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    Jim Durbin, Recruiting Scripts

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  • Scripts Yule Menorah

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    It's time for another LIVE episode of the Patch and Switch show!!! It's a call in show, two IT guys (Patch and Switch) who are talking about whatever comes up for this episode. Can you say Tangent! 

    Call in - reach out or just focus on the chat room... Doesn't matter to us - we love the interaction!  Ultimately it's the Chat Room where everyone hangs out, so make sure to load it up!

    Holy Crap - it's our 41st episode!!! What's the topic? We still don't know until the show starts. We have some ideas on what to talk about - but the callers shape the show!

    We CAN confirm this is our special YearEnd holiday show and there will be some surprizes on air. You HAVE to tune in to find out what!

    Three ways to connect:

    Call: (646) 595-4888 to talk to the hosts (POTS, Cell or SkypeOut)
    Skype in via the webpage, but you'll need to register on BlogTalkRadio.com site first (choose the FREE account, not paid account).

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    Wendy Lovejoy discuss Success Scripts on LTS with Danette

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    Join Danette and Wendy as the discuss Success Scripts on Blog Talk Radio’s Let’s Talk Strategies with Danette Moss Wendy Lovejoy is the founder of MoneyAnswersAllNow.com a website that helps individuals, Corporations, coaches, churches, solo entrepreneurs and professionals to master keeping more money and not work hard and to always know where their money is going. She is also the founder of Birthing a Business COACHING which takes your money from earning it to making it work for you by monetizing your skills. With this program you learn how to attract the right business partners, clients or customers with the right logo, brand and clear marketing programs. Clarity and systems in business means more cash flow! 

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    Suicide Squad Set Photos Leak (And Other Stuff)

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    -DCU Flash Will Be Barry Allen: React to the news confirming that Ezra Miller's Flash will also be Barry Allen


    -Matthew McConaughey Reads DC/Marvel Scripts: Discuss the latest news about the star admitting to reading and being interested in scripts from both Marvel and DC


    -Suicide Squad Set Photos Leak: React to the new photos that have surfaced from the set featuring Jared Leto's Joker.


    -Doomsday To Appear In BvS: Discuss the new rumor that Doomsday will appear in Batman v Superman as a main villian. 

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    Episode 23

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    Listen in as Chris offers up his dramaturgical wisdom, industry insights and trademark humour to some unsuspecting aspiring screenwriters. He answers the illusive question of what defines a good "hook", critiques a pitch involving ISIS, anf a story about a woman's unhappy reunion with her past.

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    Books of Excellence With Guest Ann Palmer

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    Tonight Bonnie Kaye's guest is author Ann Palmer who has a career not only as an author, but also as an actress, producer, model, and ordained minister specializing in creating beautiful marriage ceremonies. 

    Ann's long-time career was spent in Hollywood working in films and TV with many famous celebrities. She also appeared in Love With a Proper Stranger - Redline 7000 - Courtship of Eddy's Father - Goodbye Charlie - Bonnie and Clyde - Mail Order Bride - Mars Needs Women, Challenge, The Last Party (Robert Downey, Jr.) - Vegas Vacation - Conair - Something to Believe In - My Giant - Fear and Loathing - Chicago Hope, plus a French movie - Bold & Beautiful -Climax - Red Skelton - Heinz Theatre - Shower of Stars - Bachelor Father - Hallmark Hall of Fame - Divorce Court - Robin Hood and more. Ann was interviewed on Sally Jesse Raphael, Real People, Two on the Town, Sightings, and others, many national TV and radio commercials, (live and film Local, Regional and National).

    Ann produced and hosted: "Ann Palmer in Beverly Hills"- "Women in the Power Years “ – plus a live call in show, (over 250 cable television programs) all pre-post production, won the 1994 Western W.A.V.E. award for directing and editing, plus hands on experience: host/producer director/editor /cameras/sound equipment/et al. Produced self-help audio tapes, authored two books so far, wrote articles, scripts for commercials, story ideas, synopsis, created and conducted workshops, classes and lectured from coast to coast.

    Tonight we will highlight Ann's newest book Intermingled Destinies Between a Mother and a Daughter, an inspirational autobiographical account of her greatest tragedy and rebuilding of her life. 

