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    #276 Skills a Toddler MUST Use BEFORE Words Emerge - Show 2 - Overview

    in Parents

    Join pediatric speech-language pathologist Laura Mize, M.S., CCC-SLP as she provides a list of the first 5 skills toddlers acquire before they begin to use words to talk. 


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    Episode 50: Eliminate Power Struggles with Your Kids TODAY!

    in Relationships

    Do you find yourself in power struggles with your children? I sure have! Regardless of age, whether they’re toddlers, elementary school age, middle or high school age, or even college age, the battles and stresses seem to take on their own unique life. Stop beating your head against the wall, doing the same thing with no change in your child’s behavior! Stop losing sleep at night, thinking: There must be a better way! Join us on Love, Trust & Pixie Dust Radio as we speak to certified life and parenting coach, Amy Egan. You will leave with tips, strategies, and most importantly: PEACE OF MIND, knowing you can do this! 

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    Exercise and Your Pet (How Much, How Often)

    in Pets

    Healthy pets.  We all want our animal friends to be as healthy as possible.  Many times we take this to mean being selective about what goes into our pets' bodies.  But what about exercise?  Is the daily walk you take your dog for enough?  How much exercise does your cat need?  And what kinds?  What about other types of animals?  Is exercise an important element to their daily health?  In this episode of The Missy Show, we explore the need and benefits of exercise in the daily lives of our pets.  Join hosts J and D, Saturday, January 23rd at 5pm Central!

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    #275 Skills a Toddler MUST Use BEFORE Words Emerge - Show 1 of New Series

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    Join pediatric speech-language pathologist Laura Mize, M.S., CCC-SLP as she begins a new series of shows to discuss that skills that children must acquire before they learn to talk and use words meaningfully to communicate. 

    While it is true that "All kids develop differently," there's a general pattern of development that children follow before we begin to hear words - whether kids talk late or on time.

    In this week's show, we'll begin this series with a brief overview of what happens when a child uses a word and then spend a good portion of the show looking at what's normal regarding vocabulary size from 12 months to 48 months. 

    Additionally, we'll review a few red flags that let us know a child is at risk for more than late talking.

    For a written summary of today's show, read the post below at Laura's website teachmetotalk.com:

    #275 Show Summary


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    “THE [WO]MAN RE-ELEVATED!” comes to elevate all women in the area of financial well being in all areas of our lives. We as fellow “SIStars” are designed to illuminate the world. How do we effectively handle our finances if we’re not operating at our ultimate best? As the first teachers, nurses, chefs, friends, and lovers to our kindred unit, then the community in which we live, it’s more imperative today that we raise ourselves to a higher level than ever before. As there are many negative forces bombarding us and our loved ones, we need to take heed to arm ourselves with the wisdom and truth in every area of our lives. This “re-adjustment” to our lives will aid in raising the barometer for everyone around us, causing us to be our very best selves. When we are all our very best selves, then we will all be able to work together in unity and accomplish a great deal. It all takes the power of “one” to make a change and difference in the world. It also takes finances to build a nation, and families form communities, which form nations. Will you be that change maker?

    Join us today, along with our guests, Dr. Steven & Karen Richter, to discuss Autism, the silent epidemic. Do you know anyone who is “diagnosed” with Autism? If so, is it something they are handling silently with no help in sight? Well,… there is a solution to help these families cope and thrive wholly, physically, spiritually, and economically.

    When the Woman is healed, so will the Man be healed!...then here come our children, following in line…SIStars, our Brothers are yearning for us to help them, will you make the necessary change?

    JOIN US: Wednesday’s 11aEST…call for LIVE Show: 657.383.0332 or logon:www.blogtalkradio.com/THORMinistryRadio

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    "Men Talk Monday" Why Men Aren’t Really Men Anymore

    in Family

    There was once a time when men used to be real men. When they dressed with style, when they had a certain honor code they followed that involved treating not only their elders and each other with respect, but women alike. Unfortunately, those days are far- gone — a thing of the past. What we have now is… to be quite honest, I’m not sure.

    There are of course certain men out there who still have their affairs in order, but we are few in number. What people are most often subject to is the company of boys who are refusing to grow up and man up — boys who prefer to play with their toys than to do their part in bettering society, the human race and the world as a whole. These poor excuses for men have the bodies of adults and the mentalities, as well as the social outlook of toddlers. Horny toddlers, but toddlers nonetheless.

    It’s all about character — or in this case, the lack of character. Something has been happening during this era dubbed the “information age.” Social media platforms have taken away the need to interact face to face, taking away the need for actual interaction. This is great in many regards: you can now keep in touch with friends and family all over the world from a handheld device.

    Character is most often built during those moments between activities, during moments of solitude and reflection. Men no longer feel the need to pause and reflect because the options for whatever it is they want are only a click away. The options are endless and therefore we never truly experience disappointment.

    It’s awful because women are becoming accustomed to such boys and believing that these pansies are all that is left of our sex. Some great women are settling for these fools and then finding that they themselves have no choice but to wear the pants in the family because their “man” is PMSing. 

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    Evidence Proves Conservatism, Clinton Caught Again? Burnett To Head MGM Unit

    in Politics

    Gary Bauer-How much evidence do you need?  "Conservative values work" says Bauer one of America’s most effective spokesmen for pro-life, pro-family and pro-growth values. He is the founder of American Values and the Campaign for Working Families.

