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    Listen in on a recent conversation Madam Coach had with Playwright Bud Simmons about his Journey to Spiritual enlightenment, his experience writing screenplays and poems, and what is in store for the future.

    This is Part 1 of a two part program. 

    *As this is a pre-recorded program, we won't be taking live call-ins. 

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    Holiday Movies-- What to Watch

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    This year there's a lot of great movies. Movies based on Musicals, Movies based on real life and of course Movies based on well... just screenplays :) Tune it tonight to find out what's come out and what's coming out for this holiday season. For just you or the entire family, there's something for every taste.

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    The Speculative Fiction Cantina with Tina Field Howe and Logan l. Masterson

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    The Speculative Fiction Cantina: your weekly hypodermic injection of science fiction, fantasy, horror, alternate history, and things weird and wonderful in the world of books and writers. You'll hear from writers who bend the rules and drive the narrative.  Join S. Evan Townsend on this journey over the rainbow and through the looking glass.

    Today's Guests are Tina Field Howe and Logan l. Masterson

    Tina Field Howe

    Tina’s first book was “Snailsworth, a slow little story,” a children’s picture book which she wrote and illustrated in 2004.

    In addition to writing books and screenplays, for many years Tina has been an illustrator and her day job is in corporate communications.  

    Tina holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Anthropology and a Minor in Art. Tina lives in Waverly, New York. She “gives back” by speaking at career seminars at public schools, meeting with creative writing classes, and speaking to individual aspiring writers.

    Tina's books include:

    Alysa of the Fields, Book One in Tellings of Xunar-kun
    The TrailFolk of Xunar-kun, Book Two in Tellings of Xunar-kun


    Logan l. Masterson

    Born in southern Missouri, and traveling the American southwest throughout his early life, Logan L. Masterson rooted himself in ideas rather than places. His world is a place of wonders, where words are magic and anything is possible. It’s also a place of darkness: good things happen to bad people and the best intentions can go terribly awry.

    Logan's books include:

    Ravencroft Springs

    The Wheel of the Year: Samhain


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    Outstanding author and award winning screenwriter, Kevin Howard's journey

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    Kevin J. Howard was born in Mission Viejo, California, moved to Seattle at the age of twenty-one, and now lives in Puyallup. He hand wrote his first novel in the fifth grade and has been writing ever since. His first published novel, Faithful Shadow, is a return to the classic horror novel. Kevin's second novel, Precipice: The Beginning, recently won the Readers' Favorite Silver Medal in horror and is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. The sequel, Precipice: The Retrieval, was released in May of 2013. Kevin looks to publish his next novel, Closed Cell, in early 2014. Since writing Closed Cell he has completed four additional horror novels that will soon be published, including the long awaited third novel in the Precipice series. 
    For the past three years, Kevin has been writing screenplays with fantastic success.  In that short time, he has completed seven screenplays, four of which are award winning, and six have been requested for review by some of the largest production companies in Hollywood.  Kevin is now working as the lead writer for Laurel Leaf Screenwriting Services, a company created to adapt novels and ideas into feature length screenplays.   

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    Let's Talk Kingdom w/Catrina-Interview w/CEO Nigel Lewis of Illustrious Filmz

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    As a young man Nigel Lewis was advised by both teachers and mentors that his grasp of language arts and creative writing was a gift that he should pursue as a career. Over the years, as an avid fan of all genres of film and books he developed an interest in how some of his favorite movies were written and produced, leading to his participation in several independent film shoots as a crew member, and expanding into minor acting roles. By 2006 his first script, a horror entitled “Black”, was written and he was in talks with an Atlanta, Georgia production company to pursue its sale, when he rededicated his life to Christ. The script was abandoned and all writing stopped.
    Amid a dulling case of writer’s block, Nigel awoke in the middle of the night in the summer of 2008 with the memory of a vivid dream. He states “ God gave me an entire storyline from start to finish for my next script, told me I would write it for Him, and then told me to tithe it to my church! It was the most beautiful but frustrating thing I’ve ever had happen to me.” Nigel completed the script (titled “REV”) and the assignment in 2009, and immediately received four other storylines which he began to research and develop. As CEO of Illustrious Family Works, LLC and head writer of Illustrious Filmz he is now working to final draft his third feature “BOO” (described as a Christian thriller) and developing several television projects.
    Nigel Lewis is a native of New Haven, Connecticut and resides in Charlotte, North Carolina. He is supported by his beautiful wife of 14 years, Sheila, and their two daughters, Daja and Jaaz. He attends New Beginnings Church of Matthews, North Carolina under Dr. Michael L Henderson and First Lady Rev. Twanna Henderson.

