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    book discussion with fran lewis

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    Today's show features best selling author Ben Lieberman whose new ttile: The Carnage Account will keep you on edge until the very end. Ben is the author of the award winning title: Odd Jobs and his latest title deals with Hedge Fund Manager Rory Cage and his need for power, money and control. Learn what happens when he takes out Life Settlements and his mode of collecting on them. Understand how he invests in "Death Bonds," and the payoff. Taking matters into his own hands and obsessed with a public relations expert named Dawn Knight, Rory is deadly, dangerous and evil. Join me at four eastern, three central and two mountain when Ben talks about hedge funds, life settlements and how he created this devious character and the storyline for yet another five star novel. I am your host Fran Lewis; Editor of MJ Magazine and the author of the Bertha series and Faces Behind the Stones series and educator.

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    Gather Round w/ Ruthann Amarteifio, Sarit Jacobsohn, and Rick Schmidt

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    We're Back!!!
    Ruthann starts off , talking about living simply----and, green!
    HFCS, Full Moon, Project Jannah, etc.
    'Sarit Jacobsohn Views the World' follows, with the latest from Palestine and Israel, along with other pertinent news-----More settlements, seasonal rains, peace process, etc-----
    Finally, at the top of the next hour, 'Big Foot w/ Rick Schmidt' returns. Since Rick has been studying this elusive being for over 40 years, he has lots of info to share!!

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    The Donner Party Past-Life Regression

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    On April 16, 1846, nine covered wagons left Springfield, Illinois on the 2500 mile journey to California, in what would become one of the greatest tragedies in the history of westward migration. Dick regressed a 51-year-old woman back to a past-life where she found herself as a little girl at the age of 10. She and many others were trapped in snow drifts at the Donner Pass in California. 

    Living off the bodies of those that died along the path to Sutter’s Fort, the survivors were reduced to seven by the time they reached safety on the western side of the mountains on January 19, 1847. Only two of the ten men survived, including William Eddy and William Foster, but all five women lived through the journey. Of the eight dead, seven had been cannibalized. Immediately messages were dispatched to neighboring settlements as area residents rallied to save the rest of the Donner Party.

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    WEN| Role of Women in Conflict Negotiation and Peaceful Community Settlements

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    Recent killings in black communities worldwide, especially in South Sudan, reveal black on black crime is becoming a nuisance even in our backyards here in America and in 2014, "the death tolls are huge and the individual incidents gruesome. One estimate says nearly 10,000 people have been killed in South Sudan in a month of warfare, while in neighboring central African Republic combatants in Muslim vs Christian battles have reported a significant amount of children casualties). The articles say that "compared to decades past, Africa and its people are suffering from fewer conflicts today, but several recent outbreaks are cause for concern" and I say "were people of African ancestry always like this? What happened to Ubuntu, or peace chants of the African people? Or could it have been the case of who gave these people the ammunition and weapons of mass destruction and these weapons ending up in the wrong hands? We know women have played a huge role in bringing solutions, such as the Aba women riot in 1929. However, could the approach they used be considered peaceful? Should it be used today or should explore other traditional practices used?


    We believe certain African traditional practices can be applied in our communities today and used to deal with conflicts today .i.e., Bokom-Haram, South Sudan situations. Black on Black crime in America, African American and Black immigrant relationships, relationships among our kind here in America. What do you think?

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    The Mental State Of Rioting Crowds In Ferguson

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    Attorney Tim Kosnoff
    Tim Kosnoff is a former deputy prosecutor and longtime trial lawyer.  In the past 16 years, Tim Kosnoff has represented more than 1,000 victims of childhood sex abuse. He has secured over $250 million in settlements and judgments for abuse survivors in cases against the Boy Scouts of America, several Roman Catholic dioceses, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, the Salvation Army, the Jesuits and other religious orders. Kosnoff is frequently interviewed as a legal expert on TV and in the news.  He was recently featured in a Los Angeles Times-Canadian Broadcasting Corp. investigation into sex abuse in scouting. One of Kosnoff’s landmark cases was recently profiled in the book “The Sins of Brother Curtis,” by Lisa Davis (Simon & Schuster).


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    Auto Accident Settlements Reality vs. Dream

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    It's finally time to negotiate a settlement after a car accident.  The only expectation at this point, is receiving a fair equitable deal.  But is this an unrealistic expectation?  How do you know the value of claim?  What about the psychological portion of this process?  Have expectations been thwarted while going through this journey?  There are many games afoot by the end of this Car Accident process.  If the goal of most insurance companies is to pay out a little as possible, how can this be an equal playing field?  How much of this process is build upon dreams vs. reality?  How can you honestly access the people involved and your treatment through this process? 

    Join me, ESTRA today for a discussion on Auto Accident Settlements, Reality vs. Dream.  As you go through this process, be informed and prepared for the end game. 


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    The Fourth Power with host Nick Nash

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    Join Nick for another installment of his poetic epics, The Fourth Power, in his continuing journeys into otherworld.

