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    Bhyy: 1 Tim. 1:7, Self-Control

    in Culture

    The Holiday season, most notably deemed: The Darkest Times of the Year, is vastly approaching. A time of massive demonic activity and massive demonic energy that is to be released in worship of the Gods during the Holiday. Suicide rates will climb, and the hearts of men will continue to grow cold. At this point in our walks and at this time of the year, our level of self-control is most needed.

    Remember: Satan has knowledge of you. The war is not always about resisting the devil for who he is, but resisting the devil because of who you are. Join us: 347-633-9606

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    Self-Control During The Holiday Season

    in Health

    Self-Control, everyone has it but everyone does not use it, especially during the Holiday Season. How do you resist temptation during Holiday Season? It is possible to walk in self control and still be more than satisfied and know that you made the right choice.

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    Earths Retreat Affirmation Empowerment Show-Self-Control

    in Self Help

    Today is May 9, 2014. How are you controlling yourself from achieving your success? Do you have a lot of fear? How is your circle of business partners? I am thankful for you all showing interest in what is share here on Earths Retreat Radio. Please support our work by tuning in, sharing our page, giving generous monetary offerings via our website to help support our work. We give 100% of service to you first. Our reward is that you are able to take something from here that will help you to help yourself and others. Through visualizing what you want, all your dreams and desires can come true.

    At Earths Retreat©®™, our Empowerment Coach and Humanity Wellness Doc, Ah'malah is guided by the supreme creator/creatress within, highly favored by many for her endless servant leadership to people worldwide over the past 15 years. Her goal is to inspire, encourage, uplift or empower you in every area of your life. Ah'malah's personal gift to you if you will accept is: #BEAM each and every day. B.e Love/E.mpower Others/A.ffirm Greatness/M.otivate Self. This virtual internet radio show is held Monday-Friday at 12 pm EST, and is a support and guide not the solution! Continue to study self and do the work!

    Our class lesson #7 today (Laws of Success) is on the SELF-CONTROL as we work towards achieving success. Come join us and share your methods of the power and benefit of self-control! See you all on our show hosted by Empress Ah'malah & Guest Monday-Friday at 12noon EST (646-649-0119).

    Disclaimer: We do not own the copyrights to all pictures in the slide show. We use them for informational and educational purposes only. 

    Peace & Love Your Earths Retreat Support Team

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    "The Last Fruit" (self-control)

    in Health

    But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control. Against such there is no law.  Galatians 5:22-23
    There's no two ways about it!   Biblical Health cannot be fully realized with just fruits and vegetables....you also need the fruits of the Spirit. 
    And the fruit that seems to rule over them all is the last one Paul wrote:  Self-Control
    Dr. Jeff and Chaim are joined with BHtv expert Dr. Andrea Hazim to discuss why Self-Control is so important in the life of the Believer, and to encourage you to exercise it in everything you do.
    CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE PROGRAM ON VIDEO LIVE-STREAM:  https://new.livestream.com/accounts/4415443/events/2222573
    CLICK HERE TO WATCH OUR NEW VITAMIX REVIEW WEBINAR:  http://BiblicalHealth.tv/get-a-vitamix/
    Join the Revolution!

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    Fruit of the Spirit - Self Control

    in Religion

    In this special series of practical, devotional studies leading up to Easter, we're looking at how we can experience the Fruit of the Spirit on a daily basis. Packed with down-to-earth examples and 'how-to' tools, this could seriously change your life!
    The series links in to our book of the month, click here to see more.
    This morning we're looking at Self-Control

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    Fresh Manna: Shalom Health and Wellness-Anger Management and Self Control

    in Religion


    Apostle Loretta Williams is a Motivational Speaker and Teacher who will be sharing information that is essential and vital to our physical (body) welfare which will also include the benefits of nutritious meals, herbs and spices and various foods that provide protein and vitamins that are good for our bodies.  We will learn more on how to stabilize our mental and psychological (the mind and our thoughts) and dealing with our emotions (how we feel). Occasionally she will have guests who are health specialist or advocates who can enlighten us further, so we can learn as much as possible about maintaining good health and enabling us through their knowledge and expertise to live better and fulfilling lives so we can be happy! 

