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    GOP Senate fails Keystone override; SCOTUS split on ACA subsidies, What's next?

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    Conversation takes place "In the Pickle Barrel" at 8AM-10AM EST. Join the coversations in the online chat room or Bill live on air by calling  855-236-2486. Your voice is important.

    The so called "GOP controlled Senate" took another 'whup'n' with it's failure to override Obama's veto of legislation approving the Keystone XL pipeline. How did this failure happen? Is the pipeline plugged or is there still a chance to move this project forward? 

    The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) has definitely left the ACA (aka Obamacare) "In the Pickle Barrel". Do not expect a quick answer on this very important ruling. When and how will SCOTUS finally address this issue? 



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    SCOTUS in the short time of 2014

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    SCOTUS on the move in 2014 within the first 14 days SCOTUS reviews and starts ruling on land mark cases.

    Reviews recess appointments

    Court stops Utah gay marriages

    Supreme Court stops Arizona's 20-week abortion ban

    Buffer Zone Case

    Marijuana Lobby Day Georgia State Capitol – Jan 21th


    Our Special guest this evening is James Bell Director of Georgia Campaign for Access, Reform & Education Project.

    He has a big announcement coming next week.

    Marijuana and what is happening in Colorado $5 million in sales from Jan 1st to Jan 8th

    Pot stores selling out in Colorado, with 10% tax coming into the cities and less money being spend on police harresment and criminalizing it's citiens Coloradians are winning.



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    CRITICAL CONVERSATIONS: Guests Fred Karger on SCOTUS; Dr. Brent Eastwood on ISIS

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    Guests include Fred Karger, political consultant, gay rights activist on the SCOTUS pass on marriage equality and the upcoming mid-term elections. Dr. Brent M. Eastwood, founder of GovBrain, Inc. that automatically predicts financial market prices based on government and political events on ISIS impact on economyy.  Gayle Falkenthal returns to talk about the new falls shows, including Walking Dead being picked up for another season.

    CommDigiNews Hour Critical Conversation's is a product of Communities Digital News and Blog Talk Radio. Featuring host, Editor in Chief for Communities Digital News Lisa Ruth, a former CIA Intelligence Analyst and Senior Political Editor, microbiologist and economist Dr. James Picht.

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    SCOTUS and your Supper

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    This past week saw some dramatic behavior and decisions by the US House of Representatives, the Senate and the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) In the midst of the celebrations and protests, there is a very insidious trend of SCOTUS that may take away your choice to know what is on your supper plate, what kind of farms can be placed where and our democracy acting on our behalf. This program has an extensive interview with Abraham Entin with Movement to Amend on how this activist SCOTUS that rules on behalf of big business affects our supper. Entin shows us how we have lost our SCOTUS, and what we can as civilized Americans do to peacefully reclaim our human and civil rights in the United States. As we enter into the celebrations of our national Birthday, you won't want to miss this frank discussion on what it means to be an American and how we can have control over our food sources https://movetoamend.org/

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    SCOTUS v. Science

    in Science

    This week, we'll be discussing the most recent ruling by the Supreme Court which allows Hobby Lobby to not carry contraceptives because of deeply held religious beliefs. 

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    SCOTUS and the "Sack Pack"

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    Welcome to another episode of the global sensation known as The Sack Heads Radio Show!  We are looking into an ideological variation of a conservative think tank patterned after the United Nations type model.  If you do not see the irony in that, you probably should not listen to this show.  On this episode, the Sack Pack (Clint, Shaun, Rooster, and Ken) (Yea, I just did that) discuss the recent SCOTUS rulings on DOMA and the Voter Rights Act, the Southern Poverty Law Center and their classification of "Patriot" groups as extremists, the IRS, the Zimmerman trial (against our better judgement), and together with Ken, provide some historical context to the interesting times in which we live!
    We are THE SACK HEADS RADIO SHOW and you are about to enlist in THE SACK HEADS RADIO ARMY!

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    SCOTUS horrors — Hobby Lobby version

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    I go away for a couple weeks and the Supremes can't behave themselves. In Burwell v. Hobby Lobby, they've not only opened the can of worms, but are feeding them to us. 

    We'll talk of church/state implications of course. Moreover, do those five bozos in black robes have any idea what it will mean when corporate biggies get to personalize the sthots? How about what happens to that former protection business owners and executives had behind that corporate wall or veil?

    The five cranks who make impulsive and emotional rulings have really overstepped on this one. They were apparently besotted by their previous decision-play. Let them rue this.

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    SCOTUS Week in Review & More!

    in Politics

    Join Gene Berardelli and This week's Fill-In-Co-Host-Of-The-Week Matt Fairley for a recap of this week's Supreme Court decisions as well as a review of the latest local, state and national political news!  Plus, "Who Ya Got" for Buffoon of the Week?!?  

    And what about this "big" guest announcement for next week?  Tune in to find out!

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    The SCOTUS Decision in Layman's Terms

    in Atheism

    The SCOTUS decision has left many of us wondering how far will this go and what exactly can corporations opt out of.  Join us as we discuss this and more news with David Niose, attorney and author.

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    PWN 2015.4.5: Listen to the Heartbeat of the Earth

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    With everything that is going on around the globe, you can't deny that someone or something is trying to get our attention. The volcano in Chile that errupted twice last week (once on Earth Day), the 7.8 earthquake in Nepal, the riots (uprising?) in Baltimore, MA, and the Supreme Court of the United States taking on what could be the final decision regarding same-sex marriage across the nation. In this edition of PWN, KaliSara and RevKess will talk about these and other issues from around the globe that show that Mother Earth is trying to tell us something, if only we would listen.

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    #69 - FIFA World Cup A Mind Control Plot! SCOTUS Slaps Obama, Hillary Rants!

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    Hank Hill once said that soccer was invented by European women to fight boredom while their men did the cooking and laundry. We’re sorry to inform ol’ Hank that it’s worse than that! It is a plot to control your mind. After all, here are all the third rate countries in the world; Belgium, Algeria, France, Ghana, Portugal, Ecuador, Uruguay ad infinitum. They end locked in a 0-0 battle after 90 minutes of what amounts to watching a ping pong game (with far less accomplishment) and the fans go nuts for the great victory? This is obviously part of the New World Order plot to get us to think that we’re all citizens of the world and that trying is just as good as actually doing something. Kind of like Tee Ball. We also talk about the SCOTUS decision and Hillary’s latest rants. Meanwhile Putin marches on.