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    Listening to Others? Confession #5

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    In this next episode of Catch Your Spirit, we will be talking about what happens when we keep listening to others vrs our own inner guidance. 

    Not too long ago, I found myself listening to what everyone else had to say about my work.  I was constantly getting comments like... why don't you do what so and so does... or maybe you shouldn't try and offer that kind of work... or you probably won't ever make any money being spiritual...  

    I was listening to everyone except myself.  Until I found I was in a state of total confusion.

    And that's when I found myself in the shower tapping away this issue.

    Emotional Freedom Technique is an energy psychology technique that helps to remove the issues out of the bold and reprogram the brain.  It taps into the amydala of the brain producing and overall peaceful feeling.

    Call in to receive intuitive guidance to help you release the all those voice floating around in your head!  

    Tapping scripts offered for all to tap along with.





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    Episode 23

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    More Chris, more advice, more indistry insights, more of everything you've come to love us for...and all for the budget-friendly price of FREE!  

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    Black Friday- Tips, No Scripts

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    Is Black Friday worth all of the madness? Are the savings really that great? How much do you know about Black Friday, the history, what it means, the mindset of those who participate in Black Friday?  Who benefits, corporations or ME?  What would happen if I didn't go shopping on Black Friday? What are the Pros and Cons of Black Friday? What has happened to tradition of Thanksgiving?  Does it matter, do you matter, and does the store manager, clerks, and security matter?  These are questions that have an impact on someone. Encouragement, tips, lessons learned, and personal experience play a role in why we do what we do.  Join us to night as we talk about the hottest and busiest day of the year BLACK FRIDAY!!!

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    Are you searching in all the wrong places? Confession #4

    in Spirituality

    Have you ever found yourself searching on the outside for your answers?

    Or maybe searching in all the wrong places to satisfy an inner desire?

    I have!

    Confession # 4 - I'm Searching on the Outside is the chapter in my upcoming book, Confessions of a Shower Tapper - The Ultimate Guide to LIving Your Purpose with EFT,  where I talk about my overeating and over spending to make myself feel better.

    But does it really?

    In this episode of Catch Your Spirit, I will be talking about the way many of us look on the outside instead of finding ways to go within for our guidance.

    I'll be taking calls, offering intutive guidance  and tapping scripts to help you understand any searching on the outside you may be doing as well.




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    Shows that Ducked the Axe (& Others that Got it) @The Grindhouse, Sat 6pm EST

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    Greetings to our Blerds, Nerds, Hispaneeks and so forth!  Welcome to the latest episode of Afronerd Radio's Grindhouse airing this Saturday at 6pm EST.  For the first segment, commonly known as The Comic Shoppe, listen to your hosts (Daryll B., Dburt, Capt. Kirk) discuss the following topics: our thoughts about show renewals/cancellations (Constantine, Forever, AOS, Agent Carter, etc) that were announced; some TV/Movie revelations (Flash's Grodd, Sherlock's Martin Freeman joins Cap 3, etc) more on the upcoming JLA: Gods and Monsters project including a Pam Grier inspired Mary Marvel; the Arrow/Flash spinoff gets a name-Legends of Tomorrow;  and right on the heels of AOU, Captain America: Civil War commences filming for its May '16 release date; FOX orders Minority Report and DC's Lucifer. And lastly, Shadow and Act interviews Professor Jonathan Gayles regarding his documentary entitled, White Scripts and Black Supermen: Black Masculinity in Comic Books.

    And then there's our second act, the Afronerd Radio podcast airing at 7pm eastern.  Join Dburt and Capt. Kirk as they tackle the following subjects: music legend, Prince is holding court in Baltimore in honor of the late Freddie Gray (no other conscious artists are stepping to the plate, huh?) ; and just what penalty should be levied against the NE Patriots for "deflate-gate"; folks at The Root must be Afronerd listerners! A recent piece posits why "simple" Black celebrities continue to get rewarded; we explore the genius of NASA's Annie Easley and we hopefully will address some other issues that were left on the table from the previous episode.  Call the hosts live at 646-915-9620.