human Being Radio Network

    in Politics Conservative

    Gun Violence, Mass Shootings and the Umpqua University Shooting

    T-Mobile Customers Hacked.

    Body Identity Integrity Disorder AKA Transabled. Woman enlists the help of a psychiatrist to burn out her eyes.

    Pregnant Women are now Sexist!

    Newest Swedish Rape incident and the Swedish governments "Punishment"

    "Unlikable" By Edward Swine, Hilary Clinton can't learn how to be empathetic.

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  • Misogynoir Exposed - White Men Show Their Thomas Jefferson Fantasies On Tinder

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    White Tinder Men Are Annoying Black Women With Their Racist and Sexist Bullshit

    The tradition of black women being a product that anybody can buy, sell, tamper with and test drive is being carried along for generations to come. 

    In this episode we'll turn our focus to the Misogynoir Exposed on Tinder. 

    Let's take a look at the trending News Stories. 

    It looks like we're still using Africanized to let folks how scared they should be of bees. 

    Carly Fiorina goes full Christmas Story and Tripple Dogs Down on her Planned Parenthood Lie. 

    Citizens United: Bernie Sanders Says Overturning Ruling Is His Test for Supreme Court Justices
    The presidential candidate told students he would pick justices who agreed with him about overturning the court's ruling that lifted caps on what outside groups can spend in elections, CNN reported.

    SEATTLE — A man was rushed to the hospital with multiple gunshot wounds after being shot by police early Tuesday morning in the Maple Leaf neighborhood.

    The mother of a man in a wheelchair who was fatally shot by police has been charged with assaulting a woman she thought made a 911 call about her son, according to court documents.

    Questions Raised About Police Shooting of Mentally Ill Woman

    Demonstrators gathered Monday night to protest the police shooting death of a woman who allegedly threatened officers with a knife Sunday morning.


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    Interview with Nicholas Maze, author of 'A Man's Appetite'.

    in Radio

    Nicholas Maze is a relationship expert and a freelance writer for Examiner.com. His new book, 'A Man's Appetite', addresses infidelity in the black community. It's a topic that is somewhat hush hush. You never really hear anything about it until it's too late and everything hits the fan. Across the board, infidelity can destroy ones marriage and can eventually spread to other relationships and friendships. The latest statistic from infidelity.com says that 53% of the marriages in America end in divorce. When it comes to divorces, there are a number of reasons a husband and wife can go their separate ways, but one of the most common is infidelity. Although all races have their share of this issue, Mr. Maze placed the focus on his community. He's a Black man and can give a better understanding of a Black man's view on this topic. The title of this in-depth piece of work can be viewed as sexist, but overall it displays a man and a woman's sexual appetite. The subject is infidelity in the Black community. Tune in!