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    Self Image, Attitude, and Controlling Your Thought Processes

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    1.What is your self image and why is it important?

    2.What type of Attitude should you use?

    3.How should you control your thoughts?

    4.How powerful is your imagination?

    5.Why should we learn about our astrological side?

    6.What type of affirmations should we use?

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    Seeing and loving yourself can sometimes be a lot harder than simply looking in a mirror. Our image is often decided for us at a young age and is generally a major factor in the development of our self-esteem.   What was it that made you feel the way you do about  your self-image?  Was it your personal struggle with your weight, your hair, or appearance issues?   Could your self-image been instilled in you by your parents, your classmates, your spouse, or advertising and the media?   Whatever the root of your self-image is, it is never too late to work on YOU so that you can see the beautiful person in the mirror that we all see. 

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    Using Your Self-image to Get Fit

    in Self Help

    Exciting and empowering new episode.  Understand the importance of your self-image and how you can use it to achieve fitness goals and other goals that you have set for yourself.  See the best in you and watch it be reflected in how others treat you and how you treat yourself.  Release yourself from any negative self-images that are influencing your behavior.  Also, find out a great tea to drink for calmness, alertness and more mental clarity.  It may not be the tea you think.  Get the answer on "Morning Cup of Tea".    

    More new thought provoking challenges are available. Register free for the "Do Life with Power" Challenge.  Click Now.   Visit our facebook page to see a new smoothie recipe of the week.

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    Visualization & Self-Image with Jesse Dowell

    in Self Help

    Jesse Dowell, a 12 year old author and speaker, will speak to us today about Visualization and Self-Image in this re-broadcast show. Jesse is the author of The Magic Forest. Here is what Dr. John Demartini, bestselling author of Inspired Destiny, and featured contributor of The Secret, had to say about young Jesse's book: "The Magic Forest is an adventure book that will help readers discover the hidden treasures and vast potentials lying buried within their creative minds." - Jesse is going to talk about visualization and how to apply it and use it. He also is going to tell us about self image and what it means and how important it is to keep a high self image. Re: Visualization and Self-Image, Jesse says, "Visualization is seeing yourself accomplishing a goal or seeing yourself doing or having what you want. Its also very important to feel how it would feel to have that goal accomplished or having that thing you really want. Self image is what you think about yourself based on what you say to yourself."

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    Self Image

    in Education

    We will discuss how our self-image, and the perception of others, impacts our success.
    As usual, we will also discuss two delicious recipes for sharing. The "safe" recipe will be Vegetable Stew, and the "adventure" recipe will be Beef Bourguignon.

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    Understanding Your Self-Image

    in Self Help

    This is a continuation from the "Tone It Up Tuesday" show that was not completed.  Learn more about your self-image and how it effects how you think and act.  It also effects how others interact with you.  Start feeling your confidence and raise your self-esteem by paying more attention to your self-image and make whatever changes you feel are necessary.  This show is sure to inspire you to go to the next level.  Also, tune in for "What's Up With That!" and so much more.

    Pre-order a copy of "The P.O.W.E.R. Book: Using What You Have To Succeed". Click now for details! 

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    "Self Image"

    in Lifestyle

    I think most of are fairly critical about how perceive ourselves. We look at ourselves and always see something wrong or "not right" by our standards. But do we as individuals place our stands of ourselves too high? I see some women that do care for the way they look or they see something wrong with themselves, and I'm looking at them thinking, "What the heck are you talking about? 
    There is beauty inside all of us. And there may always be something that we'd like to fix. But don't let that one or two things bring you down. You Are Beautiful. I say this to a group of women everyday. 
    We're talking about our "Self Image" How we percieve ourselves. This week. "On-Air".

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    Self Image: The Media vs. YOU

    in Self Help

    When you look in the mirror, what do you see?  How do you think others view you?  Do we compare our image to the many models, actors, and performers that we come in contact with via television and the movie screen?

    With today’s vast array of technological outlets, we are fed what is good, bad, and how we should appear to be considered acceptable, and physically beautiful or handsome.     

    On this episode of Hot Topics Talk Radio, we’re going to delve into the subject matter of how we view ourselves, and how the media may play a part in the struggle of how we truly feel about ourselves, as well as how we view ourselves. 

    We are pleased to have actress/model, Annise Michelle, join us to delve into this issue, and offer her perspective and experiences in maintaining a healthy self-image.

    Join us on Wednesday, February 5, 2014 at 9:00pm PST/11:00pm CST/ 12Midnight EST.

    To listen live and comment on-air, dial (646)200-3148.  Or listen live from your computer and join the chatroom conversation. 

    ** Sponsored by: Shades of Afrika (Corona) and Paloma Investigative Services

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    Honesty Hours "Self Image" & Interview with Tiana Bell

    in Comedy

    Join us for Honesty Hours, We are discussing the topic of Self Image; What does it mean to you? as well as interviewing the lovely Tiana Bell, Founder of X'Klusive Modeling Agency

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    Self image; how our spiritual image of self determines our relationships

    in Spirituality

    Topic for show:  Self image; how our spiritual image of self determines our relationships with others.

    Following the discussion we will take callers for one question only!  You must be 18+ to participate.  These readings are for entertainment only.



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