    Today’s Lesson Topic: Preventive Medicine - Anger Management and Self Control

    SCRIPTURE TOPIC: (3 John 1:2)  Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth. 

    Read and Learn more about Shalom Health and Wellness on the Oasis World Wide News Publication at www.oasisnewspublication.com/id79.html

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    Self-Control, Stress & Money: How to Return to Inner Peace & Confidence

    in Business

    With Lauren E Miller (www.StressSolutionsUniversity.com)

    Self-control is known as a fruit of the spirit that benefits our overall health and happiness when practiced in life.

    Too often our habits are not aligned with our personal and professional financial goals in life. Lauren will share some simple tips, pulling from her NLP/EFT training that will equip listeners with the ability to create self-care systems that result in inner confidence and peace in the midst of the anxiety that all too often slithers around your relationship with money.

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    The Fear of Losing Control

    in Family

    One of the most prevalent fears people have is that of losing control.  This is the fear that if you don't manage to control the outcome of future events, something terrible will happen.  People who are chronic sufferers from such losing-control anxiety keep themselves continuously in a heightened state of stress with only brief, unsatisfying intermissions between fears. The crux of the problem is the demand for certainty in a world that is always tentative and uncertain.  It is precisely this unrealistic demand that creates the anxiety.  You think that youmust accurately predict and manage the future, not just have some probabilistic and uncertain handle on it. So, the key to controlling your losing-control anxiety is letting go of your demand for certainty-giving up your unrealistic perfectionism about reality.  Facing the inherent and unavoidable uncertainty of the future can indeed seem formidable if you demand certainty.  But letting go of this demand is the key to letting go of your fear.  If you don't have to control the outcome; if you do not expect to predict with certainty what is by its nature uncertain; if you do not expect to solve a contradiction; then you are free to relax.

    Existentialists refer to this state of letting go as confronting your angst.  It is about accepting responsibility, not for the future but for the choices you freely make about the future.  What is in your power?  You have the power to say "I won't fear the future."  You have the power to say "I won't resign myself to living a life of fear."  You always have the power to say no more to such a life.  What you don't have the power to do is to be omniscient; to have eyes in back of your head; to see all-knowingly into the future.

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    3 Tools of Self Control that Will Help You Expand Your Business!

    in Education

    Self-Control; a foundation of meditation, many religions, and learning to relax is also a cornerstone of having a successful business. 

    I'm going to share three powerful tools that I learned from studies with "my main monks", Thich Naht Hanh and His Holiness the Dalai Lama; and how these ideas are supported by science and most certainly proven by MRI's and more; to help you gain the powerful skill of self-control so that you can better grow your business and lead a happier professional life!

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    in Religion

    The Word of God tells us to continually walk in the Holy Spirit so that we will not fulfill the lusts of the flesh. Walking in the Spirit means exemplifying the fruit of the Spirit - EVERY attribute. It is one (whole) fruit, meaning it is a package deal. You cannot embrace part of it and reject other parts. 
    In this vital teaching from Minister Crystal Davis, we learn about one attribute of the fruit of the Spirit - self control - and how it relates to the others. We also receive practical, biblical instructions on applying this to every area of our lives. Join us in this study and allow your soul to be refreshed as you receive a mindset of total submission to God.

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    Mental Clarity, Focus and Self Control -- How Meditation Can Help

    in Relationships

    Trouble focusing on work? Keep reaching for your iphone when you are supposed to be working?  Got brain fog? Addicted to video games? Roland discusses the connection between upset and difficulty concentrating. He also discusses the connection between excessive gadget use and lack of focus. If you want more mental clarity and focus, meditation just might increase your productivity too.  For more information visit Roland's website

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