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    How to Break the Semetic matrix

    in Spirituality

    Cosmic Truism about the world we live in. I have been channeling alot of infomation about the system we call justice.
    Justice is faslehood thats why I enbrace The Ustice System.
    We are all connected the semetic race has us all divided and confused. We are divine beings. We are perfect gult of nothing. Semetic race is father and mother of all evil in this omniverse.

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    The Collision of Faith and Politics! Yup, Hussein Obama just said that!

    in Politics Conservative

    FAREED ZAKARIA, CNN: Others say that you downplay the importance of terrorism. You want to downgrade it as a threat to the United States. 

    PRESIDENT OBAMA: Why -- look, I have to talk to the families of those who are killed by terrorists. I have to talk to the families of soldiers of ours who fought to make sure al Qaeda and the Fatah couldn't carry out attacks against us again. So I think I'm pretty mindful of the terrible costs of terrorism around the world. 
    What I do insist on is that we maintain a proper perspective and that we do not provide a victory to these terrorist networks by overinflating their importance and suggesting in some fashion that they are an existential threat to the United States or the world order. You know, the truth of the matter is that they can do harm. But we have the capacity to control how we respond in ways that do not undercut what's the -- you know, what's essence of who we are. 
    That means that we don't torture, for example, and thereby undermine our values and credibility around the world. It means that we don't approach this with a strategy of sending out occupying armies and playing Whac-A-Mole wherever a terrorist group appears because that drains our economic strength and it puts enormous burdens on our military. 
    What's required is a surgical, precise response to a very specific problem. And if we do that effectively, then ultimately these terrorist organizations will be defeated because they don't have a vision that appeals to ordinary people. It is -- it really is, as has been described in some cases, a death cult, or an entirely backward looking fantasy that can't function in the world. 
    Hussein Obama said this and soooo much more.  Today on the show I will break open what lurks inside this evil man in our House.


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    Christ Insanity & The Big Enchilada - Valkyrie Underground

    in Politics

    Will be discussing the how Christ insanity facilitates the ultimate destruction of the white race; how it began and how the U.S is now being overrun with an onslaught of invaders with the aid of the Christ insane establishment.











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    Samhain: Celebration of Death & Renewal - Valkyrie Underground

    in Politics

    This is a SPECIAL holiday podcast. UrbanJungleGirl discusses the origins, history and evolution of what is now celebrated as Halloween, a celebration created by our Celtic ancestors.  And brace yourselves for the very grim bedtime tale, “The Jew In The Thorn Bush!”  Light up the bonfires! 


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    LaitnoTalk Texas 2014, 0012 The True Nature of the Anti-Immigration Agenda

    in Politics

    Today, I continue to discuss the nativist agenda in America by discussing the Amptoons.com political cartoon, posted below, and how the anti-Catholic and Anti-Semetic bigotry are old traditions in America and they have, over the centuries affected Irish, Chinese, Japanese, and Latinos as they do today. Then, after reading a piece by Ruben Navarette, I discuss how my membership in the fb group "El Conservador" has been terminated and I read some of their commentary which serves as a mouthpiece for the evil white supremacist Tanton Network. Then ensues a discussion of why America needs MORE immigration, not less and the fact that the Tanton Network does not represent the facts completely or correctly that the American birthrate is on the decline and must be resurrected or our culture and economy will collapse. Finally, I share a discussion of capitalism and its integral nature to our culture and our American economy and how that supports American innovation and leadership. As an example I comment on the remark, "If it can be made here (in America) it should be" which I remark is not correct but seems so. I correct that it should read, "If it can be made here competitively, it will be." Finally, I explain why this is true and American innovation fueled by investment is alive and well today. Finally, I point out that my analysis of Chinese and Russian aggression is the result of American retreat was echoed by the National Review.

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    The Free American

    in Education

    My Guest today is: Russell Papalardo


    Screw you Israel supporters, Israel and the Jews who say they are Jews but are not. They plan on doing to Americans what they are doing ot the Palestinians. They blew up the twin towers with their atomic weapons and you stupid Judeo Christians support the Synagogue of Satan?

    Every American needs to understand that the entire national press is controlled, and is simply giving you the "news" you are supposed to have.  That time draws ever closer. Please go to http://freeamerican.com and www.shop.freeamerican.com to order my books and the new Free American Magazines.

    "In order to put public opinion into our hands we must bring it into a state of bewilderment by giving expression from all sides to so many contradictory opinions and for such length of time as will suffice to make the [average person] lose their heads in the labyrinth and come to see that the best thing is to have no opinion of any kind, in matters political." [Protocol #5]

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    Guests: Chuck C Johnson GotNews.com Daniel Horowitz NoAmnesty MRC's Matt Philbin

    in Politics Conservative

    Chuck C Johnson will join me at 7pm for a GotNews.com update. We'll hear from Chris McDaniel and play back his appearance on Brian Fischer's show on American Family Association (AFA radio).  Daniel Horowitz discusses the latest push behind the scenese for Amnesty.  James Dick stops by to discuss how John Kerry is making things worst for American and the middle east.   MRC's Matt Philbin on the ant-semetic views of the MSM we'll join us as well.  

