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    There is a menace in the GOP that is threatening our children. His name is Chris Christie.

    I don’t know why anyone would support this man. I’m not going to attack him for any of the other things his opponents go after him for. Supporting Planned Parenthood, Bridgegate, costing his state billions of dollars in Exxon settlement money, endorsing Sonia Sotomayor, his assault weapons ban, etc. I’m not going to attack Christie for any of this.

    I am going to attack Chris Christie for being fat and for wanting to peddle his obesity to children all across this great nation of ours.

    Chris Christie is a fat pusher. He is like the scumbag who hangs out at school playgrounds selling crack rocks to kids at recess. That is what Chris Christie is. He is a fat pusher.

    Remember, Chris Christie is the one who had to have his stomach stapled because people told him no one would elect a big fat person for president. He had surgery to implant a band around his stomach to restrict the amount of food he was shoveling into his mouth every day. When your stomach is stapled, you are only able to eat small portions. This is for people with no willpower or discipline or enough respect for themselves to say, “That’s enough cheeseburgers for me. I’ve had enough pizza. I don’t want ALL the ham.” People who are allergic to sit-ups and are frightened by the treadmill. That’s who the stomach band is for.

    Christie also had to have the surgery because he was spending hundreds of thousands of dollars of taxpayer money on food at football stadiums. He would entertain business associates at football games and spend thousands of New Jersey tax money on hot dogs, wings, beer and pizza. Chris Christie is that guy.


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    Tim Black At Night Show 12/10/2015

    in Entertainment

    Daniel Holtzclaw: Oklahoma Cop Rapes 13 Black Women May Walk Free. Daniel Holtzclaw is charged with 36 counts of everything from first-degree rape, rape by instrumentation, sexual battery, forcible oral sodomy and indecent exposure. The trial is over. The jury has been deliberating over the verdict for 3 days.  What does this mean? Will this scumbag walk?  

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    Devon Moore on Yakuza Kick Radio!!!!!

    in Sports

    Sept 23, 2015

    -Tonight's guest is The Notorious Scumbag Devon Moore!! -How did Devon get interested in wrestling as a kid? Who was his favorite wrestler? -What does he consider good training? -How did he get hooked up with Trent Acid and PWU? --What was the downfall of PWU? -How did Devon break in to CZW? -Working Cage of Death 10 -Why is he known for the Scaffold Match? -How did he start working with Ian Rotten? --His first King of the Death experience -What's Devon's opinion on light tubes? -Memories of facing JC Bailey -Thoughts on working for Ian -Memories of going to Japan -How did he learn the Shooting Star Press? -Transition from Zandig to DJ -Thoughts on PWS -Going to the UK in 2011 -Favorite country to wrestle in? -What does Devon think is the best DeathMatch tournament in the US? -3 top matches in Devon's career? -Dream Matches? -What's left for Devon to accomplish? -Why hasn't Danny Havoc won the CZW World Title? -NFL/Eagles talk


    -Jay Cat puts "Gotham" over

    -Jay is a lifelong Muppet mark! --Politically correct Kermit?!?

    -Jay Cat's "JO of the Week" is a jealous-ass mother

    -Rant about the Nick Gage situation

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    The Uncle Mike& Tom Show #113 w/"The Notorious Scumbag" Devon Moore

    in Wrestling

    This week on the show we are joined by "The Notorious Scumbag" Devon Moore. Devon talks about his Panes of Glass Match against Shane Strickland this Saturday Night for CZW at Night of Infamy. We also talk the Current State of CZW, the backstage Drama, Sozio as New Champion, Nation of Intoxication, Working Tangled Web and Death Matches in General. PWS, IWAMS, and lots more, a 1hr interview. Then Mathew Grant joins us with his FULL LIVE review of Alpha 1 Wrestling, Final Act 5 from this past Sunday. We talk Lucha Undergrounds debut episode, hit all the Indie News, review last weekends major results and preview this weekend as well!! Its your Thursday Indie Fix!

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    Mama Mia NO Sharia with Vito Esposito and AL

    in Politics

    Former FL Sen. Bob Graham - Why did FBI Detain Bob Graham? Former Sen. Bob Graham is still asking questions about Saudi Arabia's involvement in 9/11/2001 terror attack by 19 muslim men, over half hailed from Saudi Arabia. He would like answers about a Saudi Family abandoning their Sarasota home just days before the terror attack of 9-11-2001. 

    By the way, 14 years later - Saudi Arabia just announced a $10 Million endowment to Yale University to establish a Center for Islamic (Sharia) Law. Seems like the Saudi's are trying to win the "Hearts and Minds" of America's ute's in academia? Wasn't America supposed to win hearts and minds of muslims by spreading democracy and individual liberties? 

    Another Police Officer is gunned down, this time in Kentucky.  The President immedicately got to the airwaves to condemn the senseless violence and the attack on law enforcement. NOT - As usual Barack Hussein Soetoro Obama is SILENT!! He just stirs the pot of dissent for authority. Fortunately, the scumbag Cop Killer has been caught.  

    Syrian Refugee issue, Obama ups ante to 10,000 muslim refugees to America. John Kerry thinks we should open door to over 100,000. Meanwhile American taxpayers saddled with more than 90% of Middle Eastern Refugees are on Food Stamps, 73.1% were on Medicaid or Refugee Medical Assisitance and 68.3% were on cash welfare. Taxpayers continue to pay the jizyah while refugees live off welfare. 

    Join us at 6pm EST where we may or may not be broadcasting from Little Falls, NY.  Website - www.radiojihad.org; LIke us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter: #radiojihadnetwork or #mamamiaNOsharia! 

    God Bless our Troops and God Bless America!  

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    Leo Frank - Jew Scumbag

    in Education

    Our German Ancestry
    Hosted by:  Robert Schlattmann
    Leo Frank, a filthy jew scumbag, sexually assaulted and strangled 13 year old Mary Phagan on Saturday, April 26, 1913.   The criminal jew alliance of B'nai B'rith and the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) schemed together for years since the Leo Frank Trial to overturn the guilty verdict.  In 1986, these subversive jew agencies coerced a "posthumous pardon" for the jew scumbag.  A pardon only forgives a debt owed to society, it does not eliminate or alter a guilty verdict, but liberal minded fools will think Frank is innocent.
    These jews, cunning as they are, always plot incrementally over time, thereby achieving their ultimate devious goal.  In this case, a declaration of innocence, with an apology and civic award for the jew scumbag, seems to be their intent.  Only a filthy jew and the most credulous of dolts would believe Leo Frank innocent of his crime.  This worthless, degenerate, piece of filth was lynched in Marietta, Georgia on August 17, 1915.

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    Armed & Fabulous : Episode 11 | Rand Paul Comes Out

    in Fun

    Rand Paul has exposed himself as a big giant stinking monger of war, and we are not surprised - but many are. Join us for a discussion of the warning signs, how YOU can spot a budding tyrant, and practice the discernment necessary to make ethical choices at the voting booth.

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    Tom Brady Loves Mike Erwin and Cheating

    in Football

    Dogs can only see a couple a colors. Tom Brady can't help but cheat. It's in his molecular makeup. And for some completely unknown reason every single New England Patriots fans seems to think we owe them an apology after the NFL's ruling. The guys at the Visitors Section are here to weigh in on that opinion. 

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    just a chat being recorded for something to do..

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