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    The Decline of the African Race: "Segregation of Africans"

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    For Black History Month, No Conduct Radio is focusing on Africa; where it all began.

    We will have a four part series over the course of the next month:

    1. Segregation of Africans
    2. Assimilation of the Africans
    3. Education of the Africans
    4. Africans in Entertainment

    Tonight's show will focus on the divide of the Africans. How Africans were brought to the Caribbean and to America and how, to this day, they are still divided. How African's and Caribbeans think they are better than Black Americans, how Black Americans don't want to be recognized as African, etc.

    We will also listen to a song by Tara Hendricks, "Who I Am"

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    Apartheid/segregation is Zionism!

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    Zionism is racism, is segregation,  is apartheid, is all over the world.

    But, more so in Israel.  Israel is a  brutal society that has no interest other than subjugation of its "lesser than" people. Palestinians, Arabs in general and especially black folks.  Everyday instances of murders, beatings, and arrests of the "lesser thans" don't get broadcast by any media outside the Occupied Territories unless there is a "war" going on like back in 2012-13 when CNN, MSNBC, and ABC were looking at it from the Israeli point of view.  I believe FOX phoned their reports from London, safe place that.  

    The news from OT are from local citizen journalists and photographers that are in the middle of fight for their rights.  The only outlets are you and me and blogs that have the balls to carry the messages against Israel's atrocities.



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    LGBTQ Commentary: Segregation

    in Comedy

    Join Veemo and Shay for the topic of segregation. We are primarily discussing How the LGBTQ say that they want "equality" but promote segregation through LGBTQ outlets.

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    Segregation Will Never End In Chicago

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    When will Chicago Wake Up?????????
    Segregation = Elimination
    We are the 99%
    Unity = Life

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    Economics The New Segregation Factor For Public Schools

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    As we celebrate the 60 year anniversary of Brown vs. Board of Education it appears that public schools are still segregated. 60 years ago laws were passed to de-segregate public schools based on race and stll today many public schools remain segregated, but not because of race. The new underlying factor of public school segregation is economics. Many segregated public schools lack high quality resources (i.e books, computers, highly educated teachers, etc.) because of economics. Can a law fix this or is there something else we can do? Tune in to discuss how we can help address this problem.        

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    De-Facto Segregation & The Underfunding of Schools

    in Education

    "De-Facto Segregation & The Underfunding of Schools: Intentional Discrimination & The Disparate Impact On Children"

    Join Host Dr. Eric Cooper, President of the National Urban Alliance and NCEBC Board President and his returning co-host Dr. Nicole McZeal Walters, Associate Dean, Graduate Programs, School of Education at Univ. of St. Thomas-Houston for an engaging conversation with special guests:  Dr. Linda Darling-Hammond (Stanford University) and Atty. John Brittain.

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    6: Segregation in Chicago

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    This is a topic that has existed for over 50 years, despite recent improve improvements in the last decade, Chicago is still recognized as the most segregated city in America. This show will attempt to examine the history of Chicago and it's "zones" or it's invisible dividing lines which seperate neighborhoods. From the growth and decline of the Bronzeville area to the displaced Black families in the housing projects of Chicago.

    Also, "House Music" came about after "The Death of Disco." This show will also touch on the history and the evolution of House Music. As well as the limitations that Chicagoans put on theirselves when it comes to experience new music, opportunities, and other experiences throughout the entire city.

    Based out of Chicago, "The Effect" explores artistry and creativity throughout the city and it's surrounding areas. Announcing current and up-coming events and creating dialogue about topics that are local and world-wide.

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    Segregation Or Integration? If You Had To Vote For Your People! Let's Talk

    in Family

    Saturday's Organise Or Perish show. So would it help us if we moved away from white in every bit possible? And is it possible, and would it happen? Or is this just impossible for us to survive without white people? Let's get talking. 


    Monday: The Love Jones - With Renee & Dawah (Relationships)
    Wednesday: Run Down With Renee - With Renee (Social)
    Thursday: Speak It Like You Think It - With Naj (Sports)
    Saturday: Organise Or Perish Show With Marcus & Meshiah (Politics/Social)
    Sunday: PAST (Problems And Solutions Show) With Peter & Mojo (Economics)

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    Segregation Now Segregation Forever

    in Politics

    Like other black women before them, these two students tried to break what remains an almost impenetrable color barrier. Fifty years after Vivian Malone and James Hood became the first black students to desegregate The University of Alabama, there remains one last bastion of segregation on campus: The UA greek system is still almost completely divided along racial lines.
    With each passing year, the University falls further behind other universities in terms of greek integration. The Crimson White reported in 2012 that other large Southern universities, such as Auburn and Ole Miss, have integrated their greek systems to a further extent than the University.

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    In America, race and class are inextricably linked. Whether by chance, or more likely, by purpose, that is the  reality that we must live with.

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    Sports, Segregation, and Education: History's Impact on Today's Black Athletes

    in Education

    Robin L. Hughes' research focuses on three areas of student and faculty higher educational and sociological issues. First, her research focuses on the development of students who are athletes participating in revenue generating sports. Second, she examines the everyday struggles over difference and inequality for students and faculty of color. Third, her research and service interests are in the area of retention and recruitmentof African American students (more precisely males) in college, their experiences, development, and perceptions about the campus climate.

    Dr. Hughes authored Victory Courts: The Story of CoachRobert Hughes and the PVIL I.M. Terrell Flying Panthers.  She also co-authored Dismantle This: Deconstructing Policy and Instutionalized 'isms' through Critical Race Theory, and is co-editor and co-founder of the Journal for the Study of Sports and Athletes in Education.

    Coach Robert L. Hughes has led multiple state championship teams since the 1960's.At the time of his retirement in 2005, Hughes was the national all-time leader in wins amassing 1,333 wins compared to only 264 losses.

    Today, Coach Hughes delivers motivational speeches about athleticism, academics, leadership, sportsmanship and discipline -- all skills that should be used both on and off the court.

    Tune in to NCEBCTalkRadio to join show hosts, Dr. Eric J. Cooper, National Council on Educating Black Children (NCEBC) Past President and Dr. Nicole McZeal Walters, NUA Director, and Professor, University of St. Thomas.

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