    Matthew Whitaker-Former U.S. attorney and President of the ethics watchdog group, the Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust discusses Complaint Against Former Secretary Clinton for Giving Preferential Treatment.

    James Hirsen-New York Times best-selling author, commentator, media analyst and law professor says faith-based movies just took a giant leap with the announcement that Mark Burnett has been tapped to head MGM Television Unit.

    David French-The Left Strangely Uses “Selective Body Count” to Change the Subject from ISIS.  It is becoming The ISIS Delusion reports National Reviews staff writer.

    Al Baldasaro-5th term New Hampshire State Representative talks the 2016 Presidential candidates, Trump, and just how important the "Granite State's Primary is."

    Brandon Darby-Managing Director of BREITBART TEXAS, reports on Mexican Cartel-Connected Group Attempts Ambush of Breitbart Border Reporters in Texas & Houston Chronicle Writer: ‘Dozens’ of Syrians Able to Reach Texas Border ‘Isn’t Much of News’

    Chuck Bentley-CEO of Crown, the largest Christian financial ministry in the world, A Christmas Story-The 12 Days of Christmas Preparations.

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    Through A Child's Eyes | Ghosts, Paranormal, Supernatural, Horror

    in Paranormal

    A young woman finds she is drawn to a home as a child and finds out why as an adult.
    After nearly drowning as a child, a man describes life seeing spirits for 40 years.
    Something paranormal intervenes to make sure a child gets the medical testing his life depends upon.
    Toddlers can be scary, but one toddler may have scared the spirits away from his home for good.

    If you have a real ghost story or supernatural event to report, please write into our show or call 1-855-853-4802!If you like the show, please help keep us on the air and support the show by becoming an EPP (Extra Podcast Person). We'll give you a BONUS episode every week as a "Thank You" for your support. Become an EPP here: http://www.realghoststoriesonline.com/become-epp/

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    Washington Times Reporter, L. Todd Wood, Returns as Guest

    in Politics

    Todd is a contributor to Fox Business News, NY Post, The Moscow Times, Armed Forces Journal, Newmax Money News, National Review, Zero-Hedge, and others.  His column at the Washington Times, Behind The Curtain, deals with Russian and former Soviet issues.

    He splits his time between NYC and Moscow.

    Born in Georgia and raised in Savannah, Ever since his earliest days, he loved story telling.

    Todd left Savannah in 1982 to attend the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, CO where he studied aeronautical engineering.  Upon graduation in 1986, he immediately left the Academy for flight school.  His initial assignment was flying Combat Search and Rescue helicopters at Elmendorf Air Force Base in Anchorage, Alaska.  In the UHAE (Unique Harsh Arctic Environment-pronounced "Yoo Hay" by Alaskans) he flew local rescue missions and was also deployed throughout Asia. During this time he was credited with saving many lives and even more assists.  In addition to flying exciting missions, Todd also managed to graduate from the University of Alaska Anchorage with an M.S. in Engineering Management.  In 1990 he volunteered for Special Operations and went back to flight school.  In 1991 he was assigned to the 20th Special Operations Squadron at Hurlburt Field, FL, flying MH-53J Pave Low helicopters.  Immediately he was deployed to Kuwait.  Over the next three years he was active in  classified missions in support of counterterrorism under the control of the National Command Authority and deployed throughout the world.  His customers included SEAL Team Six and Delta Force.  He left the Air Force as a Captain in 1994. 

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    First 10 Steps To Take In Order To Become A Virtual Assistant

    in Training

    Alyssa Avant is an author, speaker, virtual assistant and virtual assistant coach. She has 8 years of experience working from home. Alyssa is the author of FaithLeaps: The Christian Mom’s Guide to Passion, Purpose and Profits and FaithLeaps: The Christian Mom's Guide to Starting a Virtual Assistant Business. She is a wife and mom of three. Alyssa and her family call the Deep South home. 

    Over eight years ago, Alyssa began the journey of creating a business that would allow her to be at home with her children and contribute consistently to her family’s finances. During the days when Alyssa’s children were babies and toddlers, she earned diaper money. As they grew, she earned money for groceries. At present, her income pays for their private school tuition each month. 

    In this segment Alyssa will share with you the first 10 steps she encourages anyone to take in order to become a virtual assistant. You’ll be so excited when you begin earning an income that will be a blessing to your family while being able to serve and assist business owners as well. 

    You won't want to miss all of the tips Alyssa will be sharing to get your virtual assistant business up and running in no time! 

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    Omar Figueroa-Antonio DeMarco Review

    in Sports

    Omar Figueroa and Antonio DeMarco closed out the PBC on NBC year with a bang, delivering a closely fought action fight in front of enthusiastic fans at the AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas.

     Figueroa came out semi-aggressive but tried being more selective in spots. Figueroa looked huge, but DeMarco was taking his shots very well in the first few rounds. However, it was Figueroa’s size that was helping him keep DeMarco right where he wanted him, with his back against the ropes.

    When Figueroa was being smart, he was also leaving himself open, when he was aggressive, and a bit sloppy is when he seemed to have the most success.

     Switching style to southpaw for a moment and then quickly back to orthodox, Figueroa was able to keep the fight exactly where he wanted it – in the phone booth. DeMarco was able to get some distance between him and Omar for a bit, but he never did anything with that time. DeMarco refused to move and allowed himself to get pinned right back against the ropes.

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