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    Pt.3. Edward Leedskalnin New Information: Made Public By Sandra75208

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    On Tonight's Show...We Will Continue Our Discussion On Edward Leedskalnins Birthdates: August 10th. 1887  And January 12th. 1887.  Also  More Evidence As To Why Edward Represented The Zodiac Sign LEO, On His Property There At Coral Castle.    And Proof Why Mr. Leedskalnin Moved From Florida City,To Homestead,Florida.

    These Secrets Hidden In Plain Sight... Has Went Un-notice, Misinterpreted And Forgotten Over The Years Until Now...Join Me Here Tonight On; Hidden Knowledge And Secrets, I'm Your Host Sandra75208.

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    PT. 2 Edward Leedskalnin New Found Secrets By SANDRA75208

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    On Todays Show... Who And Or What Is Agnes,What Does The Extremely Large Heart At Coral Castle Really Saying And It's Hidden Meaning... We Will Also Be Discussing  Hidden Architecture, The Question.. What Do You Believe Would Happen To A Person Or People That  Cracked The Code To These Secrets Hidden In Plain Sight?

    The Masonic & Rosicrucian influence so prevalent amongst our Founding Fathers as they planned, and began to implement, the layout of America’s Capitol. For years, extreme controversy has abounded as to the exact meaning of the occult symbols found within the street layout, the buildings, and the monuments of Washington, D.C.

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    Edward Leedskalnin Bible Code Hidden In Plain Sight...

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    Edward Leedskalnin Of Coral Castle Showed  The World The Method To His Secret And It Was Misinterpreted And Unknown Until Now... This Will Be A Surprise Show, I Will Not Load Pictures Too View Until The Very Last Minute  Of The Show..

     Ancient Knowledge Hidden Within A.... For The World To See And Know That This Is The Same Source Of Force That Was Used Thousand's Of Years Ago...

    This Is What The World Has Missed And Sandra75208 Will Turn The Light ON! 

    Here At Hidden Knowledge And Secrets

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    Was Edward Leedsklnin Pointing To A Kingship Or A Secret Knowledge From....

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    On Tonights Show... And Introduction To The Ogham Alphabet... And Also...Edward Leedsklnins Was He Injecting His  Jewish heritage Into His Clues At Coral Castle?... Is This what Gave Him The Ability To Read And Interpret The Bible Code and Ancient Texts? And  use its knowledge and science to his advantage?

    What Part Of The Ancient Druids Comes Into Play?, Listen To The Ancient Song Of Latvian Folklore Translated In English Text,  it would shatter our whole perception of ed as an eccentric gentle  And Love Sick hermit : Edward Was Pointing Toward A Jewish Kingship...  Why Is This?

    The Left Foot Stand Of Royalty Within The Ancient Egyptians Statues And Eds Picture...

    Edward So Tirelessly  Pointed Out Sweet Sixteen... On The Masonic Structure Number 16 Represents The King Of Jerusalem...And Edwards Castle He Was Showing His Kingship... His in heritage To This Knowledge..Who Was Ed Really?

    Please Watch This Video First, Listen In Tonight


    An  Ole Latvian Song Will Greatly Teach You Many Meanings On Ed's Property


    Read More At:  http://latvianhistory.com/tag/latvian-history/page/3


    This Will Intrigue You To  Know And Learn....The Truth...


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    Edward Leedskalnin And Intro. To Walter Russell Did They Know The Same Secret?

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    On Our Next Broadcast, We Will Introduce Walter Russell And His Works... And Answer The Question:Did Walter Russell And Edward Leedskalnin Share The Same Secret Knowledge? And If So? To What Degree?

    These Questions And More Will Be Explored On Our Next Show.. Be Sure To Pull Up A Chair, Feel Free To Call Into The Station With Your Knowledge And  Questions  Your Input, Is Valuable  To Us All..

    Here At Hidden Knowledge And Secrets I'm Your Host


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    Edward Leedskalnin New Information And Hidden Clues

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    Edward Leedskalnin  Of Coral Castle Left Behind Hidden Clues Within The Entire Layout Of His Property That Have Been Undetected  And Also Misinterpreted Though Out The Time Of Coral Castle Inception...Tonight We Will Investigate The Reasonings As To Why.

    And What Are The So Called Supernatural Implications Injected Into The Arts And Numbers Hidden In Plain Sight On His Property?... Tonight We Will  Discuss It's Secrets And Meanings

    Here On Blogtalkradio.com/Sandra75208

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