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    Sermons by Pastor Rufus Fields

    in Religion

    Join us each Friday at 2 pm CST on blogtalkradio.com/aswifttradio to listen to the broadcast "Sermons by Pastor Rufus Fields." Every Friday Pastor Rufus Fields will deliver a powerful message to the masses.  Pastor Fields messages are timely, encouraging and life changing.

    Rufus Fields is the pastor of World Harvest Global Church in Desoto, Texas and co-founder of God’s Anointed Ministries along with his wife Glenda Fields.  He is a father of two sons.  He is also a psalmist, preacher, author, teacher, motivational speaker, and visionary.  The love, peace, compassion and power of God’s Word is revealed through the anointed melodious sounds of Rufus.  His vocal style and range exhibits soothing balm that brings peace that surpasses all understanding, yet it penetrates the inner walls of every soul, broken, bond, bruised, shattered, and wounded soaring heights that can destroy every stronghold, break every yoke, and chain of bondage of the enemy to the glory of God the Father.  Rufus has ministered prophetic logos, and right now rhema across the country from the choir to the pulpit, from the workplace to various platforms demonstrating the Word of God with power, authority, and clarity, showing that it is as effective today as it was yesterday in all the world and the church alike.  For more information on Pastor Rufus Fields and his sermons you can contact him by e-mail at: gam@godsanointedministries.com

    You can check www.aswifttradio.net for upcoming shows or you can call us direct at 1-800-775-2708 ext. 3060. You can also e-mail us at: news@aswifttradio.net to give us your feedback on the show.   Thank you for tuning in and listening to our program.

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    Sunday Morning Sermons with The Bishop

    in Religion

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    The Sermon Show-2 Inspirational Classic Sermons from Paris Reidhead

    in The Bible

    Two Classic sermons from Paris Reidhead are featured on The Sermon Show this week. 

    Paris Reidhead devoted his life to communicating the message of the Gospel in America and throughout the world. A student pastor in the rural Minnesota at age eighteen, Mr. Reidhead felt led of the Lord to overseas mission work. In 1945, Paris Reidhead and Marjorie, his wife of two years, traveled under the auspices of the Sudan Interior Mission to the Sudan-Ethiopia Border where they surveyed and analyzed tribal languages in preparation for evangelism and education in this area.

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    Sunday Morning Sermons with The Bishop

    in Religion

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    The Sermon Show: Featuring 2 Inspirational Classic Sermons from Paris Reidhead

    in Religion

    Paris Reidhead's classic sermons "Ten Sheckels and a Shirt" & "So Great A Salvation" are featured this week.

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    Sunday Morning Sermons with The Bishop

    in Religion

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    Trial Sermons

    in Christianity

    Dear Listeners, The Fellowship of the Remnant will not be hosting a Bible study this week.  Our organization have two ministerial candidates and they will use this air time to preach their trial sermons.  We will be sure to feature our Bible study program again next week.  Still tune in,  you will be blessed.  

    Thank you.

    Pastor David Williams

    Speakers: Minister Mariette Wade, Minister Karole Williams





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    Sunday Morning Sermons with The Bishop

    in Religion

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    The Sermon Show featuring 2 Uplifting Classic J. Edwin Orr Sermons

    in Religion

    J. Edwin Orr was born January 15, 1912 in Belfast in northern Ireland, of American-British parentage. He was a Christian minister, hymn-writer, professor, author and promoter of Church revival and renewal. His Inspirational & Uplifting (and still relevant today) sermons live on long after his death in 1987. 

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    Sunday Morning Sermons with The Bishop

    in Religion

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  • Sunday Morning Sermons with The Bishop

    in Religion

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