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    The Master Key System- Science of Mind and the Law of Attraction

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    ET Spiritual Mind Science-Critical Mass Mind Change

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    ET spiritual mind science as critical masss mind changes is our topic for tonight with Host Theresa J Morris, and Co-host Bill M Tracer. Brought to you by  ACO Ascension Center Organization, ACE Metaphysical Institute, ACE Nonprofit Inc. Theresa J Morris is owner of TJ Morris ET Radio a division of TJ Morris Media and is proud to share various paranormal and spiritual topics with others who she hopes will join our fellowship volunteer community online. TJ Morris has begun the Spiritual Community called Cosmos Connection at a NING website called cosmosconnection.ning.com.http://cosmosconnection.ning.com, http://tjmorrismedia.com

    We are looking for participants who are interested in paranormal topics of a spiritual science nature. We desire to research people during the rest of this year who want to share in a panel discussion of what we believe would interest us most in forming classes that could meet as our ACO CommunityOnline on the TJ Morris ET Radio Shows with Theresa and Bill. Please call in and give us your personal opinions as to what people may be interested in. GOT IDEAS? Then call in on 347-945-7207 and SKYPE is available to call in from 9-11 Eastern/8-10 C/7-9 MT/6-8 PAC. Please visit our websites: acenonprofitinc.com, ascensioncenterorg.com, acocorp.org, tjmorriset.com, tjmorrisaco.com, theresajmorris.com, tjthurmondmorris.com, acollc.org, cosmosconnection.ning.com.

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    Selling in a Skirt with The School of Loving Arts & The Color Whisperer

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    Selling in a Skirt with Judy Hoberman with her guest Stacey Murphy & Jeanette Chasworth:

    Stacey Murphy - As a student of the Science of Mind, in my own quest to manifest a conscious relationship, I saw there were many women, fellow Goddesses, who were hungry to experience more intimacy and sensual joy. But they felt captive by their own thoughts and the stereotypical burdens society places on us Goddesses who choose to embrace their sensual voice. So I embarked on my Tantric journey in 2007 to heal this aspect of myself and became a Level 2 Initiate in Ipsalu Tantra. To help fund my sensual endeavor, I started selling romance enhancement products at home parties and quickly learned women were hungry for information on how to transform and heal the lack of intimacy and fulfillment in their lives. Selling product became secondary and erotic education was my primary focus. Yet another quest began in 2008, where I received my Master Sex Expert Certification from Loveology University in 2011.

    Jeanette Chasworth, “The Color Whisperer,” believes in the transformational power of design and color. Jeanette draws inspiration from the homeowners’ lifestyle, taste and experiences and also attunes herself to the house itself. This unique combination creates individualized design from a soulful place that brings out the best visually, for her clients and their environment.

    Her clients often describe their newly designed space as a visual expression of their personality. There is a sense of peace and comfort created by colors and textures that now harmonize with the energy of the client—and with their home. As a result, Jeanette’s portfolio illustrates great diversity in design. Her philosophy is unbounded by a particular style – her inspiration drawn from the desires that houses may ‘whisper in her ear’.

  • Mind Fit Radio- "What Is A Thought Print?"

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    "Mind Fit Radio" Season 2, Episode 14, "What Is A Thought Print?"..Join Ms Masta Foxx "The Energy Whisperer" & Ms Whizdom, Master Mind Stimulators/Coaches, "The Mind Fit Team", As They Share Their Views & Inspirations About The Body & Mind. Come & Get Your Mind & Body Synchronized For A Complete Fitness! Listen & Get Your Mind Stimulated! Episodes Are Every Sunday @ 9:30pm-10:00pm (PST)

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    Music for the Mind of the Scientist

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    Music for The Mind of The Scientist is a spirt grooving, mind improving time! Join "Music Maestro" Maurice Thompson for intriguing conversation on the science of frequency as well as the collective impacts of music - not to mention a wide range of classic and contemporary musical selections fitting for the Mind of the Scientist!

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    Mind Trippin with Michelle - Exploring Spiritual Practices for the holidays

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    Did you know that you can access your own inherent intuition, change the way you process your thoughts and even change your core beliefs about anything that is keeping you from being the you, that you would truly like to be?
    What if NOTHING was stopping you from tuning in to learn more? 