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    The Barbarian of Gargatchua & screenplays, creativity, sequels/Lauren Bacall #43

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    Tonight join us for a very special show as we talk about The Barbarian of Gargatchua, a very lovely tale and future spin-off series that is in the works between some of us lovely, talented & amazing fans, and we allso have a special kitties return show, because of our enormously successful cats shows on 'The Casual Kiss.'  We bring you more kitties, and I hope you stay tuned to our humurous but fun show, WITH your lovely hosts, I Huggy, and the very humorous Matt.

    XO.  :)  

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    Hit YouTube Webisode "Millennial Parents" creators Jake Green and Natalie Irby

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    MILLENNIAL PARENTS is a creative collaboration between filmmakers Natalie Irby and Jake Greene. The weekly web series is inspired by Jake’s life as a defenseless new father.

    Jake Greene (Co-Director, Writer) has two boys under three years old. When he’s not pounding coffee or trying to keep his kids out of the street, he writes and develops television and web projects.  Jake is also a Millennial author and keynote speaker. His first book, “Whoa, My Boss is Naked” was an irreverent career guide for entry-level Millennial employees. Now, as an entry-level Millennial parent, Jake doesn’t have time to write silly books so he makes silly videos instead.

    Natalie Irby (Co-Director, Director of Photography, Editor) is an award-winning filmmaker and an introverted rock band back-up vocalist. Through her production company, Corner to Corner Productions, Natalie seeks to direct and produce captivating dramatic content such as, “Almost Perfect” (director), an official selection of the Los Angeles Women’s International Film Festival, and also inspire progressive dialogue with films such as the documentary, “Will to Change” (executive producer), a collaboration with Blue Magnolia Films, which won the “Most Transformative Film” award at the 2014 Crossroads Film Festival. She enjoys writing screenplays and original scenes for actors as well. She is learning to “lighten up” through her involvement with comedic content, even engaging in laughter from time to time.

    Natalie and Jake’s previous collaboration, “Hot and Bothered” won the “Best Short Film” award at the 2013 Twin Cities Film Festival and was the only comedy to screen at both the 2013 New York Television Festival and the 2013 Independent Television Festival.

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    Hybrid Jazz From Trish Hennessey - with One of Our Favorites: Slim Man!

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    Yes, you are correct - you have seldom seen the word "Favorite" in the title of the show :)  The most versatile Renaissance Man that we're featuring is the reason.  Besides being so staggeringly talented, Slim is also a friend.  And it's ALWAYS a pleasure to welcome him back!

    Baltimore born and bred, Slim (aka Tim Camponeschi) became smitten with music at the age of five.  That's when Dad took him to see "The Five Pennies" with Danny Kaye and Louis Armstrong.  So strong was the inspiration that Slim took trumpet lessons for ten years.  And he taught himself both guitar and piano.  Singing all the while.  Oh, thank God for THAT!  If you know our Hunk's voice, then you have heard Audible Silk.  Dean Martin without the dry martini :-D

    Seriously, this profile could wax poetic from now until showtime - that's how cool of a background we're discussing. From the first gig, singing Beatles' songs at the six grade graduation - to his middle school band, Momma Max - to his education at the Peabody Institute - to the Motown office of Roxanne Gordy in New York City where he signed his published deal (and a song on Angie Bofill's debut CD!).  There's more: Stiff Records (yes) signed him and "Boot Camp" had two of the 100 videos first seen on MTV.  A re-recording of songs originally done by another artist put Slim Man on the map - so did Bona Fide, the group he founded in the late 90's.  "X-Ray Hip" was a number one song that still get played all over the globe.  And Ronnie Dunn of Brooks & Dunn will never forget Our Guy - Slim was the one who discovered him via the nationwide Marlboro search.