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    The Free American

    in Education

    My Guest today is:J.B. Campbell -The American Defense Party


    Political Religion of Jews a Severe Problem

    The Jewish problem is actually a religious problem of a supremacy.  The Jewish people think they are superior to all others because of their religious books.  This has become a political movement called Zionism and the number one problem for all nation states and all peoples on planet earth.

    Anyone critical of Jewish supremacy is quickly labeled anti-semetic even though most Jews are not of Semitic race.  The Jews in Israel are committing genocide and ethnic cleansing against the native Palestinians.  The Jewish political apparatus ignores all UN sanctions and condemnations.

    We, the people of the United States, have reached a crisis point in our history, the Jews have seized all organs of state and are committing genocide against our people through continuous warfare, mass media deceptions, poisoned food, drink and health products.  That the Jews are waging war on we the people by all means available.  The Jew was incapable of assimilating into the American culture of tolerance and peacefulness, the Jew is at war with everyone and everything.very American needs to understand that the entire national press is controlled, and is simply giving you the "news" you are supposed to have. 

    Very soon, all alternative sources of news, including this website, will be shut down.  That time draws ever closer. Please go to http://freeamerican.com and www.shop.freeamerican.com to order my books and the new Free American Magazines.


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    Bible Codes, Sound Waves and Electromagnetic Waves

    in Education

    Bible Codes: Scholars have shown that the Torah (the first five books of Moses in the Holy Bible, Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy) contain hidden messages regarding events from the past, such as names and birthdates of famous people.  Mathematical analysis of these findings indicate a probablilty of 1/4,000,000 that these events are in occurance by chance alone, and this phenomenon does not happen with any other books, only the Bible.  Also, bible codes only work with the Ben Hayyim versions of ancient Hebrew scripture, and the Ben Hayyim along with the Mikraot Gedolot, served as the textus receptus for the King James Version of the Bible in 1611.   Bible codes do not work with the Stuttgart edition of the Bible, which was created around the turn of the century by hey gentleman named Rudolf Kittel, and underlies all of the New Age Bibles.  Ironically, Rudolph Kiddle was anti-semetic, and he has contributions in his writings from the mystery religions. Rudolph’s son, Gerhard Kittel was tried for war crimes for killing Jews, and he was one of Adolph Hitler is high priests.

    Sound Waves: John 1: KJV 1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

    Electromagnetic Waves: DNA has been shown to emit and receive Electromagnetic Radiation, and has even been shown to teleport itself across space from test-tube to test-tube using electromagnetic radiation as a means of teleportation.

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    BB15 Marginlized Racial Supremacy On Minorities

    in Television

    In the wake of reality show BB season 15 live feed Resident Racists who practice White Supremacy Bigotry as HG's on the CBS show.Then thinking of the outcome of the TM murder trial in which Racist GZ got away with killing an unarmed kid.
    We need to talk about in 2013 the ideology that color/'race' supremacy is an issue.
    What is Racism?  Racism IMO defined is "culturally sanctioned beliefs, which, regardless of the basic human and cultural rights of other human beings aide & advantage racists in their overblown supremacy.
    Racism is designed to have unlimited power over other ethnicities because of the subordinated position of racialized minorities. Which supremacists can only make themselves believe they are superior by marginalizing,labeling & stigmatizing minorities to brow beat them down into feelings of Inferiorty.
    Systematic racism is in part a historical grass root of hegemonic societal dominance of “Learned Behaviors “of ethno-centricism that is indoctrinated and accepted in the supramacy sub cultural. We will discuss the hateful Racism/Gaybashing/phobia  of Aaryn Gries, Kaitlin Barnaby, David Girton,GinaMarie Zimmerman,Amanda Zuckerman.
    The Anti Semetic statement of Spencer Clawson as well as the Sexist comments of Jeremy McGuire & McCrae Olson.
    The bottom line ppl that are not racists don't use racist slurs nor epithets!
    See video

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    Pamela Geller And Robert Spencer Banned From UK WHY!!

    in Politics Conservative

    Pamela Geller And Robert Spencer Banned from the UK WHY!! They Allow over Anti semetic Homophobic Hate Preaching Imams Into The Country Double Standards! “If freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.” George Washington Welcome to East Anglian’s EDL Radio Show – the place where we aren’t afraid to discuss the issues that the newspapers, TV and radio won’t touch. Come and listen to the show that isn’t afraid to offend people and doesn’t hide behind a pretense of Political Correctness. Creeping Sharia, Sharia Law, Islamism, Islamists and Islamisation – this is the place where you will hear the unpleasant truth and can join in discussions about the facts, not the polished and anonymous half-truth that the authorities publish to keep you quiet. The East Anglian EDL Radio Show is the Official Program for the English Defence League, so you will find the same honesty and direct approach that you have come to expect from us. EDL supporters, this is your platform, the show is your voice. Come and join us, Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays at 8:30PM GMT, 3:30PM EDT. Your voice is welcome too. All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” ~ Edmund Burke

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