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    Cancerous Stories, Part 3: Cure and Prevention

    in Psychology

    In today's story we will continue with the metaphor of cancerous ideas spreading throughout a society and its body politic. The murder of innocents in France, Denmark and other world capitols supposedly bastions of democracy frighten me. I feel increasingly hopeless with the rise of anti-semitism and religious hated in general, the increasing deradation of women, and the general failure of political leaders and citizens to theorize as to the cause and cure of these cancers as well as suggesting ways of meeting them except by surgery provided by military activity. I despair as authoritarian regimes fail and are replaced by totalitarian demogagues demanding total obedience to their hate filled ideologies. I cringe as science, free inquiry, abstract thought, respect for facts and individual creativity are replaced by concrete thought and destructive fantasies accepted whole and literally. I watch in terror as education is demeaned and scapegoats are sought on who can be blamed for the problems created by poverty, hopelessness, social injustice, rank materialism, and our general fear of facing monumental environmental degradation. I cannot sleep nights as I have come to believe that political democracy (my beloved America in particular) the surest immunity against the spread of cancerous fantasies is in retreat and decline. I do this podcast to give myself hope and to live up to the ideals that I still believe in.    

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    Stories about scapegoats: political, familial, religious and otherwise

    in Psychology

    How we use scapegoats to avoid taking responsibility for our own lives and how accepting the role of scapegoat can destroy creativity, joy and love.

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    LIVE! with Cathi- Foods that deserve a second chance!

    in Fitness

    Are you as confused as I am...when will it end, first coffee isn't good for you, now it is.  Then there are foods we were told that we shouldn't eat, but now we should. Complicated wouldn't you agree.

    Scientists are delving deeper into the ay nutrients work.Surprise, Surprise, they're finding that some ingredients are not bad for you after all.  Le'ts not forget the oils, olive oil vs safflower, canola oil.  Butter was a no-no...not anymore.

    My longevity recipe...THE MEDITERRANEAN DIET.

    I eat everything, always have but in moderation.  Our meals vary, one day steak/potatoes/fish/chicken/pasta. Never ever drink milk with any of our meals, unless it's breakfast, cereal and fruit.


    CHEESE, one once a day...etc.

    CHOCOLATE MILK facilitates muscle...etc.

    POTATOES, white potatoes come out of the...etc.

    EGGS, may be good for the...etc.

    COCONUT OIL, components of...etc.


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    American Daily Review: The Warning To YouTube

    in Politics Conservative

    DVG's report on last Saturday's UNITE-IE Conservative Conference; Slide fire in Arizona, or "There's never an early-season eastern Pacific hurricane when you really need one"; Veterans Affairs Commissar Eric Shinseki called to resign, even by some Democrats - but is the VA's problem the man at the top, a lack of funding, or is it systemic?; Donald Sterling being forced to sell the L.A. Clippers unconstitutionally (by the NBA constitution), and is Mark Cuban "racist" for suggesting that this railroading is about revenge, not "justice"?; plus, will VA-gate actually stick to Barack Obama?, and Jennifer returns!

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    The NEW California Police State: Surveillance, Government Lists, & Persecutions

    in Politics

    The NEW California Police State - Government surveillance, Political Punishment Lists, McCarthy Era Witch-Hunt Persecutions, Political Scapegoats, and Internal Exile of a Special Class of Citizens.  Listen to Attorney and Activist Janice Bellucci of California Reform Sex Offender Laws (CA-RSOL) discuss the war against justice for registered citizens who are forced into a second-class citizenship and degraded equality under the law.   California municipalities and counties have declared open political warfare against a certain group of people that has been openly discriminated against with impunity by government due to an individual's legal history.  Bellucci has fought back with legal challenges against government overstepping certain legal bounds by their persecuting certain citizens. 

    Guest:  Janice Bellucci, Attorney and Activist for RSOL of California. 

    Related Websites:  Http://CaliforniaRSOL.Org



    Other Websites:




    Viva La Revolucion! - The New Militancy of the Oppressed, Degraded & Persecuted

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    Sports Q&A: March 6th edition

    in Sports

    Tune in as we discuss the latest happenings in the sports world:

    Who is to blame when players want out... the aftermath of the Martin St. Louis trade from Tampa Bay

    Gotta be older to play with us: should the NBA raise the age limit 

    NFL toying with moving the extra point back to 43 yars... right move or are they doing too much. is there a rule that you would change in the league?

    Is new better? The tampa bay bucs unveil their new uniforms your thoughts and are you down with the new wave or do you like the current uniforms or even the throwbacks?

    Less plays = safer players; here we go with college coaches using players as scapegoats 

    Upset week: top teams fall in college hoops 

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    Possession, Spirit Attachments, Shadow People n things that go Bump in the Dark

    in Spirituality

    In this podcast, I'll share what I've learned about possession: how it happens, the truth behind the fear. What is a Spirit attachment and what do they want? How do they behave? How can you tell if someone has one? What are Shadow People? What is a thoughtform? How do we create scapegoats and give them energy? And more!

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    Scapegoats, Strange Marriages, and 9yo Designated Drivers

    in Entertainment

    Listen as we discuss big families and strange marriages. Then, we talk scapegoats and dig into Dr. Conrad Murray's plight.
    DeCypher - Waka Flocka's "No Hands"
    General's Address - Heavy D Tribute
    WTF Story of the Week - 9-Year Old Designated Driver
    Music from Rihanna, Drake, Beyoncé, Heavy D, & Master P.

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    Heartline:Chasing Silhouettes

    in Women

    Heartline with Rita Schulte
    For more infomation on Rita and her new book "Shattered" please vist her web site at www.ritaschulte.com
    Checking the Pulse on your heart by taking a look at some of the cutting edge issues that are affecting you and the people around you. And have you consider...
    How in the world is all this mess  called life affecting your heart?
    Today's Show:
    I can’t explain why I decided to eat again, except for the way I saw myself clearly one day for the skeleton I was. And I wanted then, more than anything to be normal. It was never about the food, and all about the scapegoats. Eventually, we’re left emptier for trying to pass the blame. That’s a quote by Emily Wierenga from her book Chasing Silhouettes: how to help a loved one battling an ED. Emily’s struggle with anorexia began when she was only 9 years old. Today, she’s healthy, happy and on a mission to help other young women find freedom.

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    Kaitlyn Hunt's Lawyer Loses It

    in Current Events

    Kaitlyn Hunt's lawyer issues a statement going off on the prosecution.
    @Ali and Robert Stacy McCain take on the statement with their commentary.

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    Hard Starboard Radio Labor Day

    in Politics Conservative

    Operation "Don't Mock Me" - a crisis Barack Obama is trying to exploit in order to topple another Middle Eastern domino into the Muslim Brotherhood's lap. His problem is that he has no *Western* ally behind which to hide as he did in Libya, and he just can't stomach the idea of unilateral, decisive American military action, even to aid his jihadist friends.  But he does have his usual scapegoats on whom to blame his latest disastrous failure - hence his about face on seeking congressional approval.  Or, in other words, "Fight the real enemy".