    You'd have nothing to lose...Right? Join your host, Michelle Meleo on Tuesday mornings at 10:am (EST) for Mind Trippin With Michelle to learn more about the innate powers of the mind!

    This weeks topic: Exploring spiritual practices for the holidays. Join Michelle to discuss christian, pagan and other traditions for December. 

    Special guest: The Loon Witch

    Sha Blackburn is; The LoonWitch a psychic intuitive healer.  She  incorporates a variety of psychic tools including the tarot, runes, the pendulum and psychometry to help her clients transform their lives.She is an honest and insightful psychic, who has been studying and practicing various forms of divination for over 20 years.Sha is also a Reiki Master in the Usui System of Natural Healing, a HolisticTherapist certified by the American Institute of Natural Healing in Reflexology, Acupressure, and Chinese Herbology.  In addition, Sha is an  ordained minister through the Universal Life Church. Sha is a gifted teacher, helping adults and children define their spiritual path and work toward  a happier future.

    On Mind Trippin with Michelle, she will be talking about pagan customs for celebrating Yule. To learn more about the Loon Witch, visit her website!

  • Astrology, Numerology, Science of the Cards & Tarot

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    We'll explore themes of Numerology, Personality Numbers, Life Path Numbers, Personal Year numbers, Astrology & Sun signs as well as dynamics between signs, chinese zodiac signs, Science of the Cards including Birth Cards, Cards of Destiny, and Love Cards, and Tarot symbology. Free mini-readings to callers.

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    The Science of Happiness Christmas Eve

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    My name is Lori Purdy Faitel and I will host Tonights Christmas Eve Broadcast with a wonderful co-host Tonia Wittkower.  On this night we will bring Christmas love and good cheer with things like music, Sermons on the Nativity, Jesus Birth and Thoughts for a joyous evening. Do not be alone on Christmas Eve, listen to this internet radio program and join listeners from all over. Matthew 18:20 For where two or three have gathered together in My name, I am there in their midst."



  • Mind Games & Death Threats? Turn Down For What!

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    Global Peeks looks at the escalation of resistance to US oppression and unjustifiable murder of Black & Brown people. The enemies of freedom, justice & equality have increased their response to protest by employing public mind games, threats of death, incarceration & harassment.  We encourage the people to hold our positions of resistance & remain steadfast, immovable.

    We will discuss Sister Assata Shakur, who has been in political exile in Cuba, in light of the new U.S. /Cuban relationship. We will also discuss the attempt to tie the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan to the hostile social climate in America toward his persecution & possible arrest.

  • Not So Mad Science

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    Harold Muhammad

  • Dr. Joyce Johnson - the science of blood chemistry

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    JOYCE JOHNSON is the president of Wellness Center Of America and received her nutrition degrees from California State University, Los Angeles. She specializes in hematology  (the  science of  blood  chemistry) and studied with famed  Dr. Harold Manner, who wrote the book, Death of Cancer. She worked with him in his cancer clinic where he taught her the science of cancer prediction and has fine-tuned this science through 45 years at her Wellness Center Of America. Dr. Joyce specializes in hematology as a blueprint for predicting disease way before symptoms appear.  By the time a person has symptoms they are in the final stages..Dr. Joyce specializes in the nutritional blueprint of blood, urine, and hair.  She says “your chemistries can warn you of a future health disaster 5 years before the symptoms appear”.  She predicts this by performing  99+ tests that are downloaded into her one-of-a-kind-in-the-world software program designed by physicist Dr. Frank Bingham.   This information gives the road map to preventing future health problems.  Dr. Joyce is living proof of the value of her teachings. At 84  she is energetic, extremely active, and looks much younger than her age. Yet 50 years ago she contracted such a debilitating case of arthritis that she could no longer teach ballet and was almost confined to a wheelchair. Today she is pain free and takes no medications. Her newest book is Blood Chemistry...the Key to Predicting Cancer and will give new understanding  about tests for measuring oxidative stress and telomeres as markers for length of life and disease potential.

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