    Battles are raging in the astral realms, while in one reality on earth, a transition of the yugas is about to transpire. Entire settlements of astral entities have disappeared and the path leads to a hellish world of created beings, who are using an illegal tryst to launch their soul harvests. The Aeons respond to an arbitration request and send one of their agents to unravel the enormous puzzle, for on the Earth, the World Teacher has appeared, and there is clear evidence uncovered of a strange collusion between the hell realm and those bent on fully enslaving humanity. In a daring move, Vishnu's physical host is assassinated, even as the kings of Agartha and Shamballa, as well as Lord Kalki, are readying their forces for battle. But prophecy requires 4 Horsemen... who, among the gods and goddesses, has the integrity and wisdom to be The Fourth Power?

    Because of the complexity of the characters involved and the role they play in what some claim is happening right now - we are on the cusp of Satya Yuga - he'll be exploring not only their history but their context as well, within a much larger picture. While the idea of a new golden age is enticing, as detailed in sacred Hindu texts, Nick will explore whether this "end times" scenario is idyllic. There may well be some hidden costs to this new "freedom".

    Nick's Website:


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    Juneteenth, Mexican Warrior Gaspar Yanga, with Melissa Waddy-Thibodeaux

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    Tonight at 8pm ET join The Gist of Freedom as host, Preston Washington welcomes the world renowned Juneteenth Historian/Actress, Melissa Waddy-Thibodeaux! Melissa, a Texan will discuss Juneteenth and The Buffalo Soldiers. Please feel Free to call in ~ 347.324.5552! BlackHistoryBlog.com

    Tonight The Gist of Freedom dedicates this show to Mexican Warrior Gaspar Yanga!

    The first town of freed African slaves in the Americas is not exactly where you would expect to find it — and it isn't exactly what you'd expect to find either. First, it's not in the United States. Yanga, on Mexico's Gulf Coast, Known as the Primer Libertador de America or “first liberator of the Americas,” is a sleepy pueblito founded by its namesake, Gaspar Yanga.

    Yanga an enslaved African who taking the role of spiritual and military leader, led a rebellion against his Spanish colonial slavers in the late 16th century and fought off attempts to retake the settlement.

    Gaspar Yanga led one of colonial Mexico’s first successful slave uprisings and would go on to establish one of the Americas earliest free black settlements. Gaspar structured the agricultural community in an ordered capacity, allowing its growth and occupation of various locations.

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    Don't Be Afraid to Be Uncomfortable

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    Mary L. Smith is Special Counsel & Estate Trust Officer at the Office of Special Deputy Receiver in Chicago, Illinois where she helps manage over 23 entities with approximately $1.5 billion in assets. Previously, she was General Counsel at the Illinois Department of Insurance and part of the senior management team.  In this position, Ms. Smith oversaw the Legal Department and, in fiscal year 2013, oversaw the Market Conduct Section, one of the major regulatory functions of the Department of Insurance. Ms. Smith was responsible for coordinating the legal aspects of establishing a health care exchange in Illinois, developing plans for troubled companies, and leading major regulatory settlements that benefit Illinois consumers.  

    Ms. Smith has also served as Counselor in the Civil Division at the United States Department of Justice. In her work in the Civil Division, Ms. Smith focused on national security, consumer protection, constitutional issues, and legislative matters.  She has also spearheaded a reorganization and reinvigoration of the Consumer Protection Branch, which handles consumer litigation including matters involving international fraud schemes.

    While in the private sector, Ms. Smith was a Partner in the Chicago office of Schoeman, Updike & Kaufman, a women-owned firm, and an attorney at Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP in Washington, D.C. 

    Ms. Smith has worked at the highest levels of government including serving in the Clinton White House as Associate Counsel to the President and Associate Director of Policy Planning where she was responsible for a number of policy areas. 

    In addition to her legal activities, Ms. Smith served on the American Bar Association’s Board of Governors, and is President of the National Native American Bar Association

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    IRS Settlements And Payment Options - IRS Problem Solver Dan Pilla

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    http://www.christianmoney.com Dan Pilla joins JIm Paris live to discuss how to resolve IRS problems. Dan shares details strategies on how to make a settlement with the IRS, qualify for a payment plan on old taxes, offers in compromise, innoncent spouse relief, discharging taxes in bankruptcy, what to do if you have not filed a tax return in years, and more. Dan's website http://www.taxhelponline.com 

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    Jon Saboe...Winner of the Editor's Choice Award

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    Why is humanity dying?
       It is now one hundred years since the Great Awakening, and the human race is finally colonizing the world with new settlements and centers of commerce. Reu-Nathor, High Minister of the Citadel, announces an expedition to explore their new world, and Peleg is commissioned as Chief Cartographer aboard the Urbat.
       Peleg's core beliefs are challenged and his sense of reality is undermined by the new cultures and tremendous tragedies he encounters during his twelve-year voyage. But he has also been given a secret mission to discover the answer to the one question that no one dares to ask aloud: Why is the human race dying?
       What he discovers forces Peleg to re-evaluate all he has ever known--and also provides him with staggering revelations that will determine the eternal destiny of the entire human race!

    About The Days of Peleg  
       The Days of Peleg is an action-filled, yet thought provoking epic which combines the enigmas and mythologies of ancient civilizations with the intrigue of hard science fiction. Issues as diverse as origins, linguistics, and phenomenology are concealed within an exciting narrative that boasts diverse characters embarked on an unimaginable journey. You will never think of ancient man in the same way again.
       The Days of Peleg provides an exhilarating yet entertaining look at who we once were--and who we may one day become.

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