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    The Rob Black Show

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    I'm Chelsea Szabo, and I battled death three times before reaching the age of twenty. I survived two different types of cancer (Melanoma and Hodgkin's lymphoma) and a serious automobile accident.

    These experiences gave me a sense of urgency to embrace life to the fullest, and provided the personal motto:  Keep going until you get what you want, and then repeat.

    And that's just what I did after graduating with a B.S. in Marketing from West Chester University of Pennsylvania—I went after what I thought I wanted. I moved to Los Angeles and quickly jumped into the local advertising scene and immersed myself in a variety of professional and philanthropic opportunities. 

    So, I left what was familiar to find what was authentic. I finally found it when I became a Certified Professional Coach. The one thing that stayed consistent during this transition was my voice. In order to get what I wanted, I had to voice it again, and again, and again, even when it sounded crazy to others.  

    That's the root of my private coaching practice, Verbal Courage. As a Coach, I blend my passion for helping others with the strong belief that change can't happen without a confident voice. I now wake up completely fulfilled as my days are dedicated to guiding others to speak with Verbal Courage. Nothing is more rewarding than seeing them learn to trust their intuition, and successfully initiate even the most difficult conversations to keep them on track to get what they truly want. 

    For more on me, and what Verbal Courage can mean for you, visit VerbalCourage.com

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    ParentingAces with guest Gayal Pitts Black

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    Join host Lisa Stone as she discusses all things junior and college tennis

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    On this show we will speak to the black nation on where we go from here. The 20 year anniversary of the million man march is now in the books, but the movement for justice continues. NATIONAL CHAIRMAN HASHIM NZINGA WILL ADDRESS US


    We will talk about the apparent fallout between some in our Nation of Islam Family and Chairman Emeritus Malik Zulu Shabazz of black lawyers for justice over what appears to be a public mishandling, hurt, and confusion. What lessons are to be learned and how to move forward. We'll talk on the black nationalist perspective of it all and what role we intend to play in MAKING JUSTICE  HAPPEN FROM OUR POSITION. Why are we so divided as a people? What lessons are to be learned from the treatment of Dr. Khallid Abdul Muhammad after he was suspended? What mistakes did he make? We will also cover the Tamir Rice report.. the upcoming election season and more . CALL IN ( 646) 478 4447 TO ASK A QUESTION OR MAKE A STATEMENT

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    On this show we will discuss S.T.E.M. and it's importance in BLACK/AFRIKAN men and womans future.

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    Woman To Woman With Pastor Rebecca -- Man Problems - Part 3

    in Religion

    Pastor Rebecca shares with her listeners about relationship issues between men and women.

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    Woman Don't Cry-Emotional Abuse feature...

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    The group and fans of Writer Crystal Evans discuss their emotional abuse situations and offer collective solutions. Do not miss excerpts from her page now on Facebook.

    Tune In. 


    He said if I thought "him Deandre Myles woulda settle for somebody like me" I spat out a mouthful of wine and my girlfriend chuckled.

    What he meant was someone who looked like me. Dre would never meet another woman on my level. I was determined to make sure of that by always excelling and becoming someone bigger than even Dre can begin to imagine or conceive.

    Out of all that I am and all that I've achieved, Dre only remembered that me 'big fat and ole' and he was mighty proud of it too. My weight became the defining factor for our relationship. Not my kindness! Not my long suffering, my forgiving spirit and my blind optimism...

    Loving Dre was like a foolish dog chasing a flying bird. Blind optimism.

    Foolish. One word that comes to mind. Not me but Dre to turn his back on a real woman in pursuit of superficiality.

    Dre with his insults.

    Read More Here


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    Gullah Native of the Sea Islands in South Carolina, Anita Singleton-Prather

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    Aunt Pearlie Sue is the creation of Anita Singleton-Prather, a native of the Sea Islands in Beaufort County, South Carolina. Based on her grandmother, Aunt Pearlie-Sue's character has entertained audiences with Gullah-flavored folktales for over 10 years.

    In addition to being a storyteller, Prather is an educator, singer, actress and historian. She is the founder and a member of the musical performance group the Gullah Kinfolk. As a storyteller and singer, Prather has performed at many festivals, including the Spoleto USA international arts festival in Charleston. She has appeared in the Hollywood film Forrest Gump and on the ABC television program Good Morning America. In addition to her participation in educational documentaries, Prather's one-woman show, Tales from the Land of Gullah, has been broadcast on PBS.

    Prather is also the curriculum coordinator for the Education of Gullah Culture Through the Arts in the Beaufort County School District. She holds a bachelor's degree in psychology from Howard University and a master's degree in education from the University of South Carolina.

    To schedule Anita Singleton-Prather for an event, contact Total Eclipse Entertainment by phone 843-225-6323 (office), 843-425-7720 (mobile) or by bookings@totaleclipseentertainment.com.

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    Much Matters Monday on State of the Black Parent #BlogTalkRadio

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    Dial in on Much Matters Mondays: (914)803-4571   Listen Live!

    This blogtalkradio is layman, informal live broadcast that speak on various headlines & topics ,unpopular & current event that relate  to the Education, Economics, & Enterprise of the Alkebulan bloodline/ black community.  Care to Share!  Engage the Gauge of the vital matters & dilemmas.

    In the meantime, Review the Archives of State of the Black Parent #blogtalkradio
    #BlackParentsLive #statebp #bpnow #blkyouthradio  ?

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    After 10.10.15 What's Our Plan of Unity? PSU S.O.S. Plan

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    Black Unity must be a powerful tool of our repair, restoration and envitable redemption. Join us as we discuss our plan of unity known as 10-10-50. Using this monthly plan of action, will allow us to set the tone and be an example of mutual power building. We can Make Black History with 10-10-50 each and every month. 

    If the 1.5 Million Blackmen who attended the Historic MMM 1995 in D.C., had all saved $50 a month, we would've have realized a tremendous amount of growth, development and progress. In one month, we would save collectively $75 MIL. In one year, we would save $900 MIL. In twenty years, we would save $180 BILLION WOW! The numbers don't lie. Our work must become more mathematical and scientific in its approach and objectives.

    Join with PSU and the S.aving O.ur S.elves Plan at black-owned banks and credit unions across the nation. Starting in Atlanta(Black Mecca) and moving forward expeditiously. This is Our Time and We now have a clear plan as well. 

    PSU Network 404-840-7332 psu101050@gmail.com   FB Group Page: Making Black History with 10-10-50


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    The Secret to Relieving Stress & Anxiety To Live A Fuller & Joyful Life

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    Sometimes we just get tired of trying to move past the stress and anxiety that we run into on a daily basis.  As a past Anxiety Disorder survivor I know the feeling of being overwhelmed with no immediate solutions in sight.  Thankfully it was people like  Avalaura Gaither Beharry, MSW, LGSW, Author and Life Coach who helped me to get past the difficulties of anxiety and stress through taking an holistic approach to emotional wellness. She takes her clients from breakdowns to breakthroughs by guiding them through a powerful healing process that helps them discover who they are, who they wish to be, and how to get there.  Avalaura says, “I work with people who feel called to do big, great and meaningful work in the world and for whatever reason, they’re either not doing it or worse, they’re doing it unfulfilled.”

    Join Avalaura and I as we discuss the different techniques you can use to get rid of the emotional and physical difficulties  anxiety, worry and stress can cause. 

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