    TV, screenplays, authentic Italian cooking - whaddya want?!  A new Kickstarter will launch his cookbook (days left!) and a BIG charitable event happens SOON - please welcome our Friend, Slim Man!

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    Writing Royalty Radio: "From Boys To Men...."

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    Topic:  "From Boys To Men...."

    Guest Authors: Itchie- Mu and Byron Carey

    Author Byron Carey is a reformed drug distributer that served a ten year federal prison sentence was born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas. He has transformed his way back into society as a truck driver and author. He was an outstanding basketball player that worked his way into the USBL basketball league in 2002. He attended Alvin Community College where he holds an Associates in Business Administration. He is the author of Nowhere 2 Turn with several more to come in the future. 

    Author Mohammed “Itchie-Mu” Anwo is an urban fiction author and the co-founder of Street Dedication Publishing which he started with his co-partner Hakeem Fleming. The first of six siblings, he quickly became involved with the streets at the age of 14, when his father, Mohammed Sr. was deported back to Africa due to a narcotic conviction. Author Itchie-Mu served 22 yrs of his life in prison, while sitting in his cell the last time he took a close and deep look into himself and he hated what he saw. Mohammad began reading novels to pass time, and then he came across a book called “How to Write Novels and Screenplays” and was instantly inspired. He began writing novels to both escape his reality and became good at it, at the same time, he vowed that once released he would never return. Author Mohammad “Itchie-Mu” Anwo is currently working on a host of novels and screenplays and looking forward to working with other authors with the hope of turning their novels into screenplays as well.

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    Fridays with Faith welcomes... AMY HARKNESS

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    Amy Harkness has served for three years as a spiritual director in private practice at Glendale United Methodist Church in Nashville, Tennessee, ordained through The Institute of Christian Spirituality at Lipscomb University. As an elder in the Presbyterian church, Amy serves as pulpit supply at Glencliff Presbyterian Church. The daughter of a minister and a compassionate caregiver, Amy felt called to the ministry at an early age.  Amy’s young and beautiful grandmother lived with her family as she was treated for cancer which became a second language. These relationships were foundational as Amy served as a nurse at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital for 14 years mostly in pediatric oncology and later a hospice nurse. But Amy avoided her call to be a minister until she discovered her own witness of the redemptive grace of Jesus Christ. Survivor of a catastrophic illness, shame, guilt and offensive relationships, Amy recovered wholistically, writing a book called A Song and A Prayer about using shame and guilt and all our life scars to be who God intends us to be. Screenplays are in the works as is another book called Letters to Women in Prison identifying commonalities of the incarcerated and the free held back from spiritual fulfillment. Amy has a smart, talented and beautiful 15 year old daughter who is her most endearing challenge and greatest joy.

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    Sean Sportcoat Brown visits - This Side of the River

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    Sean is a co founder of  B.U.P. production which is Music & Video based and a umbrella company of two other branches. He has engineered thousands of musical works, wrote hundreds of songs and over 5 screenplays, 4 books,recorded hundreds of songs released by B.U.P. & other labels nationally.

    Sean's production, "My Step Kids," has just been picked up for sitcom.  It is a hilarious comedy project depicting various circumstances that occur when families merge.  He has just finished the hair raising thriller " Beneeth', just in time for this Halloween. Be on the look out for Kootylou.  Sean is also wrapping up another major production, "A Clear View", exposing what may be one of the most tragic cover-ups of this decade. 

    Sean's resume is multi-faceted, he has edited over a 100 projects, from music videos, documentries, national pay per view events (wrestling), 4 feature films, 2 reality shows. Sean has produced, & marketed 8 Lp's on a local to national level, making thousand's